Featured Blog- The Fire in my Eyes

Fire in my eyes
running across
blog-filled plains
a metaphorical twist
of love absorbed
energy out
but energy

What can you expect from my blog, The Fire in my Eyes? Well, for one thing, you can expect strange but wonderful explosions of inspiration that tend to happen in my head. You can also expect rambling, poetry, whimsicality, opinion, photography and art, but most of all... *drum roll please* ... you can expect all of that to change in a second. You see, the point of the blog is to inspire and be inspired but the bigger point of it is to be spontaneous.

Artworks and Photoshop shenanigans: 


and of course...

The Fire in my Eyes
(well, not literally! lol)

I'm Flameheart by the way, also called Heart. I'm an art student and an avid rambler. You're welcome to say hello at The Fire in my Eyes any time, and share your inspirations with me. It's exciting to be part of this community, and I'm glad to introduce myself.

Here you go! *A button grab opportunity*

I'm excited to browse through your blogs! :)

Blogging love,
Here's a virtual *(((hug)))* and a *Big smile* ♥

P.S: The above pictures are copyright protected


Salonie said…
That looks like a nice concept for a blog. Catchy name too!

Heading over there for a looksy!


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