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Small Business Saturday | Shop Small | Small Bizzzzzz

Most of you know how important it is to SUPPORT small businesses + blogging! We are thrilled to be small business owners and welcome each of you to spread the love today with it being SMALL BIZ SATURDAY. Now if you cannot purchase something, fine......we want you to TWEET your GUTS out and Give Your Local Friends and Owners Beaucoup De Shout Outs Today, OKKKK! that's the very least we can do to support such crafty, creative souls. USE CODE : SMALLBIZ25  to receive 25% off anything in the Olden Day Etsy Shop Save 10 % Off Everything in Love Light Gems by using Coupon CODE: HAPPYHOLIDAYS AND OF COURSE, SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS AT B EE WHIMSY , SUCH AMAZING JEWELRY USE CODE: BF2015 TO RECEIVE 40 % OFF follow us on twitter so we can re-tweet you like crazzzzzy! enjoy the weekend, LINK YOUR SHOPS AND SALES IN THE COMMENTS BELOW PLEASE!!!! WE WILL SHARE THEM ALL DAY LONG

Relaxing Inspiration

After Turkey Day, I'm ready to relax....not shop! and i know i'm not the only one! This past weekend, I took a mini to Florida and although it was a rather quick trip {driving 20 hours straight down from NY and back a couple days later}, I enjoyed every moment and would do a traveling job if I could. i'm usually really hard on myself and i had to keep saying this because life is sooooo worth seeing. most people only exist, to live is the difficult part-doesn't have to be if you just let it glide. enjoy every moment and sink in the ocean. when my baby sis and i sat down on the edge to gaze at this view in Clearwater, FL.....we were sitting there but only a few moments when we thought we saw a huge gator at our feet hanging in the water. she rushed up but i [ being the adventurous one ] sat there [ pulled my legs into an indian style ] and wanted to capture the creature. i took so many photos and then realized it was a manatee playing peek a boo. i guess when they sl

Fab Friends Friday

hello fabulous bloggers! meet Cookie Crumbs Inc, a newly listed blog and a fab friend today! take a moment to say hi and browse through some posts on her blog. get to know someone new today.  NEW MEMBERS: don't forget to follow the blogging tip #14 when visiting blogs. I have to mention this because some people haven't taken the time to read these awesome tips, please do....very helpful! and you meet authentic bloggers this way!  It's almost DECEMBER, go vote for your favorite blogs please, geez people!!!! They get a free ad and lots of mentions throughout the month. Also meet Chrissy if you have yet to. She's such an inspiration, you'll fall in love with her! One More Fab Friend Today: Susanne from Sinead , she's from Sweden and Back Joining us for some fabulous friends! Go say Hi!!!! Ok! Go get listed and mingle with some blogs for the day! Join us tomorrow for some more fun! Enjoy the weekend and get your votes in!!! xo

insta | thanksgiving pictures

Not on Instagram? Well you should be! We just started ours not too long ago and want to share the blog love through the photos everyday, so follow us and we'll share to get you more friends and likes! We'd like to post about your lives through an insta post here on the blog each week and we'll feature some of the best pics, so tag #fortheloveofblogs and we'll be able to grab your photos to share.  Click the photos to go to the instagram and meet some new friends! Bloggers, be sure your site address is in your bio, so we can get you more blog followers too! Follow Us on Instagram Friends, We Love to Show the Love ...... xoxo

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Hello Bloggers! My little family is spending Thanksgiving in PA with the girls grandparents. Tomorrow, Nana and Uncle J are coming in and it's going to be a rather small, relaxing dinner this year! Oh, we have 3 dogs here keeping us company too! The above pic is a featured dinner from Blair Blogs . She breaks her dinner for 2 right down to the T! Check it out . I'm a traditionalist when it comes to basic cooking. Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, corn, buns and pumpkin pie for me, please!! And I think most everyone craves left-overs, so that's important. But this year, My Teen Daughter is Cooking it up with Her Gram! Apple Pie is one of my faves too! Prepping for Thanksgiving is one of the most relaxing, stress free things in the world. If you're anxious about making everything perfect, especially if you're cooking; relax, take it easy, not supposed to be tense! Take your time. Be prepared. And enjoy. Most importantly, take the time to embra

Tasty Tuesday | White Chocolate Berry Blondies

This week's Tasty Tuesday Feature is by the lovely This Little Home This Little Blondie Recipe is for all the Mouth Watering Foodie Lovers Out There, Enjoy White Chocolates | Raspberries | Blueberries | Hazelnuts To get the Full Recipe Click Here Have a Delicious Meal or Dessert You'd Like to Share with Us? Leave a comment Below or Contact us!! 

