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New Groups, a Community for All

Good Day Monday Bloggers! I wanted to shoot this out because we are getting more active and we wanted to invite you to join our more intimate community. You'll see the tab up there on top that says " Community Chat " Please click that to join our forums, introduce yourselves and get involved in convos. We're going to be adding tips, tricks and questions/answers here in this community. If you need help with anything, this is a great way to get feedback, so sign up and join in. The groups here on FTLOB will be deleted because I want to eliminate the linky tools as much as possible and I want everyone to gain from a more intimate community, so PLEASE JOIN the started GROUPS by clicking here and we will get on the other groups this week. Feel free to leave suggestions, questions and concerns and we'll see you in the community! Enjoy the day.

a New look Book

Featuring: Katie Welcome to a new fall/winter look book. The look book is a place to share all of your many fabulous fashion shoots throughout the week. This will remain open until the new year, so link as many posts as you wish; we love seeing the many outfits, styles you have this season! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Prompt Me....Week 9

Today's Topic: Fall Today's Prompt:  When I think of fall, I think of..... Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  There are so many things about it that makes it special.  I hope this gives you the opportunity to go out, take some pictures and enjoy it while it lasts! We hope these inspire you to get a post out when you're not knowing what to blog about. Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them. Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts.

Weekend Wander-Halloween Edition

Good Day Goolish friends!  Hope you all are ready for a spooktacular weekend!  Before all the ghosts and goblins come out this weekend or you leave your crypt.  Be sure to check out all the treats we have here to offer.  Try out this weeks Halloween  Prompt  or find a hair raising  craft , or maybe you'd like to add a fangtastic photo.  Be sure to do a lot of Wandering before you leave, and have a Marvelous Weekend! Feel free to link several different posts relating to Halloween only! Thanks. Oh...what is everyone being for Halloween or what are your kids being!? <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Moments of a Libra

Good Morning Fabness! Soon we'll be throwing out our Weekend Wander Halloween Mingling, so stay tuned; meanwhile, enjoy a new feature! Hello there, fellow FTLOBers! Halina from Moments of a Libra here. I'm 25, a full time business student, but I've also found my passions in drawing, painting, photography and traveling (yup, there are a few of us too).  I believe that we all are creative beings that need to balance our analytic way of thinking with our intuitive, the last mentioned being truly neglected in modern education. After being overly ambitious with one single part of my life, my studies, I realized that the pressure and stress I put myself through just made me unhappy. It became an impediment for what I wanted to to for a long time: explore photography and art. Determined to become better at these two things, I made a plan to dedicate more of my spare time in order to to what i love. My blog started of as a way for me to articulate what I had learned from the cr

Twitter Party Thursday with Cocktail Popsicles

I'm not over anything frozen yet, are you?! these are sinfully delish and perfect for our Thirsty Thursday Lovers. Let's get this Twitter Party Started with our Highlighted Tweep this week: Meet Nadine , a fabulous blogger and twitter fan! She's our #1 spot today. Visit, follow and connect with her. Let's do more than mingle today, let's connect, make friends and enjoy the day! Cheers. Blackberry Prosecco Popsicle Makes 12 2.5oz popsicles 20 oz Prosecco 1/3 cup of blackberries 4 oz crème de cassis Splash of fresh lime juice 2 pinches of lime zest Instructions: 1. Place blackberries in a bowl and pour crème de cassis on top and toss to coat. Using a muddler or a rounded blunt end of a kitchen tool, crush berries into the crème de cassis. Add lime juice and zest, toss to combine. 2. Measure out approximately 1 teaspoon of berry mixture into bottom of your chosen popsicle form and pour Prosecco on top. 3. Freeze for about 2 hours or until mixtur

How Often Should You (Do You) Post

There seems to be lots of different opinions about how often you should post! And in our opinion, you should post as often as you'd like! No really. Some people are attracted to more than one post in a day. On the other hand, it's a little too much for some readers. So when you are posting what you love to post, post as often as you'd like. You'll know when it's too much or too little the more you blog. I personally would recommend to post daily. Your readers want fresh posts everyday and I think it's important in growth. Now if you are an irregular blogger and post few in one week, like maybe every other day or 3 times a week, readers may get the impression that you are not a frequent blogger and won't bother checking in with you as much. It's difficult to say because in all reality you want your readers to be happy yet you are blogging for you. I've seen blogs who post 3 or more posts in one day and to me, that's overwhelming. Bu

