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Welcome to Coffee Talk with FAB Friends! If you are new, jump right in. Each week we wrap it up with some unwinding chats here in the comments and in our chat room below. Around 1pm est we invite everyone fabulous to come chat for about an hour. We talk about anything and everything, it's a really nice way to meet new members, so come visit and hang whether it's for a minute or an hour.
Since the idea behind coffee talk isn't clear, we will just stick with linking your sites and then leaving a comment here. Feel free to introduce yourselves, tell us a little about your blog, what you did this week and that way everyone can get to know you BETTER.

Remember linking and running doesn't really work; when you communicate with your blog pals, you gain friends and long time readership. So link up, leave a comment and communicate back and forth inviting each other to blog posts, etc. It's great networking. If you don't have time now, check back when you do have time!
Please email Bobbi at (datssocute gmail dot com) if you have a really cool coffee recipe to share or want to Co-Host next weeks coffee talk. Our Co-Host will get mentioned in our post and given a little treat for hosting. Have a wonderful weekend, we hope to see you anytime from 1-2 pm est on the Wibiya bar for the live chat today.

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Ms. Sarah said…
I have a giveaway going on Caiafa craziness with no entries right now. its through things remembered
Vic said…
Good Morning Coffee Lovers, Welcome to Coffee Talk where we discuss anything and everything! Today we have a 2 winner Gevalia Heritage Blend Coffee Package going on over at Oh, Prettyful:

We Also Have a $15 Shop Credit to the Garden:

As well as all the ones going on here at FTLOB.

Any Plans for the week? My coffee pot was talking to me this morn! It was making all sorts of noises until I picked her up and poured some of her into my mug;D she's pretty happy now.....! Hope y'all have a nice day....come see me at 1in the chat room!!:)
Ms. Sarah said…
this weekend we are out exploring some more of Germany. Are you gator watching?? have a great day vic!
Slidecutter said…
We lost power here the other day and I forgot to re-set the timer on my coffeemaker. The aroma started drifting through the house at 2:30 a.m. and I was up like a shot! Yawn...heading back for my third cup before hitting the road to work.

Definitely going to try and join Coffee Chat later!

Happy Friday!
Missy said…
Happy Friday everyone :-)

It's so nice to link up here- I'm normally at work! I'm on my summer holidays- one of the perks of teaching haha!! This week I have been catching up in blog land and made some changes to my blog. I've had some thoughts on the past this week which have been throwing me off slightly but think I've made my decision with that one!!

Thanks for hosting!!
Missy xx
Kristin Noelle said…
I'm usually not awake in time for coffee talk- but I am today! This is my first time taking part in any FTLOB event. It's great to be here this morning. How does everyone else take their coffee?
Robyn said…
I am on holidays and completely lose track of the days! This week we have been enjoying the sun in scotland...and we have another royal wedding tomorrow...yeah for lovely Zara !! Hope you enjoy your friday!
Sonishka said…
It is almost 11 pm in Sydney right now, so I ll only have decaf ;-)
Is there Zara wedding tmw? thanks for reminding, I might watch.
Anonymous said…
Happy Friday everyone! Today is my first day of vacation so I'm really excited... but its still time to track down some coffee!

@Kristin I take my coffee with milk. I'll drink it black if totally forced.
Happy Friday!! YAY!
This is my first time linking up here, and I am linking from work:(

Still, it's very nice to meet everyone and I can't wait to get home and check out all the lovely blogs-
Everyone have a wonderful fun filled Friday!
Kimmy said…
Hi everyone.

This is the first time I'm commenting after linking up my blog.

My blog is made up of mostly pictures that I take. Just updated my blog about a recent party organising I did with my friend.

Do drop by and check it out.
accidental encounters

Nice meeting everyone here.
I'm currently checking out a few blogs :)

Good Morning, I hope everyone is enjoying their cups of coffee! I am!

Today, I am asking that you all please read my post about the Berry kids! I will let you know that this is not a "happy" post, it is a rather sad post but one where we all have the opportunity to reach out to these newly orphaned children!

Since here on Coffee Talk we talk about anything, I thought this might be an okay spot to introduce this item! Thanks so much!
Sweta said…
Hi everyone!
I'm Sweta and I blog at The Red Door.My blog is just as random as I am which kind of suits my style since I get bored with themes after some time :P I'm a english lit grad student from India and an aspiring writer and blog designer.I talk far too much ad commit so many typos that it had to go up on my twitter bio .:P
I have a huge movie line-up for the week-end from IMDB's top about you?Also end of this month I'm turning 21 ;)

Checking out some of your blogs :)

FTLOB is really a good place to find beautiful new blogs and make great new blog friends.Thanks for hosting this!

