Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

We were asked to co-host a blog hop today over at Haute Mom! We love the opportunity to meet new and fabulous bloggers and we hope you'll take this opportunity to as well! If you do link-up, please be sure to stay true to FTLOB and leave nice comments on the blogs you visit and don't hit them up for follow-backs. Anyone new to FTLOB through this hop, we welcome you and encourage you to jump right in to our community!

Haute Mom



Thanks for the blog hop. I don't think I've been on this one before. I'm now all linked up and following your blog.

Would love a follow back at:

Sonishka said…
Yay for the blog hop ;-) Wednesday fun !
Woo hoo Wednesday blog hopping!
Slidecutter said…
Happy Wednesday!

My link went up bass-ackwards; remind me to not link-up before I have coffee...sigh

Enjoy the day!
Yette said…
Thanks for the bloghop! Keep it up FTLOB! :D
Thanks again for another great hop! Looking forward to visiting and meeting some more great new friends!

Lots of love to all you great FTLOBers!
Always love a good blog hop! Thanks for hosting ladies!
Rhonda said…
Hello there, It's my first time out and I love the idea behind a blog hop! All linked up and ready to meet some great bloggers. Thanks! :)

- Rhonda

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