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The Look Book | A Day Downtown

Elllllllo Bloggers! Meet Millie ! A Fabulous Fashion Blogger from London who loves to travel, eat and put a glow of life into her fashion posts ! She's super fun and creative! Her instagram is a huge hit, go follow her and heart her fun, vibrant photos. Her Adorable But First Coffee Meet and Mingle On Pinterest | Insta  and Follow Us On Twitter So We can Re-Tweet Your Posts

DIY | Valentines Cookies

LOL......this is my all time 'HOW to' post!!! Like seriously, how to make chocolate chip valentine cookies!!! 1.) buy a Nestle already prepped packaged of cookies 2.) bake on a cookie sheet for 10 - 12 minutes 3.) take out a minute early to allow them to continue to bake once removed from the oven | tip: if you take them out a minute or 2 early they will still bake but be the perfect crunch!  4.) cool, eat, enjoy!  happy valentines day

Fab Friends FriiiiiiiiDAY!!!!

Helllllo Bloggers! TGIF. #FF let's find some new friends to follow, eh?! How it works: 1.) Click on the blogs that we feature here on FTLOB 2.) Comment on their posts, meet and mingle 3.) Visit other bloggers that we #FF on Twitter  , follow their blogs, twitter and instagrams!!! 4.) Have fun. Relax. It's almost the Weeeeeekend!!!! xoxo

5 Tips to a Better Blog

there's a lot that i wish i could do with my personal blog to make it better but the truth is, i can't.....or perhaps i don't know how to and so i wanted to share these few tips that will possibly make your blogs better because i know it's kinda hard to do in such a big world! 1.) Be Creative. I have a hard time creating artsy posts and therefore I suck! But a thing that I've noticed is that a lot of creativity goes a long way when you're blogging. When posting, drive in your readers by entertaining them. Act as if you are in person with them and they're a guest in your home. Your blog is your territory, welcome them with party favors each time they visit! 2.) Post Pictures. I know I've mentioned this before but pictures are the life of the party! In posting photos, make sure they are clear and appealing, post according to size; for ex: if the width of your main layout is 700, re-size the pics in an editing software to be 640 spacing in the cente

How to Make Your Own Cocktails | Thirsty Thursday

One of my favorite things to do is make drinks! Mixed drinks. Last week I shared my ruby relaxer , this week I wanted to share just how freely you can prepare your own! It's fun and at least you can make it how you like and if you're not satisfied with any recipes you're following, you can just add as much or as little as you like! I don't measure. Probably my rule of thumb as an 'At Home' bartender! LOL this is my amaretto sour....every time I'm out, I switch it up between the ruby and amaretto....also my favorite to prepare at home! I learn something new about every bartender. This one didn't stir the ingredients and i loved it! perfect and he added cherries. most the time they don' really!!! yes, i run into that a lot down south! but allowing me to stir it, made it taste different, i don't know why! Notice how much amaretto is on the bottom? That's exactly how it should look when preparing yours at home! It equals out to be

10 + Fun Valentine's DIY's

whoa, it's already almost February! let's get to doing things with the kiddo's and getting romantic with our boo's, ehhhhh?!? click the pics for these fun 10 do it yourself valentine's ♥ Check out this adorable candy jar !!! also from the blogger above, breakfast in bed ....HELL YES!!! How frickin' cute are these beaded hearts?! and these arrows.....arrows are still my fave! i love them if you click the pic above, stalk the blog for hours!!! good stuff!!!! FREE Printables Below And def watch this YouTuber, she's fabulous!!! XOXO

The Look Book: featuring belles vies

good day fashion bloggers! meet natalie of belles vies . a fashion | beauty blogger who loves all things french! she's absolutely stunning in nature, head over and say BONJOUR! Follow Her Fashion Posts Here Twitter | FB | Insta | Pinterest I absolutely love fashion bloggers, mostly because i cannot pull it off! it's hard work looking pretty glamorous, so i'd love to continue this feature here on FTLOB! and of course for the simple fact that we are a blog loving site that features bloggers every single day!!! We host The Look Book on Wednesdays and Starting Next week, we're going to be adding some questions into these posts! You will get a 3 question hot topic included in your Look Book Feature! Adds to the fun! Whomever wants to be featured, please message Vic on Twitter , she'll get your questions answered and get your post prepped for upcoming weeks! xoxo Happy Hump Day

