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Hey Bloggers | We Are For the Love of Blogs, AKA love the blogger! we host a ton of fun weekly posts FEATURING BLOGS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! We have been a supportive community since 2010. In 2016, we are bringing you new blogs to meet, a fresh new vibe, a great DIY series and so much more! Lots of changes and awesome new stuff for you to get involved in.

We are constantly sharing blogs through posts, twitter, pinterest and instagram. Please follow us to meet like minded fellow bloggers and learn from each and everyone of us! Share your links in the comments as often as you'd like, get to know each other, introduce yourselves, etc!

We used to host a ton of hops but I find that to be a tad overrated and not so friendly when it comes to "authentic" blog buds! So my goal this new year is to create ways for you to get seen, become friends and grow your blogs other ways! and to be honest, I love twitter { it's the highest ranked linked views to blogs now }

For the Love of Blogs is all about Blog Love! We try to post every single day, linking blogs in our photos. So click the pics!

Ways we promote your blogs:

Posts: we link to numerous bloggers throughout the week giving you maximum exposure with text and photo links.

Twitter: We're famous for re-tweeting blogs to give you more views throughout the day.

Pinterest: Follow Us on Pinterest so we can pin your blog posts!!

Instagram: Vic is our Coffee Addict Mama who Connects with #IGERS

We're also on google + and facebook through a private page. You can most certainly add Vic Taylor as a friend, she promotes a lot for us.

Our Favorite Themed Posts are on our sidebar under Hot Categories. We do a Tasty Tuesday Every Week, a Thirsty Thursday, The Look Book, Fab Friends Friday and Now we're starting a Saturday Stalking! So much BLOG LOVE. We feature blogs all the time. Get to being a Member by Following Via GFC over there or Join our Google + on the right sidebar.

Have an idea and want to join us in partnership? Contact us! We'd love to work with you!!!


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Good Afternoon Lovely Members! Over one hundred of you Signed The Pledge and We Think that is spectacular. The page is filled with amazing blog lovers who deserve to be checked out. Go to this page to read these comments on signing the pledge and know that these people take pride in their blogs- they are so deserving of your love. In an effort to keep this going and make a difference here in blog land, we are bringing the pledge to this page so the comments don't get too overwhelming. We would recommend checking everyone out who signs because they have the same goals and etiquette as we do. So as far as being true to yourselves, your blogs and your friends, we know that these are the blogs we can go to for authenticity. For those that already signed, you don't have to sign here-Now for all of you new members who have yet to sign, here it is: I solemnly swear to participate in as many hops and features here at FTLOB to grow my blogging experience but ultimately to gain a

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