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Hey everyone! I'm Amanda the face behind My Show
This is me
I am 24-year-young wife, teacher, puppy-Mama and Mainer (yes, we have indoor plumbing and no, I'm not married to my cousin!) who fails at the whole taking myself seriously grown-up thing. I'm relatively new to blogging (aka don't judge when my formatting or links are messed up, I swear I am doing better!) 
This is us.
Almost two years ago I married my high school sweetheart. We have been together since we were 16, and you can read all about it on Our Love Story Page where I chronicled the first 8+ years of our life together. 
My blog tends to be silly, sarcastic and somewhat critical (hmm...sounds kinds like me). I love to write about my life, which gets crazy, my students and most of all... (cue melodramatic drumroll) 
Meet Zoey (awwww) she's cute cuddly and a total baby. We added Peanut to the family a mere week after our wedding and she has become...pretty much the center of our world. I am mildly obsessed with this baby girl, who loves pink as much as her Mama. 
Girl loves her jacket in the winter
And playing in snow
Giving Mama the stink-eye while keeping tabs on the remote
I warned you that I was mildly obsessed. This pup does some silly, sweat, and some naughty things that I write about in my blog. She's not my only blog topic though (but shhh, don't tell her that!). I also write about being a new teacher, random stuff my husband says, my weight loss journey, and my achievements and struggles as I attempt to find myself and maybe a little success along the way. So stop by, say hi and follow along on My Show

My Show


Slidecutter said…
Love your sweet fur baby! Too presh!

Congrats on being featured!
Jackie said…
Love that you married your high school sweetheart. :) cute puppy!
Haha! Glad to know you have indoor plumbing! Love your little puppy!

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