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Fall Link Up

Join us today and the rest of the upcoming weeks to share your cheery, colorful blog posts | all things Fall! Link as many as you'd like! Check back often to meet new faces. No Rules, Just a Nice Blog Hop.

Blog Directory | Free Advertising

Hello Bloggers of all Kinds! We MUST get the blog directory up to date. Please leave comments on the category pages you would like to be listed under!!!!! I'm in the midst of adding more and will get all of these listed over the weekend, so comment with your blog links! This is FREE advertising. We're working on tons of shout outs for all new members and of course {old ones too}, all you have to do is leave some comment love to let us know that we can share you! Have fun this weekend and check back often for new blogs and fun posts! These listings are good for a lifetime as long as your links stay up to date. You do not have to do anything other than tell us you want to be added to join this directory. No membership needed. Bare with me while I update everything. In the meantime, look around, say hello to some pretty faces!

For the Love of Blogs Community (On Google +)

Hey There Bloggers! We need a community where you can communicate and ask questions, share tips and tricks and feel cozy meeting others, so please join our new group on Google +  {let me know if that link works ok because i can't tell when i am logged in} Here we will share tips, let you jump in on your ideas and blogging experience and it's a great way to make new friends. I'm new to all the getting used to Google + too, so don't feel left out. I figured it was a nice little space to do our community!

Mid Week Social Status + How to Tweet

Hello Bloggers! It's Wednesday. Halfway through our busy weeks and we'd like to know what the hell you've been up to! Social Status with US all day today and every week here on after! You can at Vic , she'll re-tweet and interact with you all day by using the HASHTAG #FORTHELOVEOFBLOGS & #LOVETHEBLOGGER On insta @ coffeeaddictmama use the same hashtags and share a photo of what your week has looked like!  this is a great way to get some adult interaction if you've been busy taking care of the household, kids, working like crazy and just need a breather! talk to us. chat with other bloggers. i notice a lot of stuff on TWITTER and I will tell you what I observe: {my social stats for the week} people don't interact enough yes, a tweet or an automatic one linking to your new blog posts are great but if your entire feed is just that, social media really isn't for you! if you aren't re-tweeting or @ting other people to chat with throughout th

Updated Pages and Links

Hello Bloggers! Welcome back to an amazing, supportive blog community. I've been working on links, pages and editing old pics that may have gotten deleted by some of you and it's taking me quite a bit of time but for the most part, we wanted you to know the important new information to keep in touch and easy to find. NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: FTLOBCOMMUNITY at GMAIL dot COM OUR NAVIGATION BAR UP THERE IS ALL UP TO DATE WITH : Blogging Tips, Nominate a Blog, Sponsor Us, Etc. Use those pages to guide you through this site! There are tons of links and informational posts, when you have a moment to get cozy, feel free to be nosy! If anyone would like to partner up in being a co-author here on the site, contact me. I will give you more details on how everything will work. If any of my past partners are around, hey!!! give me a call, i know you're all busy with families and life, so i hope all is well! Would you like to guest post? Please do, we welcome all bloggers! Vic i

Coffee in a Percolator

Over the years I have been a huge collector of Vintage. My love for it grew when I moved back to NY and found a ton of stuff on the curbs each weekend. People put their leftover sale boxes out and I'd find expensive glassware, dinnerware and just started hoarding like you wouldn't believe. I hit up the local thrift shops every week and came across things I wanted to try. Like this percolator. Being the coffee addict that I am, I decided to try it after I experienced a French Press over the summer and by all means, coffee in anything but a modern day coffee maker is the best! it's simple, easy to make and tastes so rich compared to anything else i've ever made coffee in. You just plug it in and bam....Good Coffee! The Farberware Percolator is fast. There are a few Simple Steps: Open the Lid and Empty the compartments Fill with water to the line Scoop your ground coffee into the filter and then attach the inside water line connector to the bo

