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Picnik Giveaway

hello fabulous members! we were featured on for our lovely header tutorial and were given Premium Access for 6 Months. We will be showing you how to make a scrapbook header through Picnik in our upcoming blogging workshop via video. Neat stuff! if you are already a picnik user and don't have a premium membership, this giveaway is just for you! You'll get full access to More Effects, Beauty Tools, More Collages and More..... The best thing is that they gave us 3. We wanted to give our lovely members a chance to win because so many of you used the tutorial and made awesome headers through the amazing PICNIK . to Enter:   go to and upload a photo, edit it and reveal it in a blog post linking back to this giveaway and picnik. for extra entries: tweet this once a day: i just edited a photo on and entered this #giveaway on #FTLOB  did you? vote for us daily by clicking this button: like us on FB {1 entry} no

Weekend Wander

The Voting Has Been re-Started----Please Vote for Us;-) xo Let's all do our happy dance for Saturday! It is a wonderful day to find a comfy place to sit, grab something delicious to drink and do some wandering. If you are out and about this weekend, take some pictures of your awesomeness and add your looks to We love to see what you're stylin! Whatever you do <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Featured Blog: the abundant life

Hey everyone. I'm Dana, the abundant life blog girl. I'm just your average, every day 20-something that has a tendency to blog. I am chronically ill. I am also chronically awesome. I spend a lot of my time in hospitals but I don't let it keep me from living an incredibly fulfilling life. I have been sick since I was a little girl therefore my disease has helped to shape me into the woman I am today. It has also taught me to have a sense of humor about life. My blog is about my journey. My journey of balance. Learning to balance graduate school, faith, relationships, and chronic illness. Having chronic illness doesn’t define me, its merely a part of the person I have become. I am grateful for the good days and persevere on the bad ones. Its my life and I happen to love it. Here are a few fun facts about me: I have a way of saying inappropriate things without meaning to. I call this being awesomely awkward. I buy and then subsequently read books on every subject. I a

Fab Friends Friday

Watcha mates!  It's a mutt's nuts day to get your FABULOUS on! If somehow you've missed that today is the Royal Wedding, it would be amazing.  Every channel has something about it, you can't escape it.  Even Disney Channel has had Royal week.  It's insanity! So what better way than to spend your Friday giving your friends the Royal treatment. Give em' a little shout out and meet some new fabulousness! Don't forget to vote for your favorite blog of the month while you're here, or Here are today Fab Friends Have a smashing day and Pip-pip! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>  

Featured Blog: Anonymous was a Woman

Hello there!  I am Sarah of anonymous was a woman.   I am a 27 year old girl/lady currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I share my tiny one bedroom apartment with a fluffy cat named Coco and lots of vintage treasures.  My blog is a chronicle of my life: things that I do, things that I hope to do, things that I like and things that inspire me.   From seven to four, 180 days of the year, I am a junior high English teacher. The rest of the time I am a thrifter, a baker, a writer, a reader, a photographer, a list maker, a shower singer, a compulsive cleaner, and a sometimes crafter.   I like eating my vegetables, doing yoga and waking up with the sun. I adore vintage Pyrex, instant film, desert road trips and records. I own too many party dresses. I don't wear them enough.  I try everyday to be the kind of woman who would make my four year-old self (and my mama) proud.  I blog because it fuels my creativity, because it helps me to make sense of my world, and because I love to co

Thirsty Thursday

Ummmmm Hello! is it really thursday already? where did time go. i'm ready to dive into a cold glass of anything :D let's get it on!!!! Who's Thirsty for some more friends as well? I hope you'll link up with this fun bunch today and gain some new readers. We enjoy new blogs so if you are a fresh kitten, link it up! if you've been here for quite some time, let's get it C-R-U-N-K today's shout out goes to this blog right here....... inspire, create, bake ---->i love her, i know you will too Cheers Dahhhh-Lings! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Good Morning

well hello there pretty people! no worries on the getting fit link will be coming up shortly. just a quick reminder of the things going on. Go ENTER this Giveaway and show some love to our beautiful Ashley. I'm going to guess that NO one wants to be our host for the week or everyone is completey confused on the way it works. we did receive some emails on how it does work so i will briefly explain: to become Host of the Week you must write a post on your blog about it.....head to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the wall with the link to that post.....get your friends to LIKE that comment on the wall, and whomever gets the most likes for that week will BECOME HOST OF THE WEEK. what does host of the week get you? a link to your blog in every single one of our blog hops, your button over on the top left hand sidebar and unlimited tweets throughout the week. it's all in good fun and if no one else jumps in,....i guess you stay host until someone else leave

Sponsor Me- The Weekend File

Hey there blog lovers! Not only is Spring in full swing, but May is quickly approaching! Over at The Weekend File , May is going to be a crazy, busy, and fun month! Not only am I going to become an aunt, but it is going to be a non stop party because it is my Birthday!! And to celebrate all of the goodness, this week I am offering all you lovelies a very good deal on my Small Sponsor Ads!  Starting Tuesday until Friday evening, the small ads are only $5! That is less than one trip to Starbucks! All you have to do is email me and mention FTLOB in your email. Ads are 165X75 and will need to be in no later than Friday evening.  Ads will be addressed in a first come, first serve basis! So email me quick if you want to join the party!! Hayley