tasty tuesday

holy hello yum! i know this will be a tasty treat y'all might think about dabbing your gums into, so head over to Hostess with the Mostess to get the dibbs on this bacon ranch & cheddar cheese ball! All the ingredients you'll need for this party is right here ! Now if you're a huge foodie lover, Like Meh; follow my twitter and click on the people I follow. There's a ton of food bloggers, fashion blogs, etc! I also re-tweet a lot of your posts throughout the day to give you more exposure but if you're not following me, how can i follow you!!!? happy tuesday, whatchu cookin?! link in the comments......xoxo

Picture Frame Wall | DIY

I've been dying to do a wall of bare picture frames and found just the one I'd like to do on fancy farmgirls ! The ones without anything behind are my favorite but so are the horns! Go thrifting and grab some vintage frames, spray paint them and hang free style or grab some colorful leaves as pictured above to dangle inside the frame. Sticking a smaller frame in a large frame is too cute! Don't ya think? Good ideas. Anyone else doing this kind of wall? Share it!!!

Saturday Stalking

Well where and how the hell did Saturday already sneak up on us?! It's nearly noon and I'm just getting up. How crazy is it that we schedule posts and then the day we don't have one to put out is the day we sleep in! Right?........Wow! If you're new here, WELCOME!!!! Look around and be nosy. There's a ton of blogs to stalk. Meet this fabulous fashionista and food lover from Peppermint Dolly . A blog name can't get any cuter, eh?!? Follow her on Instagram because I said so! Megan from Lazy Thoughts is a 20's Blogger living in London. Fun, food and a lot of life going on over there! Go say ELLLLLO! You Seriously need to do this DIY  with Valentines Day Coming Up Meet an Adorable Dog Get to know Lexie and The Lady Writers Society Enjoy your Frickin' Saturday Because I will! I'll tweet all the shells I find on the beach. Yesterday we had a mini tornado, so I'm anxious to see if anything washed to shore! XOXO

Top 3 Reasons Your Blog Sucks

1.) Your Photos. If your photos aren't picture perfect, you need to master at getting a look that is going to capture readers and keep them! Taking a picture isn't as easy as it sounds. You really need to know how to take a good pic. Also, do not throw a picture into a post and have it be too small for the width of your posts. Prepare a pic in an editing software and re-size to the proper width of your settings: example- if your width settings on your layout are 1200, your sidebar is 300 and your post pics should be around 640 giving you space for your borders, etc. But figure yours out by previewing the sizes and see which picture size works best for your posts. Having a bigger pic means business! 2.) You Don't Post Enough. Posting a Lot means you'll survive in the blogging world. People want consistency. Everyday, maybe even multiple posts per day will get you a great blog. Don't just post to post, actually post really good stuff often and your blog will be a

Fab Friends Friday

Today's Fab Friends are Exciting New Bloggers, so head over to get to know them, say hello, meet a new friend. Click the pics to go to their blogs. Also, we've been crazy tweeting if you'd like to get your blog more exposure, just follow and tweet with Vic! Happy Friday Want to know a great way to gain twitter friends? Read this post ! Now listen up! The site has changed a lot. We pick our bloggers for our posts from Twitter , so head over and follow us to keep up with the famous blogs we share! Enjoy the weekend friends. Don't forget to click the pics! xoxo

Thirsty Thursday

I'm back to mixing my own drinks at home because it's cozy and I can't stand going out to dinner and a bartender not knowing how to make a yummy, fruity alcoholic beverage. Everyone knows that my all time fave is a ruby relaxer: the famous ruby tuesday drink! Here's the one I've been making at home: What You Need:  Coconut Rum Vodka Peach Schnapps Cranberry Juice Pineapple Juice | I do it different from the bartender and it tastes way better | Follow the line of order above and you'll be good. I do 1 oz. of rum, 1 1/2 oz. vodka, 2 oz. peach schnapps, fill the rest of the glass almost to the top with cranberry juice and splash a bit of pineapple juice on top. Garnish with fruits! Yum! I drink it everyday- Now here's a great list of other adult beverages you may enjoy: just click the pic for the link......happy thursday bloggers follow us on twitter | insta and the taylor house blog on twitter

