It's Comment Love Day

Good day pretty people! Welcome to Comment Love Day where we share beaucoup love for our wonderful blog lovers by leaving lots and lots of comments. The mission here is to meet new faces, support one another by leaving faithful comments on each others posts and make genuine friendships. We want you to jump in by leaving a simple comment here first and then heading to as many blogs to leave comments on their posts as well.
Be Sure to Follow These Guidelines to ensure proper participation, thanks gorgeous friends---enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  1. Leave a Comment Here-Introduce yourself, let us know more about you and welcome people to your blog!
  2. Visit the person in front of your comment to show them some love and get to know them.
  3. Let everyone know you are from comment love day but also READ their post and leave a genuine comment about their writing, photography, etc.
  4. Visit as many blogs on the comment list below and interact getting to know more fabulous bloggers.
  5. NO Copy and Paste Comments---Don't Be Rude!!!
  6. Return the Love when you get a chance.


Crystal said…
Happy Comment Love day, everyone! I'm Crystal, a crazy cat lady in training that sometimes works for a Mouse. Looking forward to checking out some new blogs today!
danjor21 said…
Great idea! Nothing makes me more angry than copy and paste comments (I just might blog about it)

Come give me some blog love!
Happy Comment day! Hope todays full of smiles, cupcakes and dance!<3
Whitney said…
Hey everyone! I'm Whitney and my blog is Between the Lines. I'm a teacher--and I've very quickly discovered that my profession defines me in more ways than when I'm at work. My blog documents this--in all areas of style, budget, fitness/food/health, and general teacher stories. Even if you're not a teacher, I think my blog is fairly general and applicable to all areas of life.

I love new friends! Come say hi! :)
Linda Jordan said…
Hi everyone! I'm a 25-year-old living in Manhattan w/ my boyfriend & going to law school. My blog is filled with photography, crafts, scrapbooking & my life. I love finding new blogs to read & meeting new people to follow mine & give me honest feedback.

LOVE Comment Love Day because we learn about the ways so many other amazing bloggers are seeing beautiful! We'd love for you to come play on See Beautiful.
Irene said…
Hi, sweet FTLOB people! I'm Irene and my blog is all about inspiring people to appreciate the little things and discovering that happiness is just around the corner. Hop over my place if you want to feel inspired today. Take care! :-)

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Sarah said…
Hi! I'm Sarah, a college student studying theatre. I'm a little too busy to really blog right now, so I've started a 30 day challenge that I'm about to finish up tomorrow! Can't wait to meet you all!
Kathryn said…
My name is Kathryn, and I am a Christian military wife and mother. I write about a little bit of everything, but most of my posts are encouragement for marriage, military life, and motherhood (I also post yummy recipes)! Looking forward to "meeting" you all! :)
Good morning! I'm Jessica from Team Rasler. I write about whatever is on my mind, which is mostly parenthood, teaching, and the children's books I'm reading (with my little guys at home, and my elementary students at school). Looking forward to finding some new blogs to read today, so I'm off to check yours out!
KY said…
Hello everyone!! I hope that you all have a fantastic Sunday!

I haven't been around much because I just packed up and moved down south from MA/NY, so I'm excited to be back networking and meeting new friends in blog'ville. Thanks FTLOB!

For those who don't know me, I am 25 years old, the mother of a 2 year old english bulldog, and currently planning my July 2012 wedding. I write a life and style blog called Travel Babbles where you can find all sorts of inspiration. It's my happy place!

I look forward to meeting you!

MK said…
Good Morning peeps! I haven't been on FTLOBs in a few weeks and I'm happy to be back. I've found some of my favorite blogs through this site.

Yesterday, I wrote about picking up the new iPhone and showed some pictures of my favorite fur babies. Come visit me at!
d'Artagnan said…
Hello! I'm d'Artagnan from "Living in Iowa." I write about daily life in Iowa focusing mostly on the fine arts, travel, and culture. Looking forward to connecting!

d'Artagnan said…
Forgot my link!
Happy Comment Love Day! My name is Lucy (actually, no it isn't, that's just my secret blog alias) and I write about true love and my sweet babies and teaching and writing and whatever else may pop into my head! Come say hi!
Laura said…
Hi! I'm Laura from "A Little Bit of Lacquer," a blog about style, recipes, home decor and enjoying life despite being in medical school! Come stop by, I'd love to have you! xoxo
Happy Comment Love Sunday! I am so glad it's back... My blog is about Life and Photography and Books and Running and Stuff. I can't wait to check out your blogs!
Missy said…
Happy comment love day fellow bloggers!!! Hope you're all having a good day!

My blog is all about my life and job. My latest post is a collection of some of my favourite posts this month!

Janelle said…
Hi everyone!

