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hey people!
my name is grace and my blog is grace loves the beatles. and i'm totally psyched to be writing this. (before you read this, just know that i hate caps and i am writing in lowercase on purpose. i think it just adds character.) i'm a young blogger, lover of fashion, photography, and of course, the beatles. i'm sassy and can be a drama queen sometimes. i love home made mac and cheese, sunny weather, junk food, and the Office.
i stumbled upon blogging in 2009, when my mom thought that i should do it (later, she started her blog). it was just a simple blog with a random title and i think my first post was about a headache that i had. (??) it was kind of just like something that i did when i was bored, like "oh hey i'm bored i'm gonna go blog now." but now i think of it so much more than that... like a hobby! slowly, my random blog turned into a photography blog with my Kodak point and shoot, and then i bought my very first dSLR, the Nikon d40x. ♥♥♥ i really love that camera. if you're curious, it's pretty similar to the d60. Anyway, now i'm totes obsessed with photography.
(i have two little brothers, that adorable one is one of them and then i have another 6 year old brother.)

i don't only blog about photography, though i do love it. i also have blogged about fashion, and would like to more. i post funny youtube videos, random writing, link ups, fashion, yeah. pretty random, but if you like random blogs, head on over to grace loves the beatles!

i don't like begging but if you want to, stop by and maybe you'll like it and follow. if you follow please comment so i can find your blog and we can be bff's! i also have a facebook page and a flickr. i look forward to meeting y'all!

oh yeah, and here's my button. :)
Grace loves the beatles



Slidecutter said…
hi grace,

not using any caps just to make you feel so very welcome! (wow...it's hard, lol)

congrats on being featured...love, love, love those little blue baby eyes!

rachel said…
yay, Grace! you're featured! that's awesome!
Jessica said…
we seem like we'd get along fabulously! definitely have a new follower in me :) i've wanted to get into photography for SO long... well, i mean, i'm into in the sense that i love it. i need to do more of it, get better at it, and desperately need a better camera!
Heidi said…
Grace (my little Apple Pie) you rock!
*I* love the Beatles! We were destined to be blog friends!
grace said…
yay this is me! thanks FTLOB!

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