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featured blog: king corvid

King Corvid follows a 20-something trucker living in Cold Lake, Canada. Stuck way up in the frozen north, he doesn't have much else to do but talk. He works out, owns a python, does a lot of stencil work, and plays video games on just about every console. He's married and before long he'll be a dad. He likes to offer his unique views on just about anything that catches his eye, be it a virtual scandal in the world of gaming culture or a funny GIF of a turtle biting a cat on the butt. He's a nerd, he's bald, he's cold, and he's at the end of his rope!

Tasty Tuesday

Good morning friends. We hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! I love the food this lady makes. Check out these amazing suppers... And for your sweet tooth, today we've got some gorgeous pizzelle's for you to dive into. Click here for more awesome recipes. Get out there and start hopping. Before you go, take some time to get to know our new layout! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Sponsor Love with Just Lovely Things and a little {giveaway}

Hi. My name is Heather, I live in Southern Oregon (city girl turned country gal) who constantly needs to stay busy. I recently sold my hair salon and although I still do hair, I stay pretty busy with my photography company and this new adventure { just.lovely.things } ( blog & accessory line ) When not doing all that I love being at home (blog stalking), hanging with the hubs and our crazy kitty charlie! The Giveaway: One lucky winner will win a space on the blog for 3 Months. Just check her out and leave a comment here telling us what you love about her. We will announce the winner next week. Good Luck.

The Look Book

Featuring- Jackie B Good day fabulous! how is your memorial day weekends going! are we sporting those classy looks for this weeks look book? today we have a great look by Jackie. This was actually one of her looks from Spring time but was so pretty, we wanted to share. Head over for more gorgeousness. If you're new to our look book, grab a cam and take some pretty shots of you wearing, well.....anything! We'd love to see. From top to bottom, accessories and all. Be sure to tell us who you're wearing and share some details! Enjoy------You fabulous STARS★ Link to the posts please:) xoxo

New Blog Directory Categories

Hello again! I'm sorry for the inconvenience and throwing new posts out. I had to do this to get rid of the cramped pages. Giving each category their own post will allow many more categories on separate views! The old pages were bunched because blogger only allows ten pages! The Directory is here now ! I am going through to delete all blogs that do NOT belong. Be sure to link blogs that belong in those categories and no where else. Also, if there are new categories that you'd like to see, leave a comment on the directory page ! Thanks guys! Good night:)

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Hello Funny People | Want to be listed in this directory? Simply leave a comment below. We will grab a button off your blog sites and list them here on this page! Size needed to be listed: 150 X 150. If you do not have a blog badge, make one so we can add you or we can create one for you. This Page will be rotated monthly for maximum exposure. Be sure to invite your friends to this rockin' blog community and come back to visit newly listed blogs daily!

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