My name is Janelle & I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I live there with my dog, bf & roommate. My blog is all about my life, things I love & things that make me happy. I post recipes, outfits, crafts and cute dog photos. I love comments & meeting new people so if you'd like to stop by and say hi, feel free! Don't be shy.

Here's to a nice, relaxing Sunday. :) See you soon. xo
CaLea said…
Hi! Most people call me crazy, but you can call me CaLea. Let's be honest, I'm weird, it's fine. I write about life as a teenage girl going through highschool. I like to think I'm funny (but that's probably a made up fantasy in my head.) I'll make you laugh, I promise. But only because most of the time you'll be laughing at me. I love visitors, so stop on by.

Annika said…
Hey guys and dolls of FTLOB!! My name is Annika and I am a lifestyle blogger over at

A Sweet Release
Hello everyone. I am Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine. My blog is a little bit of everything, but mostly a place where I can share some of my inspirations with all of you. Happy Sunday!
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What a great Idea! So original! I am an Artist living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. My art shows some of the beauty that is all around me. Thanks for visiting and Have a great Day!
AmandaDF said…
Happy Comment Love everyone! I'm a Michigander who's blog is as random as I am-lots of different stuff to come check out!
Emma said…
Hey everyone! I'm from the south of England, blogging about everything and anything I feel like (general 'lifestyle blog' stuff mostly!). Come on over and say hi :)
Happy Comment Love Day!
Candice said…
With a cup of tea in hand, I look for the beautiful things in life and enjoy sharing them with you! From makeup and fashion, to faith and favorite teas, I hope you'll be inspired and enjoy a bit of life through my eyes. Helen Keller once said, 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing' ,so I invite you to come join my adventures through this beautiful life. Stop by and say hello! I can't wait to meet you!
Amber said…
Good morning (my time) I've been on a pinterest kick so my latest few blogs are about baby groiwng and pinterest inspired craftyness. Happy comment love day!
Hello! My name is Chas and I blog over at A Woman's Haven. My blog is a mod podge of life, my family(which is currently growing with my pregnancy), Creative pursuits, and things that inspire me. I hope you come by and visit!
Kate said…
This is such a cute idea! I'm new to the group and I'm excited to be here! My blog is called Stripes and Polka Dots and I blog about life.
Nicole said…
Good morning! I'm Nicole, from the NW blogging about well, everything. Happy Comment Love day!
TriGirl said…
Happy Comment Love day! I quite like the new layout--it's very chic!
chemgirljaime said…
good morning all..... I'm Jaime from it's so FUZZY! ... I talk about my life as a chemistry student... and all other manner of things... come check it out.. and HAPPY COMMENT LOVE DAY ALL!
Ajax said…
Hello! Happy Sunday, I love Sundays because I have time to do things like this!

I blog at AjaxDay about what I'm cooking, my latest adventures, and about my metalsmithing art. I hope you'll come say hello!
Halina said…
Lovely to do this again! I'm Halina and blogging over at Halina @Moments of a Libra. My blog is mostly about photography, finding the beautiful moments in life and enjoying every minute of it. Also I like reminding myself we have to be grateful for all we have every day.
I've been away for a couple of days, but I'm ready for comment love :D
Hi Everyone,
I'm Tammy and my little blog home is called Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay. I write all about my life in San Diego, adventures with the boy, good food, and our attempts at renovating our little beach bungalow. Come stop by :)
Olivia Grace said…
Happy Sunday everyone!! My blog is called Soul Singing Liv and it is a daily record of my family and our adventures. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Jen said…
Shalom, party people! I'm Jen (aka "Jen" e sais quoi), a single mom of special needs twins and a snarky grad student living in Portland, Oregon. In my spare time I run, write, and google-stalk Nathan Fillion. Come visit my dysfunctional world at:
Janessa said…
Thanks for hosting!

Hi everyone! I am a 20 something young lady with a crazy kitty named Shark attack and an even more crazy fiance. I am currently in college and FINALLY graduating in the summer of 2012!! I am obsessed with pugs, peace, and the color purple. I write about my life and the future journeys I will be embarking. I also LOVE guest bloggers for my site so if your interested please stop by and give me a visit :)

Happy Sunday & Comment love day!

x's and o's
♥ Nadine said…
Hello kiddos!
I'm a German student of English Studies and Mediacommunication and I like to write about my humble life on my blog ...

And after one hell of a week (it was the start of the new semester in Germany) I'm looking forward to crash down on my couch and read all your gorgeous blogs. :)

I'm really keen to meet you!
Hi everybody!
I am Melissa: a dancer who blogs over at Contemporary Dancing. I hope you visit, folow and comment and become a new blogging buddy! I love blogging and I love dance, so it is a perfect life! :)
come say hi!
Anonymous said…
Hello ladies!

