Fab Friends Friday + a Winner

ellllo there bloggers! happy friiiiiiiiday.......today's fab friends have pretty laundry rooms, fabulous trends and a delicious drink! click the pics to view the blogs. i crave ideas in everyday, so when i saw this laundry room makeover on live the fancy life, i thought i'd share her gorgeous style!
the best way to lose weight and quickly is by cleaning out your system! i do it each and every time before i start exercising and changing my lifestyle. The first step is a straight juice diet. No solids. Here's a cranberry kale cooler loaded with vitamins and minerals to get your system juicing! Here's one more:
did you make a plan this year to start a new lifestyle not a diet? because i hate the word diet.....there is no such thing. there is meal plans and healthy living though. share your ideas below in the comments and we'll start a chat about our journeys.
follow this fabulous lady on insta if you love books, adore cute socks and have a sense of style!

||||||||||||||||||||||| who's feeling LUCKY?!!? |||||||||||||||||||||

our Bee Whimsy $50 Shop Giveaway Winner is

Angie B {Congrats} You'll get a message from our sponsor very soon! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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