Between the Lines

Hello Rad Bloggers! You still have time to enter the Picture Perfect Halloween Contest along with many other linky's going on. Stay tuned for tips and more coming soon today. Meanwhile, enjoy this feature. I must say, the best thing about being a feature is not having to come up with a clever title. That takes off some of the pressure. But not all of it . I’m Whitney and my blog is entitled “ Between the Lines ” and I focus on my experiences as a young, newlywed, teacher. “Between the Lines” refers to this in-between stage of life where you’re growing with another person while also creating yourself as a responsible, professional, and independent adult (some might call this co-dependency – I call it marriage). My blog is a way to document and make goals for my style, fitness regimens, relationships, and finances (with all the fun stories along the way) (I also abuse parentheses and html commands i, b, and u). So many changes happen in your early-to-mid twenties and I am defin

Ruthanne with an E

oh hello hello! I'm Ruthanne, and I blog over at Ruthanne with an E . So very nice to meet you all! I am a sixteen year old junior in high school, the oldest of five kids ,  [trust me, some funny stuff happens with these folks..] and I live in the most beautiful place ever! I have only been blogging for a few months now, but I love it! It is such a wonderful hobby to add to my [very] long list. I'm very spunky, independent and outgoing; I love a good challenge and blogging seemed to fit the bill! You may be wondering what the " with an E " thing is about...yes? Well, you see. My grandmother on my daddy's side died suddenly just a month before I was born. Her full name was Ruth Ann. My parents loved the idea of putting those two names together, in her honor. But of course it just wasn't complete without the E! In the past 16 years I have discovered so many traits that I inherited from her. I love to fish, she did too. I love to help people; she was a nurse.

Tasty Tuesday

Good Morning Foodies! This dessert looked too de-LISH to pass spreading! Click the pic to visit the recipe. Today we'd love to see all kinds of food, so link up any related posts and visit all of our food experts. Enjoy a mouth watering day friends. <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Celebrate with FTLOB

Wow! Can you believe we are going to be a year old next month! This year has been filled with amazing sites from the very beginning. I don't think we ever imagined featuring over 200 terrific blogs in less than a year. That's simply the reason I started this little something that turned out to be one of the best places to find truly authentic blog buds and that's something I'm extrememly proud of. If anything, I wanted nothing more than for people to feel welcome, free and encouraged here and I hope each of you feel that way or we're doing something wrong. In honor of the most fabulous blogs in town, we'd like to celebrate with the most amazing giveaways ever! We will run them all for at least a week giving you ample amount of entries, enough time to enter and multiple options as far as gifts. A little sneak peek; one fabulous member could be carrying this around their wrist. Along with many gift certificates, cash, art and more! Stay tuned and let us know i

Silent Sunday with Love

Good Morning Lovelies. Today we're doing something different with our Sunday. If you'd like to spend the day commenting and receiving comment love; participate by first leaving a comment on this post, visiting the comment above yours and showing comment love on as many blogs who leave comments here today. If you wish to remain silent; leave a link to your wordless post with photos from the past week in a comment below and we'll be sure to check them out! either way, have a gorgeous day and enjoy the company♥

Sponsor Me: The Weekend File

     Hello, I am Hayley and I blog over at my life and style blog,  The Weekend File .  My blog is growing each day and life is getting ever so exciting between holidays and our home renovation! So to make it easy on me for the next few months, and to say THANK YOU to my readers and give you guys an awesome deal... I am going to give anyone who buys ad space for November a space all the way until January 1st! That is basically two months for the price of one! With small ads starting at just $5 and large ads being just as affordable... why not? I would love to host anyone who is interested, so  email me  soon to secure your spot! Would you like a sponsor me post ? Simply email bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

