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Walking Contraditcion

I am the most atypical military wife you will ever meet. Sometimes I am still unsure about how this became my life, but it brought me to beautiful sunny southern California, so for that I am forever grateful.

The day I met my husband I knew I would never be the same. He was everything that I am not. And some 6 years after meeting we brought the most amazing little boy into this world. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom, in fact my father likes to remind me every day how he wasted, $40,000 a year on my college education however I choose to impart every bit of education that I have pursued onto son therefore my college degree will never go wasted. Yes, I was meant to go to law school and open my own business but all of that was put on hold when I peed on a stick and two lines showed up but I am forever grateful for those long sought after two lines.


I am a sweet midwesterner at heart and a snooty ivy leaguer by trade and yet here I am in California knee deep in cloth diapers, and eco-conscious living. I grow a slew of vegetables in my backyard, I make nearly everything from scratch to avoid preservatives and ingredients that I can't pronounce, and I do yoga in my living room yet I enjoy a good pair of designer jeans and lululemon yoga pants, sue me, they make my butt look fabulous.

I am a woman yet I live for football season, in fact it's one of the only reason's we have still have cable, that and E! those Kardashians, they suck me in every time. I know it's cliche but ever since my son was born, it completely changed my life he has taught me to live better and love bigger. I learned from the best, my mom who taught me anything and everything domestic never left out a single detail, i know how to cook, bake, sew, knit and garden because of her. All of these are a part of my everyday life. But something that can't be taught, an artistic eye, that is pure talent baby and yeah, I got that too.


I document my life not only through words on these pages but through my camera lens as well. My camera is like my purse. Photography is the new skinny jean after all so at least I don't look that crazy with a camera hanging around my neck all day. I over use adjectives and I often get sentimental, I can't help it, I am a hopeless romantic but I also keep it real: I am neurotic, every baby cries, all newborns are ugly(yes even yours) and my child is the smartest.


So while I don't really believe in fairy tale endings I do believe everything in life happens for a reason so here I am, come enjoy the ride with me! After all, it is better to be a walking contradiction then cater to the status quo.


Now those are gorgeous pictures! I just went to her blog and followed! Thanks for sharing :)
Anonymous said…
This looks like such a great blog :)
posidanielle said…
What a darling little boy! I love the silly face pictures.
Calamity Kate said…
What a beautiful little boy! I can't wait to visit this blog.
Linda B said…
Very nice post. Visiting you from Tara's Mid Week Linky
Selena Gomez said…
I am Please to see your post. I like it , keep post like this.
Hockey Wife said…
Congrats on the feature! I am already following your blog and I love it. My dad reminds me of my $40,000/year degree too. I was also law school bound when two pink lines changed my life!
Omg, so cute!

melody-mae said…
congrats on your feature. what a fun looking blog. your son is just adorable too!!!
Jenna said…
Awww your son is so cute!... and I am from California and love it for its eco-friendlyness... even if we Californians do sometimes get carried away :)

Her little boy is just darling!!! :)
Erin Wallace said…
Her photos are wonderful. I love her fishy face one!

Found you through the Midweek Mingle and am your newest follower. Hope to see you at mu blog, Dropped Stitches. Also will follow you on BLoglovin'.

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