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About Chicken Noodle Gravy and the Girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved gravy. Any kind of gravy under the sun. Thick gravy, thin gravy, sausage gravy, red-eye gravy. Gravy, gravy, gravy. This girl grew up on a creation called chicken noodle gravy, a simple dish from humble origins, just like the girl. The girl and the gravy bonded, and Chicken Noodle Gravy the Blog was born. The title of the blog reflects its contents: unique, irreverent, and simple. The girl, Katie, a Southern Belle from Georgia, rambles about food and life in no particular order. She shares her life with a wonderful, geeky husband and her three crazy cats. 

Gravy Girl with Hubby
Kitty Burrito with Extra Cheese
Sometimes she shares stories about life, sometimes she rants, sometimes she cooks, and sometimes she eats. She lives life, and then she writes about it, for besides gravy (and her hubby of course), this girl’s heart belongs to writing.

♥ from The Girl

Hey, y'all! My name is Katie, and I'm the girl behind the gravy. I'm 27 (about to be 28...shhhh!), and I live in West Georgia. I'm relatively new to blogging but not to writing. I've been writing my entire life, and I'm chasing my dream of becoming a freelance writer. Currently, in addition to my blog, I express my love for writing through a weekly column for my local newspaper and the butt-whipping work on my coming-of-age novel. I'll finish one day! 
Me, stylin' it up with my favorite accessory: anything birds!
I'm exasperated, cynical, sarcastic, corny, and nerdy to the bone! I love cats, books, writing, food (particularly Southern food), anything Southern, anything Disney, anything Irish, my family, and LIFE! Bam! And I share a little bit of everything in my blog. 

As a new blogger, I've found the For the Love of Blogs community to be extremely welcoming and just lovely in general! I've already made some wonderful friends here, and I stalk some fabulous blogs. The community has also taught me a lot about "blogging etiquette" and how to be a nice and genuine blogger. I look forward to meeting more friends and becoming a bigger part of this fantastic community.


Mollie said…
I love this blog ... I'll pimp her out any day.
Katie, Katie, I love you (in a totally non-creepy blogger lovin' a blogger way) Katie!

How exciting to see someone I already "know" featured right here on FTLOB.

Honestly y'all- she is the sweetest Georgia peach you'll ever meet. Go to her blog this instant! :D
melody-mae said…
Congrats Katie!!! You know how much I love you and your blog and could not be happier for you!!!!

Anyone who has not checked out her blog, you are missing out!!!

hugs Katie and again, BIG-HUGE congrats to you and your blog!
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you on here, Katie! :) I'm a relatively new follower, and am I glad you posted about the origins of your blog name... I was like, do they even make a chicken noodle gravy?! Well, "they" might not, but you certainly do!
my3littlebirds said…
I'm doing a happy dance that CNG is today's Featured Blog. CNG embodies everything I love about the blog community...and if you haven't followed Katie yet you are truly missing out.
Sinea said…
Welcome to the blogging community. You're gonna love it!

I too, just discovered FTLOB and only wish I had sooner. What a blessing this site is.
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Loved reading this post! You had me at gravy!
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Loved reading this post! You had me at gravy!
Slidecutter said…
Yay, yay, yay....it's Chicken Noodle Gravy Day!!!

Congrats, Katie on a well-deserved feature! Just loooooooove this blog!

BIG Hugs!!

Chrissy said…
Love her blog! Cute feature! Happy Tuesday! xxx
TexaGermaNadian said…
What a great feature, love it!
Bernie said…
Katie is the best. I'm so glad that she is the feature today. More folks need to discover her.
Debbie said…
Congrats Katie! I always enjoy reading your blog!
Toni said…
Katie is the best!!!!!
Breann said…
Already a follower, love your blog!
Yay! Thanks so much, you guys! :)

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