Top 3 Reasons Your Blog Sucks

1.) Your Photos. If your photos aren't picture perfect, you need to master at getting a look that is going to capture readers and keep them! Taking a picture isn't as easy as it sounds. You really need to know how to take a good pic. Also, do not throw a picture into a post and have it be too small for the width of your posts. Prepare a pic in an editing software and re-size to the proper width of your settings: example- if your width settings on your layout are 1200, your sidebar is 300 and your post pics should be around 640 giving you space for your borders, etc. But figure yours out by previewing the sizes and see which picture size works best for your posts. Having a bigger pic means business!

2.) You Don't Post Enough. Posting a Lot means you'll survive in the blogging world. People want consistency. Everyday, maybe even multiple posts per day will get you a great blog. Don't just post to post, actually post really good stuff often and your blog will be a hit!

3.) Ads. The Ridiculous pop up ads and non stop slowing my computer down when I have high speed internet irks my bubble! I won't even stay on your blog long enough to read your header if you have a bunch of ads in my way! Sponsor ads on your sidebars are fine. Once you get out of hand with pop ups, click here to do this, that and the third.....I'm out! Bye. Overwhelming ads get in the way of your content. I hope you're making millions on those ads because if not, it's not worth making your site a disaster because of them.


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