New Buttons Please {and a question}

With the new layout, I wanted to ask what everyone sees because when I look at the site from my home computer it looks fine with the new sponsor buttons. I like the small ads to be side by side but when I look at it from my phone the small ads are below one another. So what do you see?! And Lovely Sponsors; we need new buttons! If you have yet to send them in please do especially with the new month sneaking up! New sizes are 145X145 and those are the sizes we need for fresh looks! Since most of you are 3 month deal grabbers, please remember that people love new looks! So, be creative and get those in. If you are snazzy, jazzy and would love to enter this contest to WIN Large Ad space, please enter here . If you'd like to sponsor November for 3 month small ad deals, contact Bobbi at datssocute (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks and Have a super fabulous weekend. Don't forget to link up below and stay tuned for some awesome features and a sponsor me! xoxo

Let's Wander

The weekend is finally here! The perfect chance to wrap up in your favorite blanket, prop those tired feet up, and get your weekend wander on. There is definitely something for you all to do here, join a  group , add yourself to the  directory , find a new blog or two to stalk, or just catch up on all there was to offer here this week.  We love having you spend your time with us!  Have a great weekend! PS: Stay tuned for More Tutorials, Tips and Some Sneak Peeks of our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Gifts. Enjoy.     <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Win AD Space {Make Us New Buttons}

We've changed our look and want a fresh set of badges. This Contest is for all who love design and playing on photoshop. We've created one new button on our sidebar, now we want YOU to create some new buttons for our Fabulous Members. This is a great way to get involved and gain some Ad Space for 2 Months. HOW TO ENTER: Create buttons ; as many or as few as you'd like (be creative, fun and snazzy). You can create several different options, different ones for our hops as well! The choice is yours. Post them on your blog and tell everyone you are Celebrating a Year with FTLOB and display your PRETTY Buttons. Enter the Link to your Post here on Your First Comment. Extra Entries: :Ask your readers to come vote for your Created Buttons by leaving a comment here. (1 Extra Entry) :Like Us on FB :Leave the Link to Your Post on Our FB wall and get your friends to LIKE that Comment. (5 Extra Entries for each person who likes) :Tweet This : I created new fabulous #ft

Fun Post: Halloween Printables

Good Morning Friday Friends. Let's start the weekend off with a fun post. It's always nice to see what everyone has been up to, so let's talk Halloween and have you share your idea of a Halloween Party. Do you go all out? Do you decorate and celebrate with a big bash or do you hang low, take the kids trick or treating and call it a night. Share in a response below, head to this post to download all of these wonderful printables for the smashing party and come back soon for more Friday Fun and Link Ups.

Late Night Twitter Party

via Gosh, I'm so sorry the party didn't go out today! I hope you all had a fantastic day and if you're down for some late night twitter hopping, please link your twitter urls only and enjoy the company! Happy weekend friends.     <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>  

I Dream Loudly

Hey, blog lovers. I'm Kate Rowan, and I blog at I Dream Loudly . I'm a 25yr old chicky who just went and had a baby come out of her. I know, how typical. I don't have your average blog that is inundated with babyness, though. My son, Leif, just happens to pop up in the conversation simply because I am a stay at home mom. I stay at home because my husband is pretty awesome, and because I simply don't get along with anyone long enough to want to work for/with them. I am investigating the life of a free spirited blogger......or just a really poor person who writes too much. This was me a about 2 months ago. I was super pregnant, and took to lounging in the river near my house because looking like a hippo was something I could do without much of a problem. Luckily I also have a sister who knows how to use a camera, and she made me look less like a hippo, and more like a model. How nice for me, right? At this point I was crazy to have my baby because my ankles were swollen

How to Link Pages to Posts

Hey Dolls! So many emails and questions came in on how to link a page directly to the posts. If you are a fashion blogger who needs all of your fashion outfits to link from a page or if you need your photography posts linked to a page then this tutorial is just for you! Take a look at our sidebar under Things We Do: These are called Labels, Tags, Categories or whatever you wish to call them. We label all of our Posts so that it's easier for you to find them and participate. When you label your posts, they will all come up under that category. So when you click on that label, you'll see this: It brings up all those posts related to that topic. Much easier for linking your own pages as well. To label all of your posts; Go to: Posting , Edit Posts , Labels is Located on the Bottom Left Hand Side : Type in your label and be SURE to Publish Post . You now have your labels. Remember to do this to each new post as well. Your labels will show up on the left side of your edit p

Appreciating the Fireflies

Hey everyone! I'm Amanda and I blog over at Appreciating the Fireflies ! It seems to be the general consensus around the blog world, that everyone is excited for fall. And how could you not be? The weather, the football, the pumpkin spice lattes. For me, whenever I start to notice the weather changing, I immediately start listening to my "fall music". A little softer and slower, some music just screams fall to me. So grab a cup of something warm, throw on a nice thick scarf, and check out some of my fall music mix! Rocky Votolato-Suicide Medicine The Horrible Crowes-Black Betty and The Moon The Hold Steady-We Can Get Together The Drive By Truckers-Women Without Whiskey What are you guys listening to lately? Come stop by and let me know!

