Finding Your Voice

I have to be completely honest. When we started this e-course, I was thoughtless, mindless and clueless as far as what I wanted to share with our students about finding your voice. I struggle myself with this. I tend to blame the Gemini in me, the multi-personality. Some days I want to let it all out, other days I want to be sweet and "pretty." I tend to cuss {a lot}, I then rant and rave to the point where I feel out of control, out of my element. I got feedback that made me feel like I shouldn't have written something and offended people. It made me think twice about what my next rant was going to be. I was far from ashamed or anything like that. I just thought that I wasn't the person that wanted to make others feel bad when that was never my intentions. Do you ever feel like people just don't understand but when you write a post, you fully understand what you're delivering? I get me. Others get me. But some do not. And I realized that I want to be respected by not a few or many, but everyone who reads my blog.

Needless to say, Ashley ended up writing our "Finding Your Voice" session for our e-course. She did a beautiful job and I couldn't have done it any better. I wanted to share this session with each of you because I think it's so very important in discovering yourself, what you want out of your blog and how you want to be "seen". It helps you to discover things you may have not known you even liked and perhaps you find a new you in the process.

Here's a clip of Ashley's words and then I'll share my final thoughts at the end:

If there is anything that I've learned about finding your voice, it's okay to be who we are! It's okay to be human and make mistakes. That's the beauty of blogging. There is always a delete button if after the fact we feel like we shouldn't have posted something. I delete old posts all the time. It's okay to change, to make a difference and to discover new beauty and a love for new things. As time goes by and you do grow, you will change. You will look back and see a huge difference in your blog. If anything, I have not changed talking about things that bother me; instead I re-word the way I would have worded in the past to make everything more delightful on my part. Our lives are not peaches and cream. If you read a blog that is always happy go lucky and never has a moment then you have to ask yourself if they are being real or not. I have a hard time reading blogs that never have a "moment" because I know that life is not perfect, so don't pretend it is. But i do love blogs that are pretty and they inspire me to post about things I truly love and afterall, an unperfect life is oh, so prettyful! xoxo


Trish said…
Everything about this was so right on. It was just about a year ago I started a blog that wasn't me AT ALL. I liked the idea of it at the time, but it was a constant struggle to write in a "voice" that wasn't natural to me. Eventually I stopped writing there at all, but really missed having a blog. So a month ago I sat down and really thought about who I am and what I have to say and started a new blog. I'm so myself there. I found a happy place between what I want to say and how I want to say it. It took that first blog to realize what I really wanted out of my blogging experience.

So yeah, that was my long way of saying "Great post!" :)
Thanks for sharing that Vic! I know I struggle sometimes with wanting to write what I think people want to hear and actually writing what I WANT to write! :) Great reminder for everyone!
middle child said…
I can only write what is. Sometimes my thoughts fly around. Sometimes I am weepy. My anger (and humor) are both expressed as sarcasm and it is probably hard to know which way I meant it but....I treat blogging as my journal. So....what's in my head cones out here.

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