Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

well ladies and gents! it's ALMOST the weekend,.. I don't know about you but I know it's relax time for us! grab a drink and get settled, we're going to enjoy the company and make even more friends.

whatever you may be drinking this morning; a tea, warm cocoa, coffee {hot or iced}, we want you to link up so we can visit stalk you all day long!

have a recipe you'd like to share? send it in! we'll glady link back to you!


for this evening, grab a frozen strawberry margarita! these are my all time fave and make any girl liven up! sorry guys, go grab a cold brewski.

i never measure anything so just go with the flow- throw some ice in a blender, {i prefer a lot}, a cup of frozen strawberries {if you are anything like me, you'll mix a ton of other fruits in there}, 3/4c. tequilla {or more to satisfy your desire}, 4oz. frozen limeade, and about 2oz. triple sec....blend, place some sugar on some wax paper and squirt some lime on it, dip the cold glass in it and dazzle the rim of the glass, pour the strawberry mix in the glass and granish with a strawberry. YUM.

enjoy the day-let's party


Megan said…
New follower. If you get the chance check out my blog.
Slidecutter said…
Oh yessssssss! Do you deliver???

Have a great day!

I'd like whatever is up there but sadly I'm drinking water
Cheers! We're moving office tomorrow so a couple of these will do some good after! :)

xxx mervi
TexaGermaNadian said…
Can't wait to be by the pool and enjoy one of these!!
Kristen said…
good morning! new follower via gfc
Hi! I am your newest GFC follower!
Thanks so much for the linky! I am a new follower and you are making me thirsty for a nice appletini! Bad girl ;D
Anonymous said…
Strawberry margaritas are great but I prefer strawberry daiquiris. Happy Thursday y'all!
Poekitten said…
That strawberry margaritas looks so good...but it's still tea weather here. I can't wait for warmer weather!!!
New follower! I'd love for you to stop by my blog when you get a moment and follow! Happy Thursday!

Jessi said…
That margarita is making me drool all over my it 5 o'clock yet?!
b. lee said…
lip smackin'! happy fRidAy eve :D
Happy Thursday friends! That means it's ALMOST Friday! Whoop whoop!
Crystal said…
Oh Man. I have been peanut gallery is so sick. Germs! Germs everywhere! Ewww!!
Anonymous said…
i love your blog so much.))*
Anonymous said…
I have a crab appetizer recipe up today so if that appeals to you, please come check it out. So easy and delish!
cailen ascher said…
i actually just posted a drink recipe vlog today. small world : )

very cool blog - i'm enjoying my visit.

ps i'm your newest follower!
here's my drink post:

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