Good Morning

well hello there pretty people! no worries on the getting fit link will be coming up shortly. just a quick reminder of the things going on. Go ENTER this Giveaway and show some love to our beautiful Ashley. I'm going to guess that NO one wants to be our host for the week or everyone is completey confused on the way it works. we did receive some emails on how it does work so i will briefly explain:

to become Host of the Week you must write a post on your blog about it.....head to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the wall with the link to that post.....get your friends to LIKE that comment on the wall, and whomever gets the most likes for that week will BECOME HOST OF THE WEEK.

what does host of the week get you? a link to your blog in every single one of our blog hops, your button over on the top left hand sidebar and unlimited tweets throughout the week. it's all in good fun and if no one else jumps in,....i guess you stay host until someone else leaves that comment on fb. it's easy peasy!

This SUMMER we will be hosting a HUGE Giveaway Bash which includes multiple gifts, gift cards and even money. We of course need your help to get everything organized. If you want to participate and receive
Full Blown Sponsor Love, we would be happy to work with you. The bash will be ongoing throughout the summer to give multiple members chances to win. Please email bloglove at aol dot com if you'd like to help or sponsor.

Thank you loves...enjoy the morning....stay tuned for more great posts. xo


Slidecutter said…
Good morning!

Almost through the week; just have to jump over Wednesday and look forward to the week-end!

Have a lovely day, lovelies!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the explanation! I admit that I was a bit confused as to how this all worked. :) The clarification really helps!
Whitney said…
Sweet!!! All these things sounds so fun! You ladies rock :)

Have a wonderful wednesday!
Good morning, leave a hug on your page Katherine said…
Happy Wednesday!

Being a host sounds interesting, but I'm still too new to this scene to even consider it. Maybe in the near future, I'll raise my hand...
Ms. Blasé said…
Aah, glorious giveaways! Can there ever be too many?

I think not :0)
Mollie said…
Yeah, I got it. It's just that... Facebook? Well, it's the devil. Debbil, debbil, debbil.

Otherwise, great idea!

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