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Hello blogging friends! I am Nicole over at Frogs, Snails, and Fairytales. I started this blog to give family who lived far away, a way to feel involved with our lives.

We are a family of five! Tim, my fiance, and I have been together 9 years. It will be 10 in October. We met when I was a Freshman in high school, and he was a Sophomore. We met on line through AOL instant messenger, because apparently that was the thing to do back then. It was a coincidence that we went to the same high school. We started to date shortly after that.

I became a mom in 2007, at the age of 19, with the birth of my first son Timothy. In 2008, 17 months after having Timothy, I gave birth to my second son Mason. And wouldn't you know it 20 months later in 2010, I gave birth to my daughter, finally!

Timothy James

Mason Paul

Taylor Ann

The crazy thing is I was on birth control with ALL THREE kids! The boys I was on the pill (although, I have to be honest, not sure they were taken 100% perfectly), and Taylor, my daughter, I had the Mirena IUD in. I had it removed the day after I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks. I have the Mirena IUD again. I am just praying it works this time, if I can get past her 1st birthday, it will be the longest I have went without getting pregnant again.

I use my space as a place to reflect, to get feelings out, and to express myself. I also use it as a place to share my children with you, our lives, my life as a stay at home mom. There will be tears, laughter, stuggles, and successes as I nagivate on my journey as a young mom to three little ones.

I sure hope you can make it by my little space in bloggy land, and maybe even sit and stay awhile. I would love for you all to share this journey with us.

Frogs, Snails, and Fairytales


Kandy said…
WOW!!!! Three kiddos while on birthcontrol!! LOL Well, they are all three beautiful little surprise blessings I'm sure!
Chrissy said…
What an amazing feature! Nice meeting you and your miracle babies! xxx
posidanielle said…
Love this feature!! Such adorable children! And all so close together! I can't imagine! Nice to meet you and your lovely children!
Have a beautiful day!
Ms. Blasé said…
You've got some gorgeous little cuties there :) and one amazing story! Thank you for sharing!
Oh wow!!! Crazy story! All three on birth control?!? Oh well, looks like they're all a little bundle of blessings! :)
Jenna said…
Such cute children!, although that is crazy, and a little scary, that you were on birth control the whole time! I guess they were just meant to come into your lives :)

Anonymous said…
Looks like another awesome blog ... and wow on the 3 pregnancies, back to back! Go Mama! You're children are so adorable!

Slidecutter said…
We're all here to share those tears, laughter, struggles and successes; that's what makes this blog community so very special!

Your family is beautiful!

Congrats on being featured and Welcome!!

What a lovely blog you have a wonderful idea of spotlighting new blogs out there! I adore simply Katie and her Love is Everywhere blog, so, it was great to see her as the blog for this month!

Liesl :)
Liz said…
I already LOVE your blog...so I got the pleasure of knowing you before...so glad you were featured! I love your family too because I have two boys and then a lil girl...all 2 years (almost exactly) apart...*sigh*

Love seeing you around!
b. lee said…
yahoo * am a fan of Frogs, Snails and Fairytales! congrats on ur feature girlfriend & so enjoy ur lovely space in bloggy land ;)
Nicole said…
I Cannot belive I missed this the other day! I have been so busy the past few days. Thanks SO much for the feature. And thank you all for your very thoughtful and kind words, I really appreciate it!

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