I'm Liesi (pronounced Lizzy), and I'm an embroidery addict. I blog about new projects, inspiration, feature an artist/blog a week, DIY projects, and 30 day challenges! Stop by and say hello, I'll be sure to do the same.

(PS! I'm currently in search of someone to feature for TUESDAY!)

Liesi @ Too Crewel
tahnie said…
Hi new friends! Happy Sunday to you, I hope your day is filled with wonderful things. I'm Tahnie and when I was 16 months old, I was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Today I am 28, the momma to our little ball of light, and squeezing the joy out of each and every day. Life is beautiful like that.

Anonymous said…
Hello, hope everyone is having a terrific comment Sunday! I linked up to the wrong post by accident, I did not write about my pets this time. sorry. I think I am in the right place now :)
Robyn Guthrie said…
Hello! I'm Robyn I love food and have recently taken up cooking! I have the cutest dog called Harry and my blog is a mishmash of everything great in life!
Kristin Noelle said…
Hey Everyone! How is everyone doing? Just watching some Sunday football and having a cup of joe.

Did you know that Gorillas are critically endangered and there are only about 700 of our African gorillas left in this world? That is insane! I wrote a post about it! Check it out if you'd like!

Thanks! I hope everyone has a beautiful day! It's kind of gloomy here but I'm going to make the best of it.
Andrea said…
Happy Comment Day Everyone!!!!
Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday:-)

Nali said…
Hi everyone! I blog about pretty things, girly things, and all sorts of random stuff at my blog "It's the {little} things":

xoxo, Nali
Vivian said…
Love this day! Love meeting new bloggy friends. Thank you for the opportunity.
Kaity said…
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Kaity said…
I'm a 20-something who's in love with love, life, God and food! Today, I'm focusing on SUNDAY BLESSINGS. I'm a huge believer in counting your blessings and would love to hear how you've been blessed recently!
Laura said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said…
I really like comment love day, even though I rarely get to play along! Whoever chooses to visit my blog - welcome!
Flameheart said…
Yay! Happy Comment love day:) It's called 'The Fire in my Eyes'. Welcome!
I LOVE Comment Sunday. (My post today isn't for everyone so, apologies in advance.) :/

I'll share the comment love and visit some now!
Ms Kate said…
Oh neat! Love this idea, I would love some comments on my blog, and love reading other blogs, so win win for me :)
Chrissy said…
Hi, I'm Chrissy from I am a thirty-something that just moved from the suburbs of Chicago back to the south of Germany with her family!
Nice to meet you! xxx
Colleen said…
Comment love, what a great way to find new blogs!

Cheap Wine and Cookies here: Marine. Lawyer. Mommy. Wife.

Crunchy hippie pagan UU Marine mommy of 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and 5 chickens.
Janiera said…
Happy Sunday. My blog is an all inclusive entertainment blog located at so be sure to stop by! Looking forward to finding other great websites!
Ixy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ixy said…
Happy Comment Love Day! I write about everything...motherhood, friendship, random Seinfeld experiences I have, and some fiction as well. Looking forward to finding some new blogs to read.
Danielle said…
Hi everyone - I love Comment Love Day - come visit my blog if you are interested in food and/or crafts.
Krystina said…
Hello everyone!! Happy comment love day :)

I'm Krystina from over at Cup 'a Hot Chocolate. I'm a Disney cast member, living with my boyfriend and pets (who are often referred to as the zoo), and I keep a lifestyle blog that covers recipes, crafts, window shopping sprees, and anything that comes my way. These are the musings of a domestic goddess wannabe!
Rebecca said…
Hi Everyone! I'm Rebecca from Peanut Butter, Passports, and Epinephrine. I write about traveling with and cooking for a child with nut allergies, and I always post recipes. If you have time please stop by!
Ruthanne said…
Yay for comment love day! :)

I'm Ruthanne and I blog over at Ruthanne With an E...all about my crazy life with four younger siblings, home schooling in high school, and my love of all things vintage and a little bit of obsessing over other things, like sewing vintage dresses and pyrex :) if you're up to it, come on over and say hi! :)
Michelle said…
Wow, i'm glad i stumbled upon this blog. comment love day is such a great idea!!

Hello everybody! My name is Michelle and I live where the sun never hides or the rain never comes to play. (Arizona) I started off my blog writing about my path leading into teaching english in korea.....but then it steered into.....something else. HA. More like random babbling. I visit korea every year so i'm always posting pictures of my adventures there...Please feel free to stop by and say hi. :)
Jules8 said…
Hello! I'm Julie from Roving I. My blog is a travel-focused combination of writing, photos and finds. I'm looking forward to checking out some new blogs!
Shannon said…
I love this--bloggers helping bloggers! Thank you for the opportunity!

liz said…
hi all! i'm liz from haphazard musings and creations. i have a mishmash of topics including sewing, food, my cat, random housemate adventures, and the occasional rant.

i tend to swear a bit and that my offend delicate sensitivities. beware.
Angie said…
Happy Comment Love Day! I blog about cottage life and love taking photos of things and people that inspire me. How fun to meet other bloggers!
Chelsea said…
I know the day is over, but I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Prayers for a great week!
I am so glad to getting back in touch with everyone! I know it is late in the day but I wanted to hook up with one of my fav blogs!!! So good to be back!
Madalyn said…
Hi there! I am Madalyn! Happy comment love day!