Featured Blog: Chicken Noodle Gravy

About Chicken Noodle Gravy and the Girl Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved gravy. Any kind of gravy under the sun. Thick gravy, thin gravy, sausage gravy, red-eye gravy. Gravy, gravy, gravy. This girl grew up on a creation called chicken noodle gravy , a simple dish from humble origins, just like the girl. The girl and the gravy bonded, and Chicken Noodle Gravy the Blog was born. The title of the blog reflects its contents: unique, irreverent, and simple. The girl, Katie, a Southern Belle from Georgia, rambles about food and life in no particular order. She shares her life with a wonderful, geeky husband and her three crazy cats.  Gravy Girl with Hubby Kitty Burrito with Extra Cheese Sometimes she shares stories about life, sometimes she rants, sometimes she cooks, and sometimes she eats. She lives life, and then she writes about it, for besides gravy (and her hubby of course), this girl’s heart belongs to writing. ♥ from The Girl Hey, y'all! My name is Katie,

Tasty Tuesday

Morning lovely people, we hope your week has started off right. Is everyone still swimming in Easter candy? I had to hide bags of it yesterday! Today we have a super healthy snack that is full of flavor. It will help counteract all that chocolate! It's a super simple recipe, head on over and grab it. You will love Naptime is My Time , what a fun blog. Emily has lots of other delish recipes too! Tabasco Baked Almonds I just love all the new blogs I've discovered from being involved with FTLOB. Today I found another great one... Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy . In terms of food (and life!) isn't that we all want? She has so many great recipes and tips.  Check out her tips for picky eaters . That's where I found the neat picture below...betcha wanna know what's in that right? Well, that's it for today! Have fun linking up and hopping around. XO

Featured Blog: Grace Loves the Beatles

hey people! my name is grace and my blog is grace loves the beatles . and i'm totally psyched to be writing this. (before you read this, just know that i hate caps and i am writing in lowercase on purpose. i think it just adds character.) i'm a young blogger, lover of fashion, photography, and of course, the beatles. i'm sassy and can be a drama queen sometimes. i love home made mac and cheese, sunny weather, junk food, and the Office. i stumbled upon blogging in 2009, when my mom thought that i should do it (later, she started her blog ). it was just a simple blog with a random title and i think my first post was about a headache that i had. (??) it was kind of just like something that i did when i was bored, like "oh hey i'm bored i'm gonna go blog now." but now i think of it so much more than that... like a hobby! slowly, my random blog turned into a photography blog with my Kodak point and shoot, and then i bought my very first dSLR, the Nikon d40x.

Voting Poll is Up

hello gorgeous members! a quick reminder that nominating a blog for blog of the month is for you to get involved and choose a blog other than your own. so many comments nominating themselves is uncalled for when it clearly states you cannot. this is supposed to be all in good fun, about making friends and if you want a nomination you should write a post about it, email friends and family to leave those comments. You cannot nominate yourself, so if you don't see your blog listed on the voting poll that is why. Now before you choose a favorite, check out all of them! Here are May's Nominees----You can Vote over on the right sidebar. Simply Kate KFun This Life is Sweet A perfect dose of Life Repeat By Heart Oh so Very Me Please NOTE: if for some odd reason blogger poll messes up like previous months, hold the emails until the voting poll is CLOSED. I will take care of any errors, glitches, etc......just let it do it's thing! Thank You. and GOOD LUCK. Grab a But

the look book - featuring midnight maniac

hello beautiful friends and happy monday!  we hope you had a fabulous weekend.  the new week has just kicked off and we're starting with a fresh look book link up.  today we are featuring the lovely rebecca jean of midnight maniac if pretty vintage things and fun photos is your think, be sure to stop by and pay her a visit! we're looking forward to seeing your new spring looks, so link to your style posts below and stop by and visit a few while you're at it!  if you're pictures aren't ready, don't worry....this link up is open till wednesday!  if you'd like to be featured in future look book posts feel free to leave us a comment letting us know to contact you. have a wonderful day! XO <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Silent Sunday

Whether or not you are celebrating Easter today, we hope you have a wonderful day! (pic) Please link up your Silent Sunday posts below!

Tomorrow: Silent Sunday

Hello friends!  Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that tomorrow will not be a Comment Love Day but instead Silent Sunday . I know many of our members will be celebrating Easter and so we thought we could use a nice quiet day. We hope you will join in and share some beauty with us all. We would love to see some of your spring pictures. If you don't have one that you've taken, there are some stunners on the internet that you can share!  Comment Love will be returning next week.  Have a wonderful weekend! OX

Weekend Wander

Hello friends and hello Saturday!  Oh how we've missed you!  I know many of us are getting ready for a lovely Easter meal, some egg hunting, candy eating and hopefully relaxing. via If you need any last minute Easter ideas, stop by our Easter link up that ends today, or pop over and look through some Tasty Tuesday recipes .  if you are in need of a cocktail for that Sunday meal, you are sure to find one at one our Thirsty Thursdays . Whatever your plans are this weekend, take some time for yourself to relax and do some Weekend Wandering. Have a Beautiful Weekend, and Happy Easter! <center><a <span class="goog-spellcheck-word" style="background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: yellow; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial; ">href</span>="http://<span class="goog-spellcheck-word" style="ba