Prompt Me...writers workshop

This space was created because at times we all need a little boost, we all need something to inspire us to write or to get out of that blogging funk. This will be updated with new weekly topics to help you get started.
This weeks topic: Flying
Today's prompt:  My worst flying experience began.....

or, if flying is not your thing
My worst driving experience began....

We hope these inspire you to get a post out when not knowing what to blog about.
Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them.

Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts.

Have fun and enjoy!


Alessandra said…
This is a great idea, and Ilike the fact that it will run for a week, so we'll have some time to think about it. Will check back soon :)
Sassy said…
I agree with Alessandra, this is a super idea!

Patty said…
Wonderful idea!

Can't wait to read all the travel horror stories!

Thank you!
I am with Slidecutter, I can't wait to hear all the stories!! This is a great idea!!

I have tons of crazy travel stories!!
Jenn Flynn-Shon said…
Ooh a fantastic idea & I totally agree, the stories will be so much fun to read!

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