Twitter Party Thursday with Cocktail Popsicles

I'm not over anything frozen yet, are you?! these are sinfully delish and perfect for our Thirsty Thursday Lovers. Let's get this Twitter Party Started with our Highlighted Tweep this week:

Meet Nadine, a fabulous blogger and twitter fan! She's our #1 spot today. Visit, follow and connect with her. Let's do more than mingle today, let's connect, make friends and enjoy the day! Cheers.

Blackberry Prosecco Popsicle

Makes 12 2.5oz popsicles

20 oz Prosecco
1/3 cup of blackberries
4 oz crème de cassis
Splash of fresh lime juice
2 pinches of lime zest


1. Place blackberries in a bowl and pour crème de cassis on top and toss to coat. Using a muddler or a rounded blunt end of a kitchen tool, crush berries into the crème de cassis. Add lime juice and zest, toss to combine.

2. Measure out approximately 1 teaspoon of berry mixture into bottom of your chosen popsicle form and pour Prosecco on top.

3. Freeze for about 2 hours or until mixture starts to solidify enough to hold a popsicle stick upright. Insert popsicle sticks and finish freezing popsicles overnight.

A few notes:

1. Do not remove from freezer until ready to serve, or plate over crushed ice as the carbonation in the Prosecco creates tiny air pockets that will make the popsicles melt faster.

2. Cordial glasses were used for the popsicles in the picture, but any form will work.

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Ada said…
I have one word for those cocktail Popsicles: amazing! Yum!
Looks delicious. We can still enjoy cold drinks here in Jamaica!:) At times it is still quite hot.
Mariah Bohannon said…
These look like a great end to our warm weather down here in the south :)
Duff said…
Is it bad that I want one at 10am???

(btw, I accidentally posted one dead link and one real link on the link up, feel free to delete #36 if you can)
Clumsy Coquette said…
Thanks for hosting!

I'm hosting the Friendly Friday Blog Hop and would love for you to link-up with me!

~The Clumsy Coquette
wowzers those look delish!!

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