Thank goodness this site exists so I have more time in my day to procrastinate what needs to get done and instead fill in that time with beautiful, fantastic blogs!

Come visit my blog if you'd like! Leave a comment, follow me, or do both! I'll be sure to stop by your blog too and do the same!

Happy Sunday friends!

Ferial said…
Happy comment love day, folks!

I'm Ferial from "Ferial-Shmerial" and I blog about my life, faith, and adventures as an ESL teacher living overseas in South Korea. I love visitors, so please drop on by!
Mehwish said…
Hey guys!
My name is Mehwish and my blog is pretty eclectic with photography, baking stuff,New York city,family,Indian traditions and now spooky stories.

You can visit it here-

hope to see ya there! :)
Greetings from Singapore and Happy Comment Love Day to everyone.

I'll try to visit as many blogs as possible today. I'd love for you to drop by to my blog
baileysmall said…
Love this day!! What is better than blog comments? Not much. Besides visiting some fabulous blogs from the categories this week this is my first real participation in the site since i joined a week ago and Im super excited to do some more blog hunting!!
Create With Joy said…
Hi Everyone

I'm Ramona over at Create With Joy! I love to help people find their creative spark! Please stop by and say hello to me & my Crafty Maine Coons - I'd love to meet you and learn more about your blogs!

becky mercado said…
Hi, I'm Becky and I'm a newbie. I just retired from my teaching job so I'm a bit older than the average and still learning all the technical stuff. Been reading a bunch of blogs and trying to learn as much as possible. I feel like a fish out of water sometimes, but am really interested in meeting new friends. My blog is: :)
Maggie said…
Hi everyone!

I'm a college undergrad and student teacher blogging about the things that amuse, interest, and inspire me. Lover of all things sparkly and advocate for proper grammar. Stop by :)
Hannah said…
Hi there! I blog about crafts, art, cooking, and all things inspiring. While I love to share great finds via other sources, I try to post as much original content as possible - usually photos from my travels and food adventures. Stop on by at
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Woo! Happy new week day! I'm Jamie from Memoirs of a pilgrim. I'm a native Wisconsinite living abroad in Australia and blogging about it. I also like to throw in heaps of photos and tidbits of my artwork :)

So glad I got here in time for Comment Love day! I seem to have missed it the last few times!

My name is Vikki and I love shoes & my shoes love me so much that sometimes they write stories about my life and tell my secrets ;)

I in turn tell anyone who is lovely enough to read my ramblings about shoes I love, my weekend adventures and other happenings in Sydney, Australia.

Here's my latest post. I think these guys are whispering my name at the moment ;)

Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes
Hello everyone! :)

I'm a teen blogger and yes, most of my posts are NOT high school drama related :P
I love meeting new people and i'm glad I stumbled upon such a site!

Have a great weekend! :)
Jenny said…
heyo, I'm Jenny, a mom and wife. I love dolls (the asian jointed kind) and I have recently gotten into the art of making my clothing for both me, and my kids :D

Come check out my place and share my adventures through life as I know it :P
Febeh said…
Hi i love this. I'm a Natural hair and weight loss blogger. Most of my post deal with my weight loss journey.
I love finding new blogs that grab my attention.
Hope you all have a geat week.
my nickname is Febes
Please visit my blog and give me some feedback
Anonymous said…
what a great idea!! if you would like to visit my little corner of the world..
Jeri Lynne said…
Hey all,
I'm Jeri Lynne from The Knight Life, and it seems I am a day late for this hop! However, I wanted to say I love the new Comment Love Day button! It is adorable.

Anywho, I blog about everything, whatever happens to be on my mind or happening in my world at the moment. Isn't that basically what we all do? Nothing particularly sets me apart from the herd, I just blog about this life that is mine...The Knight Life!
bethani said…
Happy Belated Comment Love day!

My blog is about everything that consumes my life from work to husband to family to adventures. Stop by and say hi!
Jennifer said…
Hi, I'm Jennifer! My blog, Renewing Housewives, exists to glorify the Lord and to (hopefully!) renew the vision of housewives everywhere!
Anonymous said…
Hello lovely For the Love of Bloggers! My name is Jodi and i run Sweets and Shutterclicks! I blog about photography, cupcakes, and just life in general!! Come on by my little slice of the internet :D

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