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So Long 2015

let's say goodbye to 2015 and ring in the new year with new bloggers | a weekly series of the look book here on FTLOB and a thirsty thursday drink! cheers. we'd love to hear how your year was, please share below in the comments! click the pics to visit the blogs and enter the $50 Giveaway

Fun New Bloggers

It's always nice to meet new faces, we're that community that finds those cool blogs for you! enjoy saying, "hello!" and don't forget to ENTER THE $50 GIVEAWAY TO . click the pics to visit the bloggers Next week we're going to be featuring Fashion Bloggers on The Look Book , Wednesdays.....get those in!!!! and if you have a tasty treat for tuesday, please share!!! In order to enter this giveaway , you MUST comment , get to it friends!!! enjoy this afternoon

from our home to yours

happy holidays

$50 Bee Whimsy Giveaway

who's excited to start holiday shopping for themselves?! splurge, get glammed up and sparkle with BEE Whimsy Glitz! Today we're starting our gift giving and by the time the new year is here, we'll be offering more products than you could imagine! Bee Whimsy is a famous jewelry shop that offers high quality designs for less! Need a last minute idea for your beauty? head here to place your quick online order! When looking for a piece to add to my outfit, I admire simplicity. Bee whimsy is all about bold and beautifying without the stress. I like to add some type of glitz to my everyday wear but I also don't want to gather anxiety over it , so these Kiss from a Butterfly are exactly what every woman needs!   " You NEED it because you are the kind of girl who makes everything look expensive and have such a natural elegance all the time."  Whether you're looking for something sweet, soft and inexpensive or beyond glamorous , bee whimsy has y

Winter Walks + New Blogger Talks

During Christmas Break many of us get a chance to relax and get that blog reading caught up, so we wanted to link you to the endless bloggers who wouldn't mind that extra comment love! While sipping hot cocoa around the fire, mingling with family and friends and just plain chillaxin', we'll give you enough blogs to stalk in your down time!!! Click the pic above to see the Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Europe Want to become a better morning person? For a long time, I hated waking up early but as I've grown older and changed my habits, routines, started drinking coffee daily, I became that MORNING MOMMY. Click the pic to read through these great tips to get you off to being an EARLY BIRD!!! I LOVE A SIMPLE KNOT IN MY LIFE, DON'T YOU? who doesn't need a little design inspiration. look at this lovely little nook ! the above is also a fashion blogger , crave the style ladies!!! Neely was a new blogger once too and has been a long time FT

Tasty Tuesday || Num Num

Happy Tuesday BLOGGERS!!!! Check out this delicious EGGNOG + SUGARED CRANBERRY CAKE by Baking in Pyjamas . "It’s smooth, creamy, lightly spiced with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg and will be hard to resist every time you open the fridge door." Follow Her on Twitter | Blog | Pinterest if you want your delicious treat featured on FTLOB, simply tweet with us @lovetheblogger  

Happy Weekend + Upcoming Giveaways

Hey Fab Bloggers! How was the week? We prepared tons of upcoming posts for those who have some down time during the holidays! Bee Whimsy is going to be giving one lucky winner a $50 Gift Card to their Online Shop! Be sure to follow us via GFC | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram and wherever else you find us~ I'm thinking of changing the blog name! any suggestions? i always like to hear from others..... What's everyone posting about? We need a linky here soon! Let's meet and mingle through the weeeeekend by commenting and showing some comment love!!!! How it works: 1.) simply comment on this post. introduce yourselves, tell us as little or as much as you'd like! 2.) leave your links in the comments if your blog isn't linked to your profile 3.) head to the blog before your comment and say ELLLLLO ( no copy & pastes ) 4.) visit other commenters throughout the week to meet new faces! Simple Comment Love A Thought from an Inspirational Blogger H

Thirsty Thursday | Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream Floats

Talk about needing a drink this Holiday Season! The BoJon Gourmet Blog has an abundance of recipes to get your taste buds just right + relaxation! Get the Recipe HERE  + Click the Pics

Some Staging Tips + Coffee |Because I Need More|

Typically, I suck when it comes to staging for photos and I really love photos around this time of year, so take a look at some delightful homes for the holidays and share your tips as well! 1.) Don't Go All Out. Keep it simple, elegant and classy. Less is More! 2.) Grab some things that you can mix and match! Nothing has to be the same! 3.) White is Wonderful but add some colors! 4.) I appreciate white backgrounds versus colored because you can see the items you're trying to show off way better! 5.) BRING THE OUTDOORS IN- add some branches or pick a few flowers to throw in an old mug/glass. It's amazing what the nature from outside looks like and it makes you feel tons better! Mood enhancer! 6.) Toss wine into a photo and it's smooth sailing! 7.) Take the photo a little closer, cutting off parts of the item. 8.) Lighting is so important. Dark rooms reek ugly. Open window curtains, blinds and turn the lights on. 9.) Turn off your flash. Better photos are

Jack Skates | Merry Christmas

i have the best time photo shooting Jack, our maltese | lhasa mutt! he's such a funny butt. Hope he makes you smile!

