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Good Morning Fabness! Soon we'll be throwing out our Weekend Wander Halloween Mingling, so stay tuned; meanwhile, enjoy a new feature!

Hello there, fellow FTLOBers! Halina from Moments of a Libra here. I'm 25, a full time business student, but I've also found my passions in drawing, painting, photography and traveling (yup, there are a few of us too).  I believe that we all are creative beings that need to balance our analytic way of thinking with our intuitive, the last mentioned being truly neglected in modern education.
After being overly ambitious with one single part of my life, my studies, I realized that the pressure and stress I put myself through just made me unhappy. It became an impediment for what I wanted to to for a long time: explore photography and art. Determined to become better at these two things, I made a plan to dedicate more of my spare time in order to to what i love. My blog started of as a way for me to articulate what I had learned from the creative process. But it turned out to be THE most important factor of motivation - to show people out there what I could make AND to show them that they also can do it! I use to say that I started of as a creative human being when I started to blog.
This blog is mainly about my reflections on how to become better at what you love to do, and noticing beauty all around. Hopefully I can show people that with a lot of time, and the right motivation, you can achieve great things without having to sacrifice other important things in your life.  
Come and visit my on my blog, share your thoughts, and grab a badge if you like!

Moments of a Libra 


Hi Halina, Great to meet you here at FTLOB.
Already follow Halina's blog!! :)
Halina said…
Thank you darlings! It's so fun to be featured. I hope my blog will be a little more personal over the long run and also I WILL include photos of myself. I love how blogging has turned my world around!
Kate said…
Yay Halina! I love Moments of a Libra!
Trish said…
I'm working on letting more of my creativity out too. I love my straight-laced analytic side, but I don't want to limit myself to that when I know I have more in me. It's always good to know there are others out there exploring the same things :)

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