Between the Lines

Hello Rad Bloggers! You still have time to enter the Picture Perfect Halloween Contest along with many other linky's going on. Stay tuned for tips and more coming soon today. Meanwhile, enjoy this feature.

I must say, the best thing about being a feature is not having to come up with a clever title. That takes off some of the pressure.
But not all of it.
I’m Whitney and my blog is entitled “Between the Lines” and I focus on my experiences as a young, newlywed, teacher. “Between the Lines” refers to this in-between stage of life where you’re growing with another person while also creating yourself as a responsible, professional, and independent adult (some might call this co-dependency – I call it marriage). My blog is a way to document and make goals for my style, fitness regimens, relationships, and finances (with all the fun stories along the way) (I also abuse parentheses and html commands i, b, and u).
So many changes happen in your early-to-mid twenties and I am definitely enjoying my journey!
Ten Things I do in my blog:
1.       I make lists.
2.       I start off with a big bold phrase ending with a colon letting you know what I’m doing next.
3.       I post my daily outfits (and talk about how I make my outfits teacher-appropriate)
Some of my favorite outfits I’ve worn:
4.     I talk about how cheap my outfits are.
I give a price for each item. This has been rather interesting for me to see which items were worth the investment—and which sale items I got at a really super awesome deal.
5.       I do “Ten Things Tuesday.” (I’m a huge fan of alliteration, as well)
6.       Awkward & Awesome Thursday (I’m full of awkward. The awesome just happens to me somewhere along the way). I really think you can tell a lot about a person by the awkward stories they admit to.
Some of my favorite awkward moments:
Seeing someone from far away and realizing you need to talk to them. By the time you near them, someone else has snatched them up. So...options are to act like you suddenly remembered something you had to do in an opposite direction or wait in line. I chose to hover. Awk. Ward.
Discovering that my gym has cameras inside the work out area. Why is this awkward? Well, I was alone in the gym. And I decided that I would skip a lap around the workout area. Just because I could. It was worth it.
I went to Sephora with my mom and sister this week and "Valerie" came on the speakers. It's one of my favorite cardio songs I listen to while I work out, so I'm dancing in the aisle and singing along. I turn the corner, and there's a Sephora associate staring at me. I smiled and kept singing (then slowly turned the corner and booked it to the other side of the store).
(Told ‘ya I am full of awkward.)
If you want more go here.
7.       I talk about my goals—and whether I’ve done well with them or completely failed. And I always try to be honest.
8.       I talk about husband. It even makes me sick sometimes. I’ll stop before I start to gush all over this blog, too.
9.       My experiences as a young teacher. (I love my job and I gush about it, too)
10    Hobbies.  I have all kinds of interests and crazy activities that keep me un-bored. And I hope they keep you unbored, too.
I hope you enjoyed my little guest appearance. I love making new friends—so stop by and say “Hello”!


Trish said…
I talk about how cheap my outfits are too - no shame in it :)
Anonymous said…
Oh I like her! Headed over to get to know her better! :)
Annika said…
Cute cute cute!!! I even have that same blue, polka dotted dress!

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