Weekend Wander

The Voting Has Been re-Started----Please Vote for Us;-) xo

Let's all do our happy dance for Saturday!
It is a wonderful day to find a comfy place to sit, grab something delicious to drink and do some wandering.
If you are out and about this weekend, take some pictures of your awesomeness and add your looks to
We love to see what you're stylin!

Whatever you do



Epic said…
Popping by from the blog hop. Have an awesome weekend! And when you get a chance come on by and check out my post on 'our royal play date'.
Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend, everyone!
Welcome to the WEEKEND Lovelies! I hope you all have a marvelous one!
Bobbi said…
I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! ♥ BJ
Madison said…
I love the happy dance photo:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Bernie said…
Happy Weekend! I'm looking forward to finding new to me blogs and catching up with others.
Happy Saturday!

We are off to a food truck fest, then having friends over for a bbq this afternoon. The wind is blowing and it is a little cool- but we are going to rally and make the most of the weekend.


melody-mae said…
Yay, just voted!!! :) I joined in on the Weekend Wander...

I just might have to join in on the lookbook...

have I told you how amazing FTLOB is? Because you ALL rock!!!! have a lovely weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hooray for the weekend! Hopefully my homework won't take too long to do so I can actually enjoy the weekend :)
Kate Weber said…
I LOVE the new header! Great job ladies! It looks so lovely! Happy Saturday!
Anonymous said…
Loving the new header!!! Have a GREAT weekend!
Ember said…
Have a FAB weekend!!

Slidecutter said…
Finishing up mounds of paperwork for our corporate tax return...ugh...have numbers dancing in my head when I sleep.

Looking forward to catching-up with my fav blogs and passing along some special awards...finally!

Wishing all you lovelies a great week-end!

Olivia Grace said…
Happy Saturday everyone!!

New follower from the blog hop, can't wait to see you over at www.littlemisskate.ca
Amie said…
nice new header guys :]

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