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Buttons, Quotes and Guest Bloggers

Hi bloggers!!! I’m Missy from ‘ If it’s not ok...then it’s not the end... ’  I have been featured on this fabulous site before but this time around I’m here for a different reason! First of all, I have a brand new look and with that comes a new button for you all to share. I thought I’d try and make it slightly more ‘arty’. I hope you like! I am beginning a new weekly feature on my blog called "Quote of the day Monday" where as you can probably guess I will be sharing quotes I’ve discovered. This has been going for the past couple of weeks and is nice for a bit of inspiration at the start of a week! Most times each quote will have a little explanation as to why I chose it. This is where you come in, I would love to get a ‘ community ’ feel to it by asking you to share your favourite quotes and why. I suppose you could look at it as a guest post! I will of course link to your blog and then the post link will go to my main page to form a back catalogue. Another SOS call is

Best In Category Blogs

Welcome to the page of 'Best Blogs' according to our categories. Every couple of months we will highlight the best blogs from our directory . Our first attempt was a blast despite a few dilemmas. We try to get everyone involved to have a great time and do these fun contests to meet new faces plus give you all a chance to gain more exposure. Since this was our first attempt, we're doing something to make it as fair as possible and will be happy to listen to suggestions on the next 'Best in Category' contest. Below you will find our First Place Winners , be sure to stalk them like crazy and coming in after them will be listed underneath. Second Place Winners: I've Become My Parents The Ginja Ninja Bella Vida Running in Heels Live, Love, Travel A Serendipitous Life Soul Singing Liv Relevant Notes Cupcake Photography A Sparrow's Flight Blackpurl's Knitpickings My Fabulous Pursuit of Happiness My Show A Sorta Fairytale And Then, She {Snapped}

Comment Love Day

Morning friends! It's Comment Love Day! Remember 3 simple steps... 1. Link up your blog then leave a comment below. (If your blog is not getting comments, it's because lots of people are linking up and not leaving a comment! Please be sure to do both.) 2. Comment on the blog above you 3. Visit 2-3 other blogs in the hop! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center> Have fun and a wonderful day!

$20 Krafty Kreationz Shop Credit

Hello dolls! It's time for another great giveaway. We have a $20 shop credit for one lucky winner to Krafty Kreationz . She makes fun, adorable aprons for you to look spiffy in while cooking in the kitchen. She also creates coin purses and pretty hair pins . To Enter : Visit Krafty Kreationz and tell us what you love in her shop. One comment per entrant, we'll annouce the winner via twitter tomorrow. More from Krafty Kreationz { shop } { blog } { facebook } { pinterest } Be Sure to see who sponsored this fun summer event! And come back for more tomorrow.

Coffee Talk

Welcome to Coffee Talk with FAB Friends! If you are new, jump right in. Each week we wrap it up with some unwinding chats here in the comments and in our chat room below. Around 1pm est we invite everyone fabulous to come chat for about an hour. We talk about anything and everything, it's a really nice way to meet new members, so come visit and hang whether it's for a minute or an hour. Since the idea behind coffee talk isn't clear, we will just stick with linking your sites and then leaving a comment here . Feel free to introduce yourselves, tell us a little about your blog, what you did this week and that way everyone can get to know you BETTER . Remember linking and running doesn't really work; when you communicate with your blog pals, you gain friends and long time readership. So link up, leave a comment and communicate back and forth inviting each other to blog posts , etc. It's great networking . If you don't have time now, check back when you do have

Twitter Hop Thursday {new hop}

Hello pretties! Today we are exploring something new and exciting. Thirsty Thurs doesn't get quite as many members involved BUT for those that love to post a drink to cheer to, please feel free to incorporate that into this new hop! I know we have a twitter link up but this is a great new way to gain some more twitter followers as well as blog friends. I, myself read a ton of blogs through twitter. It's the greatest source for me. If you're not familiar with it, we'll help you, just ask! Each week we will host and choose a Tweep to be Highlighted. This weeks Tweep is A Sparrow's Flight via @Joyful_Sparrow who will be displayed in our #1 spot here on the linky, followed by our staff here at #FTLOB Please visit her blog and then follow her via twitter, mention you are from the #FTLOB twitter hop and it's nice to meet her! The RULES for LINKING Up ! [yes we're getting a little technical] 1.) WAIT To link up until you see the Highlighted Tweep and 4 Ho

Picture Perfect {Food}

Well Hello Pretty Picture Takers ! This weeks theme is food ! If you missed last week, this is a great photo challenge to get involved with. We post a theme for the week, you have all week to enter and whomever gets the most likes wins $10 cash. Last weeks outdoorsy winner is : Coming in Second Place was: Click the pics to go to the source! To Enter this weeks Food Challenge: Take a Photo of anything related to FOOD Post the photo on your blog linking back so you can get votes Submit the photo on this linky Use the Photo you're submitting as your thumbnail photo Link to the Post not the Blog Whomever gets the MOST LIKES will win $10 Cash Be creative, edit however you like Please grab this button so we know you're playing! Can't wait to see these awesome photos! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