Finding Your Voice

I have to be completely honest. When we started this e-course, I was thoughtless, mindless and clueless as far as what I wanted to share with our students about finding your voice. I struggle myself with this. I tend to blame the Gemini in me, the multi-personality. Some days I want to let it all out, other days I want to be sweet and "pretty." I tend to cuss {a lot}, I then rant and rave to the point where I feel out of control, out of my element. I got feedback that made me feel like I shouldn't have written something and offended people. It made me think twice about what my next rant was going to be. I was far from ashamed or anything like that. I just thought that I wasn't the person that wanted to make others feel bad when that was never my intentions. Do you ever feel like people just don't understand but when you write a post, you fully understand what you're delivering? I get me. Others get me. But some do not. And I realized that I want to be respecte

Tasty Tuesday : Cinnamon Pears

Good Morning Food Lovers. Welcome to tasty tues, where we share all things mouth watering. If you have a recipe or event to share, please link up directly to the post; you can link more than one post. Find the Recipe by clicking the delicious pic. Be sure to link up anything food related so we can highlight on next weeks tasty tuesday! Enjoy the Yum. <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Nominate a Blog

We, here at For the Love of Blogs give you the chance to become Blog of the Month . It entails an ad over on our right sidebar along with a Welcoming Post , several tweets, mentions AND a very front spot on our blog. To become blog of the month, you must be a member (or tell your favorite blog to become one to get nominated), you must NOT nominate yourself and you must comment your nominations here on this post.     <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>   Once we get towards the end of the month, we will check all nominated blogs and if they are a member they will be considered for the title. We will randomly select a blog through and will announce the lucky blog on the 1st of the month in a welcome post. Cast Your Nominations Now For Upcoming Blog O

Featured Blog- The Fire in my Eyes

Fire in my eyes running across blog-filled plains a metaphorical twist of love absorbed energy out but energy In. What can you expect from my blog, The Fire in my Eyes ? Well, for one thing, you can expect strange but wonderful explosions of inspiration that tend to happen in my head. You can also expect rambling, poetry, whimsicality, opinion, photography and art, but most of all... *drum roll please* ... you can expect all of that to change in a second. You see, the point of the blog is to inspire and be inspired but the bigger point of it is to be spontaneous. Artworks and Photoshop shenanigans:   Photography  and of course... The Fire in my Eyes (well, not literally! lol) I'm Flameheart by the way, also called Heart. I'm an art student and an avid rambler. You're welcome to say hello at The Fire in my Eyes any time, and share your inspirations with me. It's exciting to be part of this community, and I'm glad to introduce myself. Here you go! *A b

It's Comment Love Day

Good day pretty people! Welcome to Comment Love Day where we share beaucoup love for our wonderful blog lovers by leaving lots and lots of comments. The mission here is to meet new faces, support one another by leaving faithful comments on each others posts and make genuine friendships. We want you to jump in by leaving a simple comment here first and then heading to as many blogs to leave comments on their posts as well. Be Sure to Follow These Guidelines to ensure proper participation, thanks gorgeous friends---enjoy the rest of your weekend. Leave a Comment Here-Introduce yourself, let us know more about you and welcome people to your blog! Visit the person in front of your comment to show them some love and get to know them. Let everyone know you are from comment love day but also READ their post and leave a genuine comment about their writing, photography, etc. Visit as many blogs on the comment list below and interact getting to know more fabulous bloggers. NO Copy and Past

Prompt Me...week 8

This weeks topic : Pets/Animals Today's Prompt :  My pets/animals are like.... Being that not everyone has children, we thought you'd like to tell us about your pets/animals that are in your life, or have been. We hope these inspire you to get a post out when you're not knowing what to blog about. Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them. Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts.