Coffee Talk with Fab Friends

Good day lovely peeps!  Are you having a fabulous week? I know I sure am. It's been calm, fun, and relaxing! Are you sitting there sipping on your favorite cup of joe?  I'm drooling over one of these this morning!
Doesn't it look delicious?

Ok so we are trying something new this week, if you missed last weeks post about how it's going to work, refer to this.  
Please follow the directions, or your post will be deleted!  No exceptions.

Your post that you link up today should answer the question: What did you do to make yourself happy this week?

Next weeks topic: Where is your favorite place to vaca?
Have you shared your favorite coffee recipe with us?  If not, add it to your post, or email us at datssocute(at)gmail(dot)com
Have you voted for Best in Category?  Check it out while you're browsing around or join a group, there are some really wonderful ones. Whatever you do, have a good time, we love having you!

Contact us if you'd like to co-host coffee talk! datssocute(at)gmail(dot)com

Meet this weeks fab friends:



Tricia said…
I promise I answered the question, but not until the very end. If you have a little extra time today while sipping your coffee I would love your feedback on any or all of the questions in my post!

Hope everyone is enjoying their favorite ICED coffee today because, at least where I am at drinking the hot stuff would just be masochistic.
chantilly said…
that picture is *insane*! want!
I guess I missed the last post explaining about the prompt! But I did link up my wishes list. Looking for lovely wishes made me happy this week! :)
sunshine said…
What I did to make me happy this week? Well, I got two of my feral cats fixed and that makes me very happy because I am contributing to the extensive wild cats population of where I live, yey for that!
Remy said…
Ohhhh my god I want to reach in my computer and grab that image.

My response is up after my wacky dream.

Happy Friday!
sécia said…
OMG I want whatever that is! It looks like an amazing smores treat that must be eaten with a spoon! LOVE.

♥ sécia
Yum that coffee looks great! I would need to have it cold though! Whew!
Sinea said…
First, thank you so much for including my site, Ducks n a Row, as a fabulous friend! What a wonderful surprise. This weekend I am getting my hair done. Doesn't happen too often but when it does it's a color, cut and style. Lovely, I'm bringing my newly borrowed copy of Being Martha and will be reading all about the life of Martha Stewart.
Coffee Online said…
WOAH! That coffee looks DELICIOUS...I woudn't call it coffee, I'd call it dessert. It looks really yummy. =D

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