Fab Friends Friday

Watcha mates!  It's a mutt's nuts day to get your FABULOUS on!

If somehow you've missed that today is the Royal Wedding, it would be amazing.  Every channel has something about it, you can't escape it.  Even Disney Channel has had Royal week.  It's insanity!

So what better way than to spend your Friday giving your friends the Royal treatment.
Give em' a little shout out and meet some new fabulousness!

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Have a smashing day and Pip-pip!




Slidecutter said…
Sitting here, wearing a ridiculous hat, having tea and crumpets in honor of the royal wedding!

Have a royally-lovely day all!

Morgan said…
Patty-you are the best!!

It's a royal flush of a Friday, have a wonderful morning, nooner and nighter lovelies!
It's a gorgeous sunny day and I am boycotting the wedding entirely. Please don't hate me! :)
Anonymous said…
Been up since 5 AM watching the wedding! Beautiful!
Jaimie said…
Patty you crack me up! (Even though I was talking to my Grandma, who is about 4 hours away.. Each of us going on about the wedding we both stayed up to watch while ALSO sitting wearing hats & eating cookies...RIDICULOUS) lol
Ms. Blasé said…
@Dwija - I'm with ya. Maybe now the media will finally move on.
Jenny said…
@Dwija - I second that!
Erika said…
It's waaaay too nice a day here for me to be watching tv :D I'm off to enjoy the fresh air before Canada gets rained on again1
Bernie said…
I'm ashamed to admit it, but I DVRed it. I'm sure my hubby will be thrilled to watch it after work tonight. *lol*
Vic said…
he's a very handsome man and i want to kiss his face but i cannot watch {or read} this! LOL
Anonymous said…
I wanted to watch the wedding, mainly to see Kate's dress and the ceremony itself, but it was too early! And I had to get up for work this morning! Thank goodness for pictures of the dress!

I can't remember if I knew that Disney Channel was having a Royal week. I think I watch NCIS reruns a little too much...

Have a royal Friday, y'all! If you want a royal name, go to E!'s website. It's a bit interesting.
AubrieAnne said…
Oh, I just saw some of the pictures from the royal wedding. Everything looked so beautiful!
Caleb said…
Who got married?



Happy Friday, all!

Missy said…
Happy Friday, everyone! :)
King Corvid said…
I don't follow celebrities who only matter because their parents are famous. :P I don't care who gets married to who.

It's Friday and I get my new dog today. That's all that matters!
Happy Friday!

No wedding for me, I watched his Mum get married though! Does that count???

Anyway happy Friday to my blog friends!

Enjoyed the wedding replays this morning!!! Happy weekend lovelies!!!
Abhisek Panda said…
Added my link to the list and following via friend connect :D

my Blogs
Hi there! I recently just got on my email and saw that some people visited my blog and commented on some stuff. I just wanted to thank you so dearly for making my blog fab apart of the fab friends. I've been going through a lot lately and haven't got a chance to update much but everyone let me such sweet comments today that gave me a needed pick me up. Seriously like in the midst of tears I was reading loving comments from people I don't even know. Just wanted to thank you and tell you that this blog is not in vain and sometimes it can be a blessing indisguise to someone just like it was for me.

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