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The Look Book- a fashion feature

Featuring: The Laughing Lion Welcome to The Look Book - A New Weekly Feature here at ftlob. If you're in love with fashion, this party is just for you! We like to see what's in everyone's closets and invite you to link your favorite pieces up! We want daily looks only. Nothing you pulled off the internet, it MUST be you, a friend or a family member. It can be an older post and you may link more than one post BUT it must be linked directly to the post! All others will be deleted along with unrelated. Get those looks a going! Can't wait to see! Party starts every Monday and ends WED. of every week! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Design Update: from Masto Mama

Remember this Giveaway ?! Well Heather {winner} has finally received her makeover! Masto Mama did a wonderful job! Please head over to take a PEEK and then Head over to Masto Mama's Personal Blog and Her Design Blog to Thank Her! What a Pleasure to Work with! I hope you will find a true friend in her and if you love her designs as much as we do, it's worth every penny! Stay tuned for more updates and giveaways! We Heart You, friends!

Featured Blog: A Perfect Dose of Life

Meet the Streeters!! I, Kristina here, have been blogging since 2007 (off and on over the years - I have gotten much more consistent!). I started blogging when we lived in our little apartment and Ryan worked nights and it seemed whenever I wasn't. So, I began to blog!! I blogged for a long time just for my own sake, never telling the world or following other blogs, it was ... my space. Little did I know what the blog world was really about and how many other people blogged just like I did. So, within the past year a little, but mostly in the last few months I have really started finding new blogs and friends. Now, I'll clarify something - Ryan doesn't blog, hehe - I am definitely the blogger, but since it's a blog about life, our life - I thought I would introduce the co-star of this lovely blog! ;) Our Story- We met in the summer of 2004, through his best friend at the time, in Colorado - I was out visiting my Grandparents. We saw each other off and on during my

love letters - week four

hello lovelies!  we hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  today is the last monday in february, which means this is the last chance you have to link up your love letters.  we thank you all for sharing your letters with us...we have really enjoyed them. even though today is the last day for love letters, there are plenty of new features that FTLOB has to offer.  so stay tuned! coming up later today is a new look book link up...have you posted your recent looks?  be sure to share with us later today! okay friends lets see those love letters!  remember to link directly to your love letter post!  happy day ♥

It's Comment Love Day

Good Morning Sunshines. This week we are bringing back comment love day, In between The Album . The album is hosted once a month. If you have photographs throughout the month that you share such as wordless wednesday, a 365 project, etc; The Album is for you, link those posts so we can see. We encourage everyone to take a moment to look at the album and visit some friends. There are some awesome photographs! With our hectic schedules, I like to set aside a day to do some much needed comment love. It's nice to receive comments and although we may be reading posts throughout the week, sometimes it's just impossible to comment on every one of them. Sundays are perfect for catching up. <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center> As many of you know, we have NO rules for our Hops- EXCEPT this one! In order to participat

FTLOB Twitter Party

Who's Down for a Little Fun Next Weekend!? We, here at FTLOB love to TWEET so we know this will be an exciting time for all of us! We want to throw some fun questions out there and have you answer to win some prizes. Sponsors; if you'd like to offer a treat for this event, please email us at bloglove {at} aol {dot} com -We will be promoting your shops in exchange for a giveaway. Party Details : Time-12pm est SATURDAY 3/5/11 Who- @taylordates @scenicglory @ashley_plus3 Hashtag- #FTLOBPARTY Who's Invited-Everyone This will be our very first FTLOB party and we are just looking for fun, interaction time with our favorite tweeple. The party will go on until, well....we don't know! whenever we end it i guess! We will have several Re-Tweets for you, making it easier to tweet. The Hashtag #FTLOBPARTY is important in answering the questions. If you have any ideas or want to help out, just holler! we'd love to have you! this should be loads of fun! Set your cell phone

Weekend Wander

Welcome! to the weekend wander where we relax and visit some awesome blogs. Link up and share whatever you have going on this weekend. Take a moment to browse. We have some fresh new blogs added to the community . You must search up and down! Be sure to add yourself to a category and link to our twitter , facebook , etsy , bloglovin ', giveaways , and other party link ups ! Also, don't forget the groups . We've cleaned the comments out-please feel free to jump right in. You all are simply AAAAAHHHHH-MAZING! Have a super blessed weekend! xo <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Maggie's Hand Knits: on We Heart Shops

Meet Maggie's Hand Knits where you'll find the most adorable scarfs, ear warmers, fingerless gloves, baby blankets and more! These re-usable face scrubbies are the next best thing! I personally never seen such creative items. Each item comes perfectly wrapped. The baby blankets are super warm and soft, making the touch oh so snuggly. Take a peek at these fingerless gloves . Stylish. What I love is the PRICE. It's remarkably cheap! No worries here. She'll take good care of you. Visit We Heart Shops for more great items such as vintage fashion, handmade items, art, jewelry and more!

