Tasty Tuesday

Morning lovely people, we hope your week has started off right. Is everyone still swimming in Easter candy? I had to hide bags of it yesterday!

Today we have a super healthy snack that is full of flavor. It will help counteract all that chocolate! It's a super simple recipe, head on over and grab it. You will love Naptime is My Time, what a fun blog. Emily has lots of other delish recipes too!

I just love all the new blogs I've discovered from being involved with FTLOB. Today I found another great one... Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy. In terms of food (and life!) isn't that we all want? She has so many great recipes and tips.  Check out her tips for picky eaters. That's where I found the neat picture below...betcha wanna know what's in that right?

Well, that's it for today! Have fun linking up and hopping around. XO


Kate Weber said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday everyone! My post won't be up until 9AM, but I thought I'd link up anyway. :) I give you the recipe to the BEST PANCAKES EVER! Seriously. So good. Don't miss out!

Simply Kate
jerry said…
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Patty said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Wishing you all a lovely day!

Can't wait to see Kate's Best Pancakes Ever...whoohooo!


Alison Agnew said…
new follower here...this is a lovely idea...i've linked my healthy snack recipe and can't wait to go grab some new recipes...thanks!

stuff and nonsense
b. lee said…
happy Tast-ay Tuesday * the top two ideas above look hot! love me some almonds & spice * *
Unknown said…
Really curious about that GREEN drink now... Off to check it out! Happy Tuesday all!
Anonymous said…
I've got a recipe for amazing cheese"steaks" that will likely make Philly cry with how non-traditional it is (turkey? turk'y?! what is all this?!?!), but trust me when I say it is AMAZING!

Happy Tasty Tuesday, everyone! :D Now to go check out some other recipes... and, uh, check out what that green drink is!
Anonymous said…
The only thing I don't like about Tuesdays is that I have to get up early for a Writing Center staff meeting. At least I like the people I work with :)

Happy Tasty Tuesday everyone!
Erika said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday! :D I'm linking up a bit early (post won't be up until a bit later), but definitely check back :D

Also....mmmmmm, paaaancakes <3
I am intrigued...what is the tasty green stuff in the cup? I am going to check it out right now.


Unknown said…
I'm not sure which one looks more delicious!

I brought almonds into work for snacks, but they need something. That kick could be what they need.
Missy said…
I am actually super pumped about my Tasty Tuesday share today. It was delightful! :)
Becky said…
Hey FTLOB! YOu have such a great blog <3

Im just putting up a new post with the best banana cake recipe ever! Check it out and see what you think but I could eat this all day everyday - its seriously that good...

Let me know what you think :)


Happy Tuesday Friends!! Stop over my blog later tonight to read about my paypal being hacked into :( NOT A HAPPY CAMPER TODAY!! But I will be sharing some tips so it doesn't happen to you!

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