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We, here at For the Love of Blogs give you the chance to become Blog of the Month. It entails an ad over on our right sidebar along with a Welcoming Post, several tweets, mentions AND a very front spot on our blog. To become blog of the month, you must be a member (or tell your favorite blog to become one to get nominated), you must NOT nominate yourself and you must comment your nominations here on this post.

Once we get towards the end of the month, we will check all nominated blogs and if they are a member they will be considered for the title. We will randomly select a blog through and will announce the lucky blog on the 1st of the month in a welcome post.

Cast Your Nominations Now For Upcoming Blog Of The Month (january). One nomination per person please. This is also a great way to get connected. Jump in and join the power of support!

Past Blogs of the Month:
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the abundant life
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Lemons and Laundry
Inspire. Create. Bake.


I'd love to nominate Katie of Lemon Jitters this month. She's a lovely person, and she is constantly sharing independent artists, designer, philanthropists, and tons of free downloads, projects, and inspiration pieces!

Minahil Nadeem said…
I want to nominate !

She recently changed her major to Fashion merchandising
Has been into fashion since she was little because her mom has been designing and making clothes since she was born. She's very into fashion!
Halina said…
I nominate Kate from Stripes and Polkadots:

I love the inviting style of her blog and her everyday creativity :)
Sar said…
I would be honored to nominate Miss Sarah at Sunlight After Rain. Her blog design is fantastic (all HTML and Photoshop done by her), her heart is pure, and she is hilarious. She loves the DC area, musicals, blogs, and theatre. Plus, she's just awesome.

I vote Sarah for blogger (and Sunlight After Rain for blog) of the month!
Anonymous said…
I nominate Sarah from Sunlight After Rain. Such a great blog!
Anonymous said…
whoops sorry that last post was from me, Jenna from the blog New York Livin'
im a little computer illiterate haha
jesslangleyart said…
I am nominating Sarah's blog Sunlight After Rain. The design is beautiful - it's very classic, simple, and elegant. She writes from the heart. She's raw and truthful in her posts. Her overall sight is fantastic and I feel she deserves to get recognition for her hard work.

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