Featured Blog: Frogs, Snails and Fairytales

Hello blogging friends! I am Nicole over at Frogs, Snails, and Fairytales . I started this blog to give family who lived far away, a way to feel involved with our lives. We are a family of five! Tim, my fiance, and I have been together 9 years. It will be 10 in October. We met when I was a Freshman in high school, and he was a Sophomore. We met on line through AOL instant messenger, because apparently that was the thing to do back then. It was a coincidence that we went to the same high school. We started to date shortly after that. I became a mom in 2007, at the age of 19, with the birth of my first son Timothy. In 2008, 17 months after having Timothy, I gave birth to my second son Mason. And wouldn't you know it 20 months later in 2010, I gave birth to my daughter, finally! Timothy James Mason Paul Taylor Ann The crazy thing is I was on birth control with ALL THREE kids! The boys I was on the pill (although, I have to be honest, not sure they were taken 100% perfectly),

Fab Friends Friday

Hello friends, TGIF! I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend. It's supposed to be cold and rainy where we are so I can't wait to curl up with a blanket and cup of joe and head out and meet some fab friends. Today we'd like you to meet the following awesome blogs. Please head over and introduce yourself. Before you get going on making some fab friends, take some time to look around at all that's going on here, there are so many ways to get involved. Be sure to vote for blog of the month, the poll is up! Happy Friday! XO <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Voting Poll is Up!

These are our nominees for March Blog of the Month! Be sure to check them all out and Vote for Your Fave! Bread and Butter Be One of a Kind Chrissy in America Positively Positive Eisy Morgan Colie Chronicles Preserving the Past A Candid Life Dirt and Lace You can nominate April's Blog starting now! Have Fun!

Featured Blog: Our One Sweet World

Hi there lovelies! I am *S.... I am a thirty something mother of 1. Meet J. {I call him Bug} I am married to my best friend. We met in High School. Meet the Husband, T. {He has many pet names, Cupcake is one of them!} Together we are T&S & this is Our One Sweet World I blog about life, love and all things silly & random..Oh & moments I want to remember. {an online journal if you will} I have had the opportunity to connect with some very awesome people in the blogging world and it makes me happy! I have a slight obsession with Starbucks. I'm kind of a techy nerd.... I love me some gadgets & I want to learn more about photography. T& I love date nights. We love love love Movie's {we own over 500 and counting} We also love Music. {Don't even get me started there.. ha!} Dave Matthews is a Favorite. {also a slight obsession in our house!} & we totally like to go to the movies & rock a licorice straw in our soda pop. yes, we are

Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

well ladies and gents! it's ALMOST the weekend,.. I don't know about you but I know it's relax time for us! grab a drink and get settled, we're going to enjoy the company and make even more friends. whatever you may be drinking this morning; a tea, warm cocoa, coffee {hot or iced}, we want you to link up so we can visit stalk you all day long! weheartit have a recipe you'd like to share? send it in! we'll glady link back to you! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center> for this evening, grab a frozen strawberry margarita! these are my all time fave and make any girl liven up! sorry guys, go grab a cold brewski. i never measure anything so just go with the flow- throw some ice in a blender, {i prefer a lot}, a cup of frozen strawberries {if you are anything like me, you'll mix a ton of

Featured Blog: Virginia Beach Housewife

Hey there! I am so excited to meet some new friends. I have been stalking several home decor/DIY blogs for the last few years, including yours.  In doing so, I have attempted various projects in my first house and now this one that I probably would have never even dreamed of without the inspiration.  Being a first grade teacher and new mommy, I needed a little "me time," an adult outlet, and turned to blogging.  My little blog, Virginia Beach Housewife , documents all of my domestic attempts.  I DIY, I decorate, I cook, I party, I craft, and I raise a baby boy.  Basically, life is busy, and my  attempts are not always pretty and certainly not proper, but I have a great time living my life and writing about it.  A few of my favorite projects so far have been: My  DIY stenciled curtains : My mirror transformation and guest room makeover (still a work in progress): My Diet Soda Cupcakes and Frosting And my chalkboard calendar I blog because I enjoy writing. 

Pamplemousse1983- on We Heart Shops

I think we can all agree that one of life's greatest pleasures is discovering new things. Having just opened We Heart Shops , we've already met some of the most inspiring small business owners yet. Pamplemousse1983  sells fine art photography such as this beauty . This expectant mother also enjoys making her latest creation-onsies. This robot one is so clever and unique! I personally love vintage anythings, so when i seen these old walkie talkie's on photograph, I was in L-O-V-E. You can find Pamplemousse1983 on We Heart Shops , Her Blog , Twitter  and of Course Etsy . if you'd like to be featured, visit We Heart Shops .

Featured Blog: Walking Contradiction

Hello Walking Contraditcion I am the most atypical military wife you will ever meet. Sometimes I am still unsure about how this became my life, but it brought me to beautiful sunny southern California, so for that I am forever grateful. The day I met my husband I knew I would never be the same. He was everything that I am not. And some 6 years after meeting we brought the most amazing little boy into this world. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom, in fact my father likes to remind me every day how he wasted, $40,000 a year on my college education however I choose to impart every bit of education that I have pursued onto son therefore my college degree will never go wasted. Yes, I was meant to go to law school and open my own business but all of that was put on hold when I peed on a stick and two lines showed up but I am forever grateful for those long sought after two lines. I am a sweet midwesterner at heart and a snooty ivy leaguer by trade and ye

After Nine to Five-on We Heart Shops

In creating We Heart Shops , our number one goal was to bring prolific owners to every interested buyer out there. After Nine to Five  has been  discovered and we'd like to invite you to meet the fabulous lady behind it all. One of the best things is being your own boss. Ashley is doing what she loves. Making jewelry is her passion. This airplane necklace is perfect for flight attendants or pilots who would wear this with pride. Many items in her shop have a very unique feel to them. There is something for everyone. She just recently added journals which are lovely and a must for all.  And best, they are made from recylced paper. You can read more about this inspiring business owner here on We Heart Shops , her blog , and of course etsy . To become a featured Shop Owner, visit We Heart Shops !