$25 Whimsical Poppysmic Giveaway

Welcome! to another fabulous giveaway. Today we have a $25 shop credit to Whimsical Poppysmic To Enter : Visit Whimsical Poppysmic and tell us your favorite item in her shop. One comment per entrant, You only have today to enter. Winner will be announced on twitter tomorrow. Good Luck! Visit all of our lovely sponsors Here and Come back tomorrow for another giveaway! More from Whimsical Poppysmic { the blog } { twitter } { the shop }

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

We were asked to co-host a blog hop today over at Haute Mom! We love the opportunity to meet new and fabulous bloggers and we hope you'll take this opportunity to as well! If you do link-up, please be sure to stay true to FTLOB and leave nice comments on the blogs you visit and don't hit them up for follow-backs. Anyone new to FTLOB through this hop, we welcome you and encourage you to jump right in to our community! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src=""/></a></center>

Tasty Tuesday

I love hunting through the blogs linked up in Food Blog Directory each week to find recipes to share with you. Be sure to link up your food blog if you want us to feature you on Tasty Tuesday! Also, please be sure to carry one of our buttons on your blog so we know that you are a member. Anything no-bake gets me excited in the summer. Check out these gorgeous and delicious Zesty No-Bake Lemon Cheesecakes ! I got a little ahead of myself and posted dessert before dinner! Here's another cool summer dish Summer Corn Chowder . YUM! What do you have for us this week? We can't wait to find out! Link up below. Be sure to visit some of our other blogs in the hop today! <center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Featured Blog- My Show

Good Morning Lovely people! We are super glad to have you! If you are new, we post the most fabulous featured blogs ever. If you have yet to get featured , send them in ! Enjoy this pretty lady while we get everything prepared for the day! We have lots going on, so browse the site entirely while you wait for Monday Moo's. Introducing: Hey everyone! I'm Amanda the face behind My Show This is me I am 24-year-young wife, teacher, puppy-Mama and Mainer (yes, we have indoor plumbing and no, I'm not married to my cousin!) who fails at the whole taking myself seriously grown-up thing. I'm relatively new to blogging (aka don't judge when my formatting or links are messed up, I swear I am doing better!)  This is us. Almost two years ago I married my high school sweetheart. We have been together since we were 16, and you can read all about it on Our Love Story Page where I chronicled the first 8+ years of our life together.  My blog tends to be silly, sarcastic

New Bloggers E-Course Giveaway

Hey bloggers, new and old! Welcome to another fabulous summer giveaway . Today one lucky winner will have the chance to win full access to our new bloggers e-course. It's a course targeted towards newer bloggers or even a long time blogger who just needs a little direction. We cover all topics in the blogging world and include several bonus topics for your pleasure. Read More Details and Testimonials Here . To Enter : You must be a ftlob member and tell us in a comment what you'd like to accomplish through blogging. {Mandatory Entry} Extra Entries: Tweet This Once a day : I want to #win a blog e-course from #ftlob because they are totally rad and have the best blogs in town  @taylordates Like Us on FB {1 entry} Follow Us on Twitter {1 entry} Blog about This E-Course Linking back in a Post {3 entries} Grab any button from this page and add it to your sidebar {not a page} - {2 entries} The lucky winner will be announced next week! Also, be sure to inc

Comment Love Day

Happy Sunday and Comment Love Day my friends! If you are new here, this is a blog hop designed to help you truly meet some new friends. We ask that you follow a few simple rules so things run smoothly and everyone gets a little love. 1. Please link up your blog below and leave a comment here at FLTLOB saying hello! Tell us a little about yourself or what you are up to this summer! 2. Visit the blog above you in the comments section (and the linky too if you wish!) and leave them a genuine, nice comment . Please read their post and comment on it. Feel free to let them know you are coming by from Comment Love but we beg you not to leave a cut and pasted general remark and please don't ask anyone to follow you! That's a FTLOB no-no. 3. Visit 2-3 other blogs in the hop and show them some love too! It's so easy, I know y'all can do it! (btw I'm from California and we don't get to say "y'all" here. I think we are seriously missing out, I love

Prompt Me...writers workshop

This space was created because at times we all need a little boost, we all need something to inspire us to write or to get out of that blogging funk. This will be updated with new weekly topics to help you get started. This weeks topic: Flying Today's prompt:  My worst flying experience began..... or, if flying is not your thing Driving  My worst driving experience began.... We hope these inspire you to get a post out when not knowing what to blog about. Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them. Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts. Have fun and enjoy!

Coffee Talk with Fab Friends

Good day lovely peeps!  Are you having a fabulous week? I know I sure am. It's been calm, fun, and relaxing! Are you sitting there sipping on your favorite cup of joe?  I'm drooling over one of these this morning! Doesn't it look delicious? Ok so we are trying something new this week, if you missed last weeks post about how it's going to work, refer to  this .   Please follow the directions, or your post will be deleted!  No exceptions. Your post that you link up today should answer the question: What did you do to make yourself happy this week? Next weeks topic : Where is your favorite place to vaca? Have you shared your favorite coffee recipe with us?  If not, add it to your post, or email us at datssocute(at)gmail(dot)com Have you voted for  Best in Category?   Check it out while you're browsing around or join a  group , there are some really wonderful ones. Whatever you do, have a good time, we love having you! Contact us if you'd like to co-host coff