Upcoming for November

Good Monday Morning Bloggers! I know, it's Monday; Blah to some but for all of us, it's a great day to start the week fresh and humble! Join us on our New Instagram   We're going to be doing a 30 Day Photo Blast giving you one word prompts to start the month of November off. Simply join in every day or some days, you don't have to do them all. It's really just to give you some ideas for posting on social media. Instagram is a nice way to share links to your blogs and gain friends from all over the world. Hashtag #fortheloveofblogs Anytime You Want to Tag Us, FEEL FREE. This will allow us access to SHARE your Instagram to our New Followers and Get Your Blogs Out There! If you want us to randomly share one of your photos and link to you, simply start following us! BLOG OF THE MONTH We Need Your Votes for BOTM. November is right around the corner and we'd love to share your blog all month long. You'll get a Large Ad over on the sidebar, a welcoming p

Instagram + Pinterest Link Up

Who's ready for a Link Up Party!?  This one is for Pinterest + Instagram Be sure to come back and check everyone out! Follow|Like New Boards and Meet new friends on Insta

One Tip to Get Your Blog Back After You've Taken a Break

it doesn't matter if you've neglected your blogs for a period of time. that's incredibly likely with many bloggers. if you fear that you've left it for so long and can't get it back, don't!!!! act like you were never gone and pick up right where you left off. pretend like your old post from moons ago was just yesterday and tackle a new post from here on out daily!!! having trouble coming up with new content? -take a walk with the camera. this gets your mind thinking and some pics along the trail will help you get posts started once again. want your old and some new readers back? -join twitter, instagram and google +.....these three sites are great for getting your friends back, just add your new blog posts to your twitter feed, instagram pics and you'll be flaring in no time. sharing links to your blog is genius. remember that things take time to fall into place, you're back and that's great!

a Fight to get my Life back

for months i was sick, got stung by a bee in late spring of this year and days later my immune system went completely berserk. a battle with depression didn't help after i lost everything either. i don't know what was eating at me, all i know is that i felt malaise. All the time, it was awful. And then I started getting migraines again and after suffering for so many years with chronic migraines, I was even more sick to know that they didn't just fade away. But i got up each day and faced the music. I barely went out though. I stayed at home, outback with the fox and deer, my mom lived with us for half the year. And then her signs of early dementia were taking a toll on my health as well. She felt embarrassed when I brought up her hygiene but i have been in nursing and was willing to assist her because she was my mother. She didn't take it very well and was just ugly to me. So i had to let her go and one of the hardest trials of my life is battling a relationship, a g

Featured Blog: Tussle and Wine

hey loves, it's me Vic! most of you may remember me from honey hazel, oh, prettyful or going way back to three girls and a guy!!! I've been around! I know, it's confusing but in order to find myself and how i wanted to be as a blogger, it was necessary and it's certainly OK! don't be afraid to change. Change is great sometimes and leads to bigger things! I know a million bloggers who do this all the time! Wow. My life has been flipped, turned and bounced around since we last talked. I'm a single mom now and moved back to NY, my home town. I struggled with depression, something I never knew before in my entire life after I opened a brick and mortar and then it blew up a few months later. My life this past year has been extremely sad, broken and tough. Which led me to Tussle and Wine . A blog where I want to share my life once again. meet jack! he's the little shit of our family. it's just me, him and the girls right now! spoiled.....maybe! we take

We're Back! Whoa, Wait, What.........

remember me!? this is crazy and almost too surreal because as most of you know, when we moved our community over to IB4M, I thought we lost FTLOB for good and I know it's been years but who said we can't pick up where we left off?! I've been lost over the years as a blogger and as a single mom. Yes.....I've been a single mom for a little over 3 years now. It's nuts! And I can't tell you how important it is to feel alive in a world where you feel so little! That's why I worked hard to gain this community back. Because wordpress didn't like us very well, I decided to bring back blogger where we first began! Most of our posts and links are still in tact, whew! I have a lot of work to do though and I promise that I will have this site up and running in a few. I noticed many of you fell off the blogger planet and the fact that a lot of us did makes me sad. I don't know what happened to me but I can totally relate as to why so many of you no longer have