5 Inexpensive Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm far from the materialistic, go all out and splurge on unnecessary, unwanted gifts anyways! Who else is with me on being simple, creative and CHEAP??? In my book, there is nothing more special than a homemade, creative gift to shower your loved ones with and on a budget, since times are tough for a lot of people! Besides, they're more fun this way!!!! 1.) Fill a Mason Jar . Last year I filled a vintage jar with a ton of pennies. Who doesn't have a crap load of pennies lying around? I placed a craft labeling tag around the twine and wrote, "LUCKY PENNY JAR" on it. She absolutely loved it! You can fill it with anything: ex: old pics of you two, keys, marbles, food|dessert ingredients, gumballs, candy, love letters on post it notes, bath accessories, just to name a few!!  2.) Bake Cookies . Baking is one of the best gifts ever and so inexpensive! bake a dessert and package it for gift giving! 3.) Puzzles . Who d

Fab Friends Friday

HELLO FABULOUSNESS! WELCOME TO FAB FRIENDS FRIDAY; join us on Twitter today for a #FF shout out, several re-tweets and more! COMING VERY SOON- $50 GIVEAWAY TO Bee Whimsy This weeks Fab Friends Are: {Click the Pics to View their BLOGS} ATTENTION BLOGGERS, go meet some new faces! Click on our Pinterest Account to Follow us! We've been pinning Food Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers and Now we need to Fill up our Crafty well as many more categories.  NEW BLOGGERS; Follow Us Via Google Friend Connect to Keep Up to Date on Upcoming Giveaways and Blogging Tips and Tutorials.  Any Blogger Who Is Interested in Becoming an Author Here on FTLOB, please email us asap for more details!!!! Check out an awesome OLDIE by clicking HERE Have a Fabulous Weekend, XO

Pretty Frost

and a glimpse of Jack:

Tasty Tuesday | M & M's Wreath

Yummz to the Tasty Droolin' Tuesday Posts! Today we're featuring a delicious wreath whipped up by Cookies and Cups . For the entire recipe and details, click here ! Follow Us On Twitter , so we can follow your mouth watering treats and RE-TWEET them like nuts! Nominate a Blog for January Now Insta with us Get your tasty post featured next week by contacting us! New Blogger? Head here ! What are you sharing today? Leave a comment with your links!!!! X

How to Maximize your Blog Time

it's rather frustrating when life starts to pile up and interfere with our blogs, eh?! i mean this is our baby, right?!!! no, not really? ok!...... let's help maximize your time because we all know that time goes by way too fast in one day to get all we need to get done, done!!!! work, family and writing a blog is important to us and we sometimes have to figure out how to love them all and keep an equilibrium between them. some days are easier than others but if we plan ahead, we'll get the most for our leisure: 1.) Set Goals. I used to be a 'go with the flow' type of blogger but as I get more involved with more things in my life, I have to really think ahead and situate my priorities. So I set goals. One of my most recent goals is to post more! In order to post more, I'd need to get the most out of my time blogging which led to this post! For each thing you have planned for this week, I want you to set a new goal for next week and make every effort to f

Fab Friends Friday

Follow Us on Twitter for Re-Tweets, Mentions and More Today is Friday Follow #FF Meet these new fab friends, go say hello and nominate a blog for January dearies!!  Hope you have an awesome weekend! Stay Tuned for : a $50 giveaway to BEE WHIMSY need a couple shout outs? just @us on twitter Go Meet Our New Blog of the Month enjoy an old how to post

Cranberry Ginger Rum Cider

I'm a must try gal with anything sizzling! This is my favorite time of year to explore new, simple beverage ingredients. Check out Chasing Saturday's Blog for more great posts! as for me and my quench, we're trying this today: Yummy! Head over to Her Blog By Clicking the Pics to Print This amazing recipe for Yourselves

Pinterest ♥ Love || Pinned Bloggers

ATTENTION BLOG LOVERS || we've created new boards for your pinterest access to some of the best bloggers here in blogville! In an effort to share and get the most of your blogging experience, we thought this would be a FANTABULOUS way to help you gain more exposure. I personally try to re-tweet and pin a lot in order to help your blogs grow in numerous ways! the blogosphere is GINORMOUS and these categories will help get you seen more!!!! so head over to follow us or simply leave a comment anywhere and we will pin your posts like crazy and keep adding the basic blog directory categories. Bare with us while we add more each day! xoxo

Welcoming Our New BLOG of the Month

Well Hello There Bloggers! Happy December. What a lovely way to bring in a new month with a fresh new blog. I'm super excited to introduce Midwife and Life to you. Enjoy and go read some of her posts to get to know her and her adorable little family! She's got some great tips too! Blog of the Month gets a FREE ad here on FTLOB and a ton of Shout Outs throughout the month. Our November BOTM was Chrissy from The Brave Wanderer . The great thing about this community is that once you GET INVOLVED, you meet some FANTASTIC BLOGGERS and create a friendship like no other. head here to NOMINATE FOR JANUARY!!!! Upcoming: a delicious thirsty thursday drink a $50 giveaway to Bee Whimsy and more featured blogs Anyone looking to get noticed? Follow us on Twitter and Get Listed  Oh, we're on Instagram now too! Want to Sponsor us? Head Here for Deals

Gingerbread Loaf

basically i don't want to look at any food right now (all that food after thanksgiving's got me nummed out still) but anything GINGERBREAD; Heller to the Loafer on this one! Have a Tasty Treat you'd like to share, get listed !! Cream Cheese Frosting, hell to the yes, please! I used to enjoy making my own frosting from Wilton. I have to say that cream cheese and buttercream, hands down best flavors yet! Today we're featuring this delicious loaf posted by Creme de la Crumb . Sinfully tasty website, This Gingerbread Loaf Recipe is to die for, get the printed version here ! Let us know what you're having for December and Stay tuned for more featured posts today!