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Hey bloggers, new and old! Welcome to another fabulous summer giveaway. Today one lucky winner will have the chance to win full access to our new bloggers e-course. It's a course targeted towards newer bloggers or even a long time blogger who just needs a little direction. We cover all topics in the blogging world and include several bonus topics for your pleasure. Read More Details and Testimonials Here.

To Enter: You must be a ftlob member and tell us in a comment what you'd like to accomplish through blogging. {Mandatory Entry}

Extra Entries:

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The lucky winner will be announced next week! Also, be sure to include your email address in the comments, Good Luck!


I am a member! Through blogging, I would like to connect with like minded people. I also would love to learn more about HTML codes and blog design if you guys ever get a chance for something like that.
I put the button on my blog!
Nicole said…
Hmm what I want to accomplish through blogging? I want my blog to be a getaway of sorts for people! A little piece of serenity during the weekdays, when life gets busy and messy.
Danielle said…
Good question - I just want to share what interests me and meet people who have similar interests.
Gillian said…
Hmm I'd like to document my life in a fun, readable way, and also encourage other people to travel, run, or follow whatever their own passion may be!

(I also liked you on FB and follow you on twitter)
Dusty Soles said…
( I've never said howdy before in my life, something new I'm trying...)

I blog to share what I learn whilst travelling and all the things I think are awesome. It's also a great way to find like minded individuals.
SoOz said…
Nice giveaway!

My goal for blogging is to meet new people, share what I do and give them tips in what has been working for me (as in photography or crafting or travelling).

Liked you on fb and about to tweet it :)
Janessa said…
Hi I'm a new follower from your sunday love day :) I gotta say I love your titles! I'm not really doing much this summer because I lost my job due to the economy and no school going on either. I am a student at SIUC and majoring in mortuary science. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, Jason and we have a kitten, Shark Attack who will be one in October. :)
Craftzilla said…
I'd like to have a bit of a community on my blog, to post my thoughts and get some responses back, as well as really be able to capture the feeling of what's going on in my life, as well as be inspired to create interesting things to look at and read.

Gillian (member as gillian.veitch)
Craftzilla said…
I like your page on FB as Gillian Veitch

Craftzilla said…
I follow you on twitter as!/Craft_zilla

Lozzz123 said…
following on twitter as lozzz123!
KSK said…
I'm a newer follower!
I started my blog as a way for my family to watch my daughter grow, and have since found that blogging is a great way to meet people (virtually), and give/get advice!
Jackie said…
Through blogging, I have hoped to improve my writing skills and self discipline. I would like to finish a book. I am on the path for the first time ever, but it all started with blogging.
I am going to add a buttorn from the side bar. Gotta go pick one out :)
I'm a follower now... YAY!! (I thought I was already but alas no.. whoops!!)
This is the best giveaway ever... I have been blogging for a little while now but I know there is so much one can learn about blog land... it's huge out there!!
A few things I need help with are photos, promoting... well actually...I can use all the help I can get :)

Thank you for the opportunity XXX

little said…
i love this. i hope i win so i can grow as a blogger. i want to find myself through blogging.

love, little.
little said…
i follow you on twitter.
little said…
i like you on fb.
little said…
i added the button!
Through blogging, I would like to promote our new vintage shop and connect with vintage lovers around the globe. Thanks FTLOB!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meesh said…
Honestly, my fashion blog's so new that I don't know yet what I'd like it to become. For now, what I want to get out of it is meeting new people, making friends with similar interests, and refining my voice.
Anonymous said…
I would love, love, love, to win this! I want my blog to eventually reach the point where I can post sewing tutorials, teach people new things, learn new things from others, and have a good time!

Liesi @
Mel said…
I would like to meet new and interesting people. And improve my photography skills!
Mel said…
I follow on Twitter!
Tara said…
I'm a member :)

I have a couple different goals. My main one is just to write about the lessons I've learned throughout the years and hopefully help people with my, err, "words of wisdom" :) But I also want to meet like-minded people who enjoy writing/blogging...and of course in the end I'd love for this to get my name out there so that I can eventually actually get a book published!

Tara said…
I "like" you on Facebook as well :)
My main goal with blogging is as a creative outlet. I mostly blog about crafts and such so blogging encourages me to do better and come up with better ideas for the things I like to make! :) OH, and I'm a PROUD member!
I like your facebook page!
I follow on twitter! @kassarie
I've got a couple of FTLOB buttons on my sidebar!
I'd love to connect with more people and make a good impact on this crazy world
Shirin Rose said…
I'm a member! I want to share recipes that work for picky (kosher) eaters, and I want to connect with other people in other places through food (and other stuff too...but mostly food!!)
San said…
I love connecting with new people and keeping up with dear friends through blogging! :)
San said…
I tweeted (must follow to be able to see).
What would I like to accomplish through blogging? Oh my goodness, so many things! I want to build a community of engaged readers and hopefully even develop a team of creative, like-minded people so that we could collaborate on writing, photography, and design projects. I'd love to eventually sale ad space in the form of sponsorships and maybe even blog full time one day. We will see! Right now I just love blogging and enjoy all the immediate benefits: self expression, a creative outlet, opportunities to meet great know, the usual :)
SoOz said…
whoops, forgot to include my email address:

and through facebook i follow you under "Cynthia" :D

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