New Buttons Please {and a question}

With the new layout, I wanted to ask what everyone sees because when I look at the site from my home computer it looks fine with the new sponsor buttons. I like the small ads to be side by side but when I look at it from my phone the small ads are below one another. So what do you see?!

And Lovely Sponsors; we need new buttons! If you have yet to send them in please do especially with the new month sneaking up! New sizes are 145X145 and those are the sizes we need for fresh looks! Since most of you are 3 month deal grabbers, please remember that people love new looks! So, be creative and get those in.

If you are snazzy, jazzy and would love to enter this contest to WIN Large Ad space, please enter here.

If you'd like to sponsor November for 3 month small ad deals, contact Bobbi at datssocute (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks and Have a super fabulous weekend. Don't forget to link up below and stay tuned for some awesome features and a sponsor me! xoxo


KSK said...

Love the new look! The smaller ads are side by side for me! :)

Sarah the Writer said...

The buttons are side by side for me, too. I also like the new look - very simple and elegant :)

Treebytheriver said...

The buttons went on top of each other for me, but when I made the window bigger, it became side by side.

And the new look is nice and simple.

Jess said...

The blog looks awesome!
Mine is coming up side by side!

Maegan said...

They are just right, all snug side by side.

I LOVE the new look, this is my fave :)

Jennifer Kay said...

Mine look perfect as well!

Bloggin in PA said...

The small ads only show up side by side on mine when I maximize the screen. Otherwise they are all in one big line down the side! Doesn't bother me either way though!

TriGirl said...

I use Chrome and the small ads are side by side :)

Metch said...

On my mini the ads are in one line. On my desktop they are side by side.

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