Ruthanne with an E

oh hello hello! I'm Ruthanne, and I blog over at Ruthanne with an E. So very nice to meet you all!

I am a sixteen year old junior in high school, the oldest of five kids, [trust me, some funny stuff happens with these folks..] and I live in the most beautiful place ever! I have only been blogging for a few months now, but I love it! It is such a wonderful hobby to add to my [very] long list. I'm very spunky, independent and outgoing; I love a good challenge and blogging seemed to fit the bill!

You may be wondering what the "with an E" thing is about...yes? Well, you see. My grandmother on my daddy's side died suddenly just a month before I was born. Her full name was Ruth Ann. My parents loved the idea of putting those two names together, in her honor. But of course it just wasn't complete without the E! In the past 16 years I have discovered so many traits that I inherited from her. I love to fish, she did too. I love to help people; she was a nurse. I would like to think that she would be proud of the woman I am becoming, were she still alive. 

(L: my lovely grandma Ruth's nursing graduation portrait ♥ R: my school picture this year)

My blog is a little bit of everything. I love my family, I love to sew, I love songwriting & within that, singing & working out the music for my songs. I play piano and am a firm believer in being the most perfect perfectionist. I love taking pictures [all the ones below are mine], and I love all things vintage. I am obsessed with my cowboy boots and vintage dresses, as well!

Really, please do! I would love to make some new friends! ♥

much love, 


bethani said…
such a sucker for things like vintage pyrex too! :)
Wow! You REALLY look like your grandmother even! ;) Fun fun!
Anonymous said…
i love vintage pyrex!

Totally following your blog :D
Bloggin in PA said…
Just stopped by her blog and she is an awesome photographer! Check it out!
Hi Ruthanne, nice meeting you here at FTLOB.
bailey j said…
was so excited to see this posted - love ruthannes blog!
Amie said…
That photo of your grandmother is absolutely stunning! love vintage kitchen stuff :)

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