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Hi bloggers!!! I’m Missy from ‘If it’s not ok...then it’s not the end...’ 
I have been featured on this fabulous site before but this time around I’m here for a different reason! First of all, I have a brand new look and with that comes a new button for you all to share. I thought I’d try and make it slightly more ‘arty’. I hope you like!
I am beginning a new weekly feature on my blog called "Quote of the day Monday" where as you can probably guess I will be sharing quotes I’ve discovered. This has been going for the past couple of weeks and is nice for a bit of inspiration at the start of a week! Most times each quote will have a little explanation as to why I chose it. This is where you come in, I would love to get a ‘community’ feel to it by asking you to share your favourite quotes and why. I suppose you could look at it as a guest post! I will of course link to your blog and then the post link will go to my main page to form a back catalogue.
Another SOS call is for some fabulous fellow bloggers who would like to have a guest spot on my blog (again with buttons or links to your own blog). I am heading away next week for nearly 3 weeks and would like to schedule some posts and thought what better than to have fellow bloggers guest post? Hopefully this will help us all find some great new blogs to read! I am quite open to suggestion as to what you blog about. I tend to blog about life, likes, love, family, special occasions etc and would love other views on these themes.
I am excited already at the thought of fellow bloggers helping me out!! If you feel like you would like to contribute to either above, please email me at:
takeallchances (at) gmail (dot) com
Thank you for reading and a big thanks to FTLOB for allowing me to post!

x x x 


Paula Robinson said…
What a cute idea! Email en route!

melody-mae said…
I love the quote monday idea!! I am a new follower!
Madison said…
Sounds fun, I'm off to visit!
I would love to guest post! Email on the way!

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