The Look Book: featuring belles vies

good day fashion bloggers! meet natalie of belles vies. a fashion | beauty blogger who loves all things french! she's absolutely stunning in nature, head over and say BONJOUR!

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I absolutely love fashion bloggers, mostly because i cannot pull it off! it's hard work looking pretty glamorous, so i'd love to continue this feature here on FTLOB! and of course for the simple fact that we are a blog loving site that features bloggers every single day!!!

We host The Look Book on Wednesdays and Starting Next week, we're going to be adding some questions into these posts! You will get a 3 question hot topic included in your Look Book Feature! Adds to the fun! Whomever wants to be featured, please message Vic on Twitter, she'll get your questions answered and get your post prepped for upcoming weeks! xoxo Happy Hump Day


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