Seas the Day

Hello Bloggers! Get Nominating your Favorite Blog for Blog of the Month : December! If you have yet to meet Chrissy from The Brave Wanderer , she's mighty inspirational and a down right beauty, go say hi and follow her instagram as well. Today, we're just hanging around visiting new blog buds and embracing the warmth on our skin. I took a mini to southwest florida for the weekend! Gosh, I missed the southern breeze in the morn!!! Since we have some new friends here in blog land, take a moment to say hi! Link in the comments below to your current posts and introduce yourselves! Follow us on Insta . And Twitter for some re-tweets by Vic. Need some holiday gift ideas? Go to for Fashion Jewelry, OldenDayCharm for some neat antiques and if you want a deal on advertising , we're offering a 3 month deal for $15. For some delicious recipes, head here ! Want all things in mommyhood? Head here . Meet and Greet today by going through these awesome blogs and ge

How to Get Sponsors on Your Blog

Earlier this week we shared a feature post about how to make money on your blogs, today we're sharing how to get sponsors. First things first, clean your blog. If you don't have a clean layout, get one. No clutter, not a lot of commotion. Figure out where you want them to be. Sponsors come in all different sizes, shapes and forms. Typically, have a variety of options that suit your blog needs; such as: Small, Medium, Large Ads, Sponsored Blog Posts, Sidebar Ads, Below the Blog Post Ads and Above the Header Ads. If you don't have any current sponsors, grab some for examples. Brands looking to sponsor your blog want to see what an ad will look like on your site, so create some to give them an idea. Ideally give them the best, the most exposure placing them where they will be seen first as soon as someone clicks on your blog. Sponsors deserve the recognition, after all; they are paying for exposure. Advertise your package deals on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram an

Vanilla Caramel Tea

i specifically love tea this time of year, so i had to run out and stock up on a variety! having tried a few different flavors already, the vanilla caramel is my fave thus far. i'm usually a picky drinker and yes, tea is only good if you have a craving for it! i enjoy lemon in my ice water but i do not care for the black lemon tea. it's too much perhaps and not good hot! and i totally thought that i would like the vanilla chai tea bags but they don't compare to DD. and so, i really love vanilla and caramel flavors thinking this would be alright and sure enough it was!!! something different anyways! what is your favorite tea flavor if you enjoy a hot cup on a cold day!? check out these tea posts today: afternoon tea banana nut bread tea sandwiches pink bliss sunday tea

How to Be a Six Figure Blogger | Feature Post

I totally agree with The Travel Hack on the SEO and how to make money on your blogs. Today, we're featuring her Tips on How to Be a Six Figure Blogger with these simple steps . For the Love of Blogs is all about sharing and if you want to learn, then we also need to share. The Travel Hack recommends  making blogger friends so you can geek out together and chat about new things you’ve read or learned. Hello Bloggers, that's what FTLOB is all about!!!! So, get involved, gain more buddies!  Here we mention that you should post as much as you'd like and TTH says, Post More! I've totally learned this over the years, more is better if you're trying to make money from a blog! You should be posting 2-3 posts in one day.  Head over to The Travel Hack to see what else she says about blogging for money. Later this week, we'll share a simple, easy, fast way to gain sponsors for your blog even if you're a NEW BLOGGER. And as the travel hack shares how she ma

Fab Friends Friday

Hey Yo Bloggers!!!! It's FRIDAAAAAY.......Well, let's go meet some fab friends, ehhhh?!!! Here's the dilly- click on these blogs and go say hello, read their posts and get to know them! Then leave a comment here so we can do a little stalking on your blogs too! MMmmkay. This Weeks Fab Friends are:  Go fab friend them! Want a shout out next Friday? Just get listed in our directory! Go meet our BOTM if you haven't. Click Here to say Hello to her! Meet our newest Sponsor, Bee Whimsy . Head over to our Twitter to Get a Rambunctious amount of RT's by Vic, she's fabulous for getting your posts and blogs out there, just follow us, we'll follow back. Happy Friday, Enjoy!

Bee Whimsy | Pretty Jewelry For Your Sweet Skin

Hello Bloggers! And Dazzle Me Pretty Lovers. We have a gorgeous line of Jewelry By Bee Whimsy featured here on le blog. Meet Quynh Lam, Founder, San Francisco Bay Beauty and Born with Glitter in Her Veins Entrepreneur. Her talent in creating bold and youthful pieces pair together elegantly with any outfit, classy or mid-day run arounds. Bee Whimsy is famous for glamming  Miss California USA  and Miss Teen USA  along with other gorgeous beauties from around the world. Just look at the necklace line of jewelry, sparkling to say the least. Perfect for holidays, everyday wear and your fashion blog posts Ladies! Not only are Bee Whimsy pieces fabulous, they're easy on the wallet and amazing gifts for the upcoming season. Want deals and updates? Be sure to Follow On Instagram | Twitter | Facebook and Here on FTLOB {Stay Tuned for a Giveaway} Click the Pic Below to Start Shopping Now

The Owl Tattoo

i don't know how many times someone sees my tattoos and tells me they need to get one-YES! you should. this last time, i got my owl. i am a firm believer in spirits and connections and all things powerful, energetic. the owl stood for many things: wealth, wisdom, strength, intuition, amongst other things going on in my life. getting tattoos is a form of art and personality. if you are hesitating on getting them, really do not and just go get'll thank me later. they're daily reminders of who you are, where you come from and where you are heading! inspiration every single day. who doesn't need that?! xo what tattoos do you have or want to get?

