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hello gorgeous members! a quick reminder that nominating a blog for blog of the month is for you to get involved and choose a blog other than your own. so many comments nominating themselves is uncalled for when it clearly states you cannot. this is supposed to be all in good fun, about making friends and if you want a nomination you should write a post about it, email friends and family to leave those comments. You cannot nominate yourself, so if you don't see your blog listed on the voting poll that is why.

Now before you choose a favorite, check out all of them! Here are May's Nominees----You can Vote over on the right sidebar.

Simply Kate


This Life is Sweet

A perfect dose of Life

Repeat By Heart

Oh so Very Me

Please NOTE: if for some odd reason blogger poll messes up like previous months, hold the emails until the voting poll is CLOSED. I will take care of any errors, glitches, etc......just let it do it's thing! Thank You. and GOOD LUCK. Grab a Button to BEG ask for VOTES.




Kate Weber said…
Yay! I'm so excited! I'm thrilled to be nominated next to all of these great blogs! Good luck everyone! :D

Simply Kate
Ms. Blasé said…
This is gonna be fun :0)
Ms. Blasé said…
Oh, and congrats to all of the nominees!!!
melody-mae said…
Congrats to the nominees! I follow a number of these blogs and they are ALL worthy!!!! Yay for you all!
Mollie said…
Anyone else think Vic has a voice like Fluttershy's, like when she got all mad at the mean magical creature in "Stare Master"?
Kathy said…
I look foward to checking out these new blogs! Thanks!

By the way, has anyone else had a problem grabbing the For the Love of Blogs button, I have tried so many times and still can not get it to work, if you have a suggestion thanks! I don't want to get kicked off the site, it is a fun place to visit!
Anonymous said…
Thanks SO much ladies =)
Vibes said…
So many beautiful women in here.. inspiring! and the blogs are an awesome read.. had a tough time voting though.. Congratulations y'all.. Gals Rock :D
Tracey... said…
K-Fun said…
Thanks Tracey & everyone else who voted! I'm pumped up to be nominated!! Whoop! Go nominees! Haha!

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