Happy weekend!
Remy said…
Hey everyone. ^^ Welcome back to Coffee Talk!

I mostly went off about Twitter in today's post. I think PMS is to blame about a point I made. -laughs-

Hope to see you around! Don't be shy.

I'm gunna go grab a cup of tea and cuddle the wife some more. <3
Tricia said…
Alright, I just finished my cup of coffee while finally getting to post something on my blog. Unfortunately I have to run off to work and straight to the lake (tough life, I know) so I may not be able to immediately visit your site.
But do not fret I cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye promise I shall be back to visit and chat tonight or when I find some down time tomorrow!
Until then, if you visit let me know you've been there and I'll make sure to visit you as well! Enjoy your joe!
Stephanie said…
My week was good and bad. I'm still trying to cope with the massacre [how can people BE that way??], and still trying to get my kitchen painted [but it looks so nice!]

Happy Weekend, everyone. =]
A little about me? Well, here's a coffee story: Once, on a particularly scatter brained day (we all have those days, you too, don't deny it!) I put the coffee pot away in the fridge. I sat down to work on a writing assignment, but something did not feel quite right. I looked everywhere for the coffee pot and finally realized what I had done! This is not so strange as you might think: yesterday, after grocery shopping, I put the hot dog buns in the laundry basket. It took me a while to realize that one, too :)
Vic said…
@Kristen, i read your post on religion but cannot comment due to a blogger glitch, try switching to pop up please (other people prob. can't comment either) or offer name/url as an option!

@patty---oh my! that is crazy--our power goes out all the time {storms here like every day} enjoying your poem right now:) have a nice day at work!

@sarah, we did gators yesterday....going to post about that soon:) kinda funny! have a nice weekend:) i may get on FB later to do that contest:) i struggle with fb because i just can't get that into it...i like twitter better:)

going to stalk everyone now:) xoxo
Vic said…
@Hannah, bahahahaha....thanks! i'm not the only one who does crazy things around here! I was actually putting my dry creamer in the fridge this morn instead of the cupboard---and i've brought things into the laundry room that don't belong, oreo's not hot dog buns but still....LOL too funny!
Hillary said…
Good Morning everyone!

I just finished my Dunkin Donuts half coconut half toasted almond ice coffee!

Anyway, I just got married a few weeks ago so my recent posts have been about that. Anyone interested come check it out!
Miss Von Vixen said…
I just revamped my blog!! How exciting!! Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Happy Friday!!
Hello all!! SO glad it's Friday! I linked up my two blogs. Truly Lovely and my wedding blog, My Road to Mrs. As of TODAY I have been married 20 days! It's flying by already! You can visit either of my blogs to see wedding recaps! Have a lovely weekend!!!
Hi everyone! I wanted to link up today because I am trying to get my followers up to 100 before/on my bloggie birthday which is next week. :) Yay! We will be one! ha.
Kristin Noelle said…
I wanted to link up today because it is my first time being active on this site and I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kristin Noelle. I'm a college student that just moved to Rochester, NY not too long ago to be with my longtime boyfriend and peruse an education. I am a former Pro Wrestler of nine years, I know, very silly. Writing has always been my passion though.
Sinea Pies said…
Spent a leisurely day with my 85 year old dad. Had to go to a dr. appt but it was so nice to be with him. Time well spent. And a clean bill of health from his doctor, too!
Anonymous said…
Hi Everyone!

New follower here (love your blog)! I linked up simply because I wanted to discover a few terrific new blogs and hopefully a few will discover mine as well.

Have a great weekend!
Brooke Stone said…
Hi Ladies! I missed the 1pm time frame, but look forward to reading some good blogs. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Brooke Stone said…
oops! It looks like my blog posted 2 times! 48 and 49! Sorry. xo Brooke
Coffee Online said…
I like your picture, the one with glasses. It looks cool
Dana Michelle said…
Hey Everyone! missed the earlier time frame for the chat but still wanted to check out some new blogs. Look forward to checking out some of the blogs linked up! :)

Alyssa said…
Love Coffee talk! Love meeting new ppl and finding more awesome blogs! Thanks ftlob!
Alex Quinn 82 said…
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Cat Ray said…
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