Christmas Cactus | How to Rescue Your Plants

I've become very interested this past year in taking care of plants and to be honest, I have rescued a ton with little to no experience. It's really simple and not to be thought of too deeply. My daughters great grandmother gave me two of her dried out Christmas Cactus'. I had never heard of them before nor knew anything about them. They looked neat without the buds and flowers, so I carefully took them out of the small pots they were in and you could tell they hadn't been watered in a very long time. Now that doesn't mean you cannot bring them back to life, so NEVER throw a plant away thinking it's dead. Save that beauty!!! 1.) The first thing you want to do is give it a new home, A simple transfer of pots will make the plant feel lively already! The proper size for growth is important, so pick a pot that isn't too small or too big. 2.) Feel the roots. If it's dry, water time. Plants don't need a ton of water. Just a little moisture and by li

Tasty Tuesday | Gingerbread and Chocolate

Dive in to these delicious Macaroons | Gingerbread and Chocolate Featured by Milk and Honey . Full Recipe & More Yummy, Mouth Watering Pics - Go Here To get your foodie posts featured, simply join our free directory! Happy Tasty Tuesday.

Featured Blog | Dungarees and Donuts

Hello Bloggers! Welcome Blogger Olivia Jade from Dungarees and Donuts . A fun, bright and inspirational blog that talks about all things beauty, fashion and life! Go read her post about clubbing , I think we can all relate. Be sure to follow on Insta | Twitter | The Blog | Pinterest

But First, Coffee

i think we can all agree that we need coffee today before anything! stay tuned for some new posts, more listings in the blog directory and go nominate your favorite blog for BOTM!!!

Silent Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone! Take some breather time today to enjoy the little things! Browse around and mingle. There are lots of new blogs listed in the directory and many more to come. Don't forget to meet our BOTM, The Brave Wanderer . Go Nominate a Blog for December Now!!! Doesn't matter if they aren't a member yet, we'll get them to be, so vote for your favorite blog bud. Link up your insta and pinterest accounts. It's the same linky for our Blast of Photos Challenge . Do some or all, get caught up, so we can share your pics and accounts. Have a nice day!

Going Back in Time | And a Little Blog Encouragement

Once again we wanted to wish you all a warm welcome back to for the love of blogs. It's been a wonderful experience meeting so many bloggers from all over the place and from all different aspects.  Today, since it's the start of a long weekend, we wanted to bring you back to some posts from back in the day. It's fun to look back on where someone started as a blogger and to see how much they've grown over time. Many are taking breaks from blogging but I have a little trick up my sleeve to get them back: -Comment on their most recent post and invite them back to do new, fresh posts! Sometimes all a blogger needs is support and encouragement to get motivated to post again and when you leave a new comment on their post it most likely goes to their email, so they will possibly see, read and be inspired once again. Check Out This Featured Blog  and Take a Look at Where she is today! Invite her back since it's been a few months since we last saw a post! This

Featured Blog: Closet Full of Cocktails

Hello Bloggers! Welcome Chelsea of Closet Full of Cocktails , New Blogger Who Loves Fashion and Lipstick! Head over and welcome her to Blog Land. She's newly listed under Fashion Bloggers if you want to scope her out daily! Start getting your blogs listed because pretty soon it's going to be overfilled and we don't want you to miss out on FREE advertising. Follow Closet Full of Cocktails on: Twitter | FB | Pinterest | Instagram Want a Mini Feature Just Like this one?! Send us a tweet and we'll take it from there! Xo

Red + Orange | Fall Colors

red is my favorite color this time of year and it meshes well with orange no matter what your style is! lately it's been rather warm here in NY and i've been sporting my open toed shoes again. might as well get the use out of them before it hits below zero. i've been stepping out in the sunshine and hitting the leaf photos up for our Instagram . If you have yet to join us, click the ad at the very top of the page to jump in. Be sure to link up so we can share your November photos here on le blog! we're going to post as many photos per day per theme on the blast of photos challenge, get caught up...we'll wait! and have fun. something spicy doesn't have to be food....can be your hot heels, anything! if anyone has any questions, just ask! we'll be happy to guide you, have a nice week! email us to be featured this week also. Xo