The Look Book | The Girl with the Bangs

hey hey bloggggers! the look book is BACK! and we have some amazing fashion bloggers to feature! if you're not familiar with the look book; it is a weekly FASHION feature here on FTLOB. This week we found a beauty : The Girl with the Bangs . She writes about beauty | style | and she's even funny! Go say hello! You can catch a glimpse of her on twitter \\ pinterest . We picked this holiday outfit because it's fun, frilly and just gives a happy vibe! You can View the Entire Details of this Outfit Here Check out other look book features here and tweet with vic if you want to be featured next week!! xoxo Happy Wednesday

Sour Cream Banana Bread | Tasty Tuesday

Friday Night We Decided to Bake Banana Bread after the Nanners had been sitting on the counter for over a week! Best bread comes out with extremely ripe bananas. Following a simple recipe , we adjusted just a little to our liking and it came out wonderful. We just added an additional nanner! Since we're a blog sharing community, we don't like to post the recipe here, instead we link to bloggers to give them more exposure. If you'd like to share your tasty treats, just send us a quick note here on the comments | under out contact page | on twitter or insta . However, these pics are ours, so link to us as well if you'd like to share this post! xo, enjoy for more tasty tuesday treats, click here

New This Week: Show Us Your Blog

Helllllo Bloggers! Welcome to FTLOB. If you're new here, how about some helpful tips to get your blog journey started. I'm heading out of the home to work again. I need to really get out and explore people interaction. The thing about me is that I love people, places and things but I also love being alone! So I go through spurts of either! Today, I wanted to grab some fresh new bloggers who might need a little help getting started, ask questions about anything you have a concern for and we'll be here to check out your  links and answer | interact with you! What we want to help you with: 1.) Blog Design | Headers | Buttons | Layouts : feel free to ask us for FREE assistance, we'll be happy to voice our opinions. And other bloggers, jump in to with your expertise. 2.) What works for you. We have busy schedules and if you're not sure if blogging is right for you, let's talk about it! 3.) Growth. FTLOB has helped hundreds of bloggers become a popular blog

5 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

1.) it's pretty easy to get lost in everyday busy work and often times we forget about decorating our homes, so here's 5 simple, easy to do art pieces that will bring your walls to life! Love Grows Wild has a ton of posts that will give you ideas and bring the happy back to your homes! I adore the pallet arrow . 2.) i'm lazy, so a simple cut out of cool magazine or calendar clippings to slap in frames will do just fine!  3.) Simply Paint Dots All Over: 4.) Turn a Rubber Mat into a Piece of Art- 5.) I love the word LOVE everywhere in a home and clipboards are back with an attracted look on any wall, even the bathroom. What easy things have you done around the house to give it a splash of life!?

Saturday Stalking

Welcome to a new weekly themed post here on FTLOB! Saturday is a day of rest for most, so let's relax and stalk some new bloggers! Meet Ashlee, Author of Makeup and Modifieds , a gorgeous, sassy gal who loves wine probably just as much as I! Style Standpoint is a lovely little blogger named Joanna! Go say Elllo Simply Davelyn is a Wanderlust Go stalk our sponsors over there on the sidebar too! Want an amazing DIY to do? How about a good read ! I'll bet you'd love to follow some new twitter tweeps! Just click on lovetheblogger and stalk our recent follows! Enjoy the weekend. Any plans? Projects?

Fab Friends Friday + a Winner

ellllo there bloggers! happy's fab friends have pretty laundry rooms, fabulous trends and a delicious drink! click the pics to view the blogs. i crave ideas in everyday, so when i saw this laundry room makeover on live the fancy life , i thought i'd share her gorgeous style! the best way to lose weight and quickly is by cleaning out your system! i do it each and every time before i start exercising and changing my lifestyle. The first step is a straight juice diet. No solids. Here's a cranberry kale cooler loaded with vitamins and minerals to get your system juicing! Here's one more: did you make a plan this year to start a new lifestyle not a diet? because i hate the word diet.....there is no such thing. there is meal plans and healthy living though. share your ideas below in the comments and we'll start a chat about our journeys. follow this fabulous lady on insta if you love books, adore cute socks and have a sense of style!