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In creating We Heart Shops, our number one goal was to bring prolific owners to every interested buyer out there. After Nine to Five has been discovered and we'd like to invite you to meet the fabulous lady behind it all. One of the best things is being your own boss. Ashley is doing what she loves. Making jewelry is her passion.

This airplane necklace is perfect for flight attendants or pilots who would wear this with pride.

Many items in her shop have a very unique feel to them. There is something for everyone. She just recently added journals which are lovely and a must for all.  And best, they are made from recylced paper.

You can read more about this inspiring business owner here on We Heart Shops, her blog, and of course etsy.

To become a featured Shop Owner, visit We Heart Shops!


Anonymous said…
I'm not in the airline industry, and I LOVE that necklace! Off to check out what other goodies she has.

Maegan :)
posidanielle said…
Cute necklace! I am definitely going to check out her shop! Thank you!
Ms. Blasé said…
Just checked out the etsy shop and fell in love with the Brass Heart with Lock and Key Necklace :)
Ashley said…
Nothing quite like a nice feature on a great blog and lovely comments to make me smile when I'm not feeling the greatest!

Thanks so much, ladies! :]
b. lee said…
awesome! am really stoked to check-out the journals * *
following you from Tuesday Blog Trail (Six in the Nest). Nice blog! I love that necklace...yup, pilot's wife. I look forward to reading more!
Jenna said…
Love the necklace and the journal.. especially since they are recycled :)

Thanks for sharing, can't wait to check out more!

How cute is that little airplane necklace! Thanks for sharing!!!
Chrissy said…
I LOVE her shop and blog! Great feature! xxx

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