Design Update: from Masto Mama

Remember this Giveaway?! Well Heather {winner} has finally received her makeover! Masto Mama did a wonderful job! Please head over to take a PEEK and then Head over to Masto Mama's Personal Blog and Her Design Blog to Thank Her! What a Pleasure to Work with! I hope you will find a true friend in her and if you love her designs as much as we do, it's worth every penny!

Stay tuned for more updates and giveaways! We Heart You, friends!


Ms. Blasé said…
CONGRATS on the blog makeover, Heather!!! I just hopped over and checked it out :) It looks great!
Missy said…
I stopped by and checked out her blog. It looks great!
Jenna said…
Looks great!!! She is awesome!

Jennifer said…
love heather's blog's new look! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons
How exciting!!! Looks awesome!!! :)
Heather M said…
Thanks sooooo much ladies!!!!!! I hope you all have a great week!
Chrissy said…
Awesome - have to come over and take a look! xxx

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