Sponsor Me- The Weekend File

Hey there blog lovers!

Not only is Spring in full swing, but May is quickly approaching! Over at The Weekend File, May is going to be a crazy, busy, and fun month! Not only am I going to become an aunt, but it is going to be a non stop party because it is my Birthday!! And to celebrate all of the goodness, this week I am offering all you lovelies a very good deal on my Small Sponsor Ads! 

Starting Tuesday until Friday evening, the small ads are only $5! That is less than one trip to Starbucks! All you have to do is email me and mention FTLOB in your email. Ads are 165X75 and will need to be in no later than Friday evening. 
Ads will be addressed in a first come, first serve basis! So email me quick if you want to join the party!!



Sinea said…
Let us know when the next special is being offered? So sad that I missed this great opportunity!

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