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Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, you will get brain farts and not really know what to post sometimes. It happens. Let's give some topics so you can whiff that fart goodbye! 1.) Share more of your photography and offer tips to those who don't know how to take photographs. I'm personally a really picky picture taker, so I tend to throw out a few of my shots and when I'm bored, I grab the camera and take some photos of anything around me. The thing that sucks about me, is that I don't really know how to teach someone how to take pics, so share that for me please!!!! 2.) What I Wore. Hellooooooo!! Fashion is the way to go when you have no clue what to post about. If you don't normally get dressed to post, then this is a really fun activity for you and for everyone reading. Gather your outfit and go on a photo shoot. Grab a friend to take your pics for you and pose. Pose away, have fun and then share it!!! 3.) Food. It's the obvious when there is nothing else on your min
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Featured Blogger: New Location, Come Get Listed

  Missing what For The Love Of Blogs was all about we've decided to bring a touch of that to our community on CAM. You all have been an inspiration from growing to branding, creating a unique online presence that speaks to women across the globe.  Our featured blogger gets showcased on our front page and will be shared monthly through tweets, stories and mentions throughout. You can get listed for free and check out the categories started. New ones coming soon.  The Boss Blogging tips have been updated to help you grow your brand online. Simply visit that section of our blog and tune in for more. XO-V

New Website : come say Hi!

I think the last time we posted we said we were working on some things and left y'all hanging.....sorry! I bet you are all doing well, still blogging and I'm definitely interested in hearing from you. With so many working mama's, from home to side hustles, I decided that I would make coffee addict mama somewhat similar to FTLOB! If you're free to come check it out, comment and say HI! I'd love to pick up from where we left off. XOXO

Hello! I'm still alive. How's everyone?!

hi my lovely bloggers! how are you!? I hope you're following on twitter , so that I can re-tweet your blog posts! in the meantime, i'm working on something new......stay tuned and get ready for a nice new blog community site here! xoxo

a New Questionnaire for Get Featured

it's always nice to change things up a bit and if you're anything like the other thousands of bloggers who form brain farts during the's a little something you can do for fun! we've edited our getting featured post, so that new and old blogs can be stalked appropriately. with these new questions, we think you'll have fun, learn new things and make new friends. NOW what blogger doesn't like new friends, eh......!? AFTER YOU'VE ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS OR CREATED YOUR OWN UNIQUE FEATURE, CHAT WITH VIC ON TWITTER TO LET HER KNOW YOU ARE READY TO SHARE YOU AND YOUR BLOG! XO


While I love blogging, tweeting and all things social media; I've adapted to the one I love the most: INSTAGRAM !!!! it's the NUMBER ONE place to find inspiration, post your daily photos, meet great friends and also earn some extra CASH on the side. Now don't get me wrong, you may never become a millionaire but you sure as hell can get a little spending cash your hubby doesn't need to know about......! My love for taking photos has led me to some amazing fellow igers who've really become some of my closest friends. I get non stop messages asking if i want to partner, buy or sell. And to be TOTALLY honest......I never even thought of doing any of those whenever I post a pic until now!  Like really?! People make money off this?!  yes 1.)   Build your following. You can easily grow your insta followers by using hashtags and using them wisely. Having a niche and hashtags go hand in hand. Both of them together will get you instafollowers!  2.) Take

The Look Book : Fresh Fizzle

Tania, Author of Fresh Fizzle  wears a stunning Free People Venice Drop Needle Rib Dress  from her 2016 Coachella tour. She features 3 amazing outfits you can check out here. Along with her breezy choices of fashion, she talks about the food there and how great the spicy pie was! Join her as she posts more gorgeous pieces and writes a terrific blog! Find Fresh Fizzle on Bloglovin  || Twitter || Pinterest

4 Pretty Blogs

stumbling upon pretty blogs is one of my favorite things to do on the web. i find gorgeous pieces, beautiful people, lovely shops and fabulous new blogs to follow! the beautydojo is all things prettyful. click the pic above to find inspirational quotes, fashion, coziness and more! THE SUNDAY MODE shares 10 Ways You Can Feel Happier. Click here to read. Looking for PRETTY photos that will brighten your day?! Here's City Dwelle Lifestyle, God Talk, Food, Beauty and Fashion, all right here: click the pic below that's our 4 pretty blogs for today! visit each of them, leave comments on their powerful posts and let us know if you want to be featured as a Pretty Blog!