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Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, you will get brain farts and not really know what to post sometimes. It happens. Let's give some topics so you can whiff that fart goodbye! 1.) Share more of your photography and offer tips to those who don't know how to take photographs. I'm personally a really picky picture taker, so I tend to throw out a few of my shots and when I'm bored, I grab the camera and take some photos of anything around me. The thing that sucks about me, is that I don't really know how to teach someone how to take pics, so share that for me please!!!! 2.) What I Wore. Hellooooooo!! Fashion is the way to go when you have no clue what to post about. If you don't normally get dressed to post, then this is a really fun activity for you and for everyone reading. Gather your outfit and go on a photo shoot. Grab a friend to take your pics for you and pose. Pose away, have fun and then share it!!! 3.) Food. It's the obvious when there is nothing else on your min

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