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Meet the Streeters!!

I, Kristina here, have been blogging since 2007 (off and on over the years - I have gotten much more consistent!). I started blogging when we lived in our little apartment and Ryan worked nights and it seemed whenever I wasn't. So, I began to blog!! I blogged for a long time just for my own sake, never telling the world or following other blogs, it was ... my space. Little did I know what the blog world was really about and how many other people blogged just like I did. So, within the past year a little, but mostly in the last few months I have really started finding new blogs and friends. Now, I'll clarify something - Ryan doesn't blog, hehe - I am definitely the blogger, but since it's a blog about life, our life - I thought I would introduce the co-star of this lovely blog! ;)

Our Story-
We met in the summer of 2004, through his best friend at the time, in Colorado - I was out visiting my Grandparents. We saw each other off and on during my visits over the next year and a half through our mutual friend. The fall of 2005 - during his internship for culinary school in the Bahamas - we began to speak over myspace, and became close, very close. It became something I looked forward to, and I would read his messages and I would get butterflies and so gitty. So, spring break of 2006 I went to Colorado just to see him - went on our first date, had our first kiss, decided the long distance thing was what we were going to do. 10 months of traveling back and forth between Kansas and Colorado - and long phone calls, and an extreme amount of phone minutes later, I moved to Colorado in December of 2006, and moved in with him into our 2 bedroom apartment. We dated until June 2009, when we got engaged - then got married on December 5, 2009. In August 2010 we moved back to Kansas, which is where we are currently. If we will stay in Kansas, who knows. Oh, and as of right now, there are no baby Streeters - someday though! [It's all about God's timing!] We are just sticking with our 4 legged children for now (2 dogs, 3 cats), who always keep us on our toes!

Our Blog: A Perfect Dose of Life
Here at our blog you will read good & bad, some happy & some sad, dreams, adventures (travel adventures and adventures of life), wellness stuff (I'm a massage therapist & wellness coach), some cooking tips & recipes (he is a chef - trained chef, doesn't do it for a living though- long story) . In other words - this blog is about life - our life - and the journey and beauty of a little thing called love! Every week I have a Quote of the Week, and most weeks I have a Someday I [we] Will..., and a Thoughts of Today Series. I plan to have some guest posts, and a couple new series, coming very soon.

I love to blog, and am loving it even more that I have started finding new blogs and blog friends! I am convinced that there is nothing else like the Blog World and the People that are a part of it!!

Outside of blogging we love to travel, spend time outdoors, spending time with our family and friends, photography, art, fishing, and mostly enjoying this crazy thing called life and holding on with this beautiful thing called love!

A Perfect Dose of Life

Want to learn more? Come by and see us at A Perfect Dose of Life!


Slidecutter said…
Hi and Welcome, Kristina! Thanks for sharing your lovely story, can't wait to read more from you.

Congratulations on being featured on FTLOB!

Chrissy said…
Congrats on being featured her on the fab FTLOB!! Nice meeting you! Will hop on over right away - I'd like to read more!
Hugs, Chrissy xxx
...with ♥, SB said…
Nice to meet you, I hope to see more of ya! Your blog is fun browsing through!
I just found your blog. So glad I did. This is a great post for someone new like me.It has helped to get to know you! Look forward to reading more posts.
angie on maui said…
I'm so glad Kristina's blog is featured - love her!

Congratulations, Kristina!
Jenna said…
Thanks for shring Kristina! - You and your husband's story is so cute!

Can't wait to check out more! :)

melody-mae said…
what a sweet looking blog! I look forward to reading more about you and your honey & I loved learning a bit about your love story too!

Missy said…
Headed over to show her some love! :)
mskanorado said…
Aww yay! Thanks for feature! :-)
And thank you all of you for the lovely comments! Happy Monday Friends!

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