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Silent Sunday

Featured Look Book Blogger

Meet Katie, author of Oh, K ! if you dream of fashion, beauty and inspiration, head over to get a glimpse of her fabulous life! while she was in Italy, she posted a ton of gorgeous outfits to inspire that everyday fashion blogger. i personally love bikes, so i picked this photo to feature for the look book ! but believe me; she has an entire category filled with stunning pieces right here ! Keep up with Katie on Insta || Twitter || FB || And Follow Vic on Twitter to get your fashion featured on The Look Book !

Some History Since I've Been Gone

the moment you walk away from everything and life feels collided. my journey back to new york wasn't an easy one. i'd spent many days in tears wondering where i had been, where i was headed. why i was there and if i'd stay there forever. after a couple of months sobbing in sorrow, i'd realized that that wasn't who i was or who i'd wanna be. the saying you have to get knocked down to get back up again is in it's truths. when you crumble, you certainly feel faded. i got up. eventually. it took time. who the hell in their right mind considers time? because i sure didn't. and little did i know that it'd pass before my weary eyes. the only thing i've ever really lived for was proof. proving to myself that i could do anything and be something of worth. even if i didn't want it. i always felt the need to prove things to everyone and why is well, because if we don't as humans, then we feel no purpose. i took my slagging ass and built up e

How to Relax When Your Body's Had Enough

it's so nice to take a break from everything; work | blogging | networking, to just breathe the fresh air and rest easy. Recently I've become very tense. I'm typically always stiff but as of late, it's become way too intense. I suffer from migraines and body aches daily. It's awful. A full time standing job doesn't help. When your body has had enough, it will surely let you know!  I'm discovering a new way to cope with healing through natural remedies. Having migraines for 16 years is long enough to have tried everything. I've done so much to try to deal as best as possible and it's become a habit of mine to try new things. If you're anything like me; always on the go, working all the time and never sleeping, then let's accomplish relaxation together! Please. We need to be healthy.  Things I've done that have helped me this past week: 1.) Breathe. Recently reading about how to relieve tension, I've learned that I don&

Summer Cocktails Countdown

You can't have a summer drink without strawberries involved. Take a look at this delicious Strawberry Lavender Cocktail Recipe that includes minimal preparation. I mean come on now, 3 simple ingredients and bammmmm.....there goes your fresh palate. Vodka and Flavor made easy.  A nd The Countdown Begins Um Hello Ginger Daiquiri ! Nice to meet you. How fucking fabulous does this simple cocktail not only sound but look?! REFRESH. Damn. And it has pineapples in it. I'll down 2 or 3 in less than a minute. The recipe is found right here . NUMMM. There's a whole bunch of mixed drinks in this same post, so don't hesitate to search for other tasty drinks on Enjoy the Moment .  My Personal Favorite is the RUBY RELAXER -  Pour 2.5 OZ of Coconut Rum over Ice in an 8 OZ Glass, ADD 1 OZ Vodka, 1 OZ Peach Schnapps then Pour Cranberry Juice in almost to the top and fill the rest of the glass with the splash of Pineapple Juice! Stir, DRINK UP! White Win

4 Pretty Blogs that Teach you How to Blog

Last week we introduced 4 Pretty Blogs , a series of features we'll be doing here on FTLOB. Today we have amazing bloggers who not only have 'Pretty Blogs' but inspiration and How to's! Become a better blogger by checking out these tips from The Collective Mill , Katelyn Blogs , The Sweetest Digs , and theStyleventure . a great way to promote your blogs is described best in this post here from everything you need to know to 7 best secrets Gemma offers an amazing insight on how to pitch a sponsored post  + check out her awesome courses Just recently Monika shared how to make blogging your job! fabulous tips and will get you moving in the right direction! Do not miss these posts if you want to be a better blogger!!! enjoy and have a PRETTY DAY! and oh, Hey......we have some tips too. stalk the blog for more great posts and pages! xoxo muah

Tasty Tuesday || Peach Blueberry Cake

Today's Tasty Tuesday Feature is a sinfully delicious Summer Peach Blueberry Cake by the lovely Mama to Macy ! This is so indulging. Go here for the recipe. What's everyone making for dinner? I'm thinking dessert doesn't sound so bad, eh.......! Don't forget to enter the Coffee Snob Giveaway Follow CoffeeAddictMama on Instagram, she likes to share your stuff! Also on Twitter ! Want us to advertise your blog | site | shop ?!?!? Head Here

Coffee Talk + a Giveaway

Hello Coffee Lovers! How was your weekends? I left last week with 4 Pretty Blogs , a new series we'll be doing each week. If you want your blogs featured, simply let Vic know on Twitter . This week we have an all NEW coffee talk. Join in by leaving comments with links to your posts {not blogs} giving us a wrap on what you've been through this past month. Share your twitter accounts if you'd like as well because we'll be RE-TWEETING your links all week!!! You must follow LOVETHEBLOGGER to get mentions!!! As most of you know, we have a ton of weekly meme's we do. The Thirsty Thursday post this week will consist of a Countdown of Summer Cocktails, stay tuned.  if you're not following COFFEEADDICTMAMA on Instagram, you should be! She's giving her famous MUG away! The Coffee Snob Mug is now up for grabs!  Would You Like a Chance to Win this Mug? Here's how you can Enter: 1.) Follow CoffeeAddictMama on Insta ( 2 Entries ) 2.) Follow V

4 Pretty Blogs

ever get excited about pretty new blogs? well here's a series we'll be posting weekly. we're bringing you 4 blogs in one post that shout COLORFUL || BRIGHT || && PRETTY LIVING IN COLOR is a fresh mom blog who shares not only those everyday wife and mommy moments but adds fashion, beauty and style into her daily posting. Hang out long enough to join her meme's and meet other fabulous mom bloggers! I SUWANNEE  is a southern saying used to express bewilderment, discovery and fascination. Dive into Jamie's gorgeous posts and her shop . LOVELY INDEED is a rather fun, pop of color, diy, family, style blog. I love the rain of smiles when I click on her site. Truly an all day and night kind of stalking :-) this foldover pouch diy is absolutely too cute. AND you still have time to enter the GIVEAWAY a pretty woman writes a pretty blog; meet LADY WRITES   a beauty and lifestyle blogger who glams not only herself up but her blog as well. Read the po

Featured Blog || Invocati

Hey Bloggers! Welcome somewhat of a new blogger - invocati , a gorgeous young woman named Alice who brings a lot of insight to the "Blog" world! she's got some great posts about blogging, the struggle, the realness of it all and to top it off, she's an all about life blogger. Here's a post about living away from home that may touch some of your hearts! xo Find Alice on Twitter || Instagram || BlogLovin wanna be featured? click here

Secrets to a Successful Blog

i know we have our blogging tips and i'm sure you've read enough on the internet from other bloggers, etc about how to blog but really something you're not hearing is this: A SUCCESSFUL BLOG TAKES TIME i don't mean that it'll take a year or whatever to be successful, although it does take some time to develop a well known blog but what i want to discuss is how time consuming a blog can really be! full time bloggers get paid to write, dress up, promote, etc. does that mean they're successful, sure. they take time to pull together a great post, advertise it online and pretty much sell their blog! not everyone has the time in a day to do that though. Many of you have jobs and go to school. Is it quite possible to have a successful blog + a life outside of blogging?  So How Do You Become a Success in a Blog? Step 1. Relax. A really positive vibe and attitude will put you in the mood for blogging. Do not think too much about the process because then