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Hello there!  I am Sarah of anonymous was a woman.  I am a 27 year old girl/lady currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I share my tiny one bedroom apartment with a fluffy cat named Coco and lots of vintage treasures.  My blog is a chronicle of my life: things that I do, things that I hope to do, things that I like and things that inspire me.  
From seven to four, 180 days of the year, I am a junior high English teacher. The rest of the time I am a thrifter, a baker, a writer, a reader, a photographer, a list maker, a shower singer, a compulsive cleaner, and a sometimes crafter.


I like eating my vegetables, doing yoga and waking up with the sun. I adore vintage Pyrex, instant film, desert road trips and records. I own too many party dresses. I don't wear them enough.  I try everyday to be the kind of woman who would make my four year-old self (and my mama) proud. 
I blog because it fuels my creativity, because it helps me to make sense of my world, and because I love to connect with people who share my interests and who inspire me.  Like you!
Please stop by, grab a button, and say hello!  
I would love to meet you.


Olivia Grace said…
Sarah is fantastic, I love her blog so much!!
King Corvid said…
I should introduce my wife to this blog. You two could be sisters!
melody-mae said…
lovely. I love what you said;

I try everyday to be the kind of woman who would make my four year-old self (and my mama) proud .

wow...that is awesome!!!!!
What a great feature! I'll be stopping by for sure :)
Slidecutter said…
Lovely post, Sarah!

Very much looking forward to reading your blog and snooping through some of your fabulous recipes!

Congrats on being featured!

Gillian said…
First of all, and most important, I enjoyed everything the anonymous junior high english teacher pyrex-loving lady wrote! I also think her red tights are awesome!

Baby Talk without the Babble
sarah nicole said…
Thank you, all! I am so happy to be featured! : )


VaishVijay said…
Very true that blog triggers creativity!

Checked your blog, your way of appreciating things are great, now am following you:)
Mary Nevin said…
great pick!! i love sarah's blog!!
Juliet said…
Sooo loving this blog :) This girl's got style :)
Sarah, I must say your kindness shines through and really captured my attention. I am heading over to your blog right now to grab your button!
yasmeen said…
also a fan of sarah and her lovely blog :) great feature!
Yay for Sarah! I'm a big fan of her blog, it just makes me happy to read her perfectly sweet musings on life. :)
Eschelle said…
that is a lovely post!
chantilly said…
you sound awesome, sarah! checkin' out your blog...
Your life sounds lovely.

I try and be the kind of mama that my four year old can look back on, smile and think I had a really good life, my childhood was great.

Sometimes I am more successful then other times.



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