Saturday Stalking

Well where and how the hell did Saturday already sneak up on us?! It's nearly noon and I'm just getting up. How crazy is it that we schedule posts and then the day we don't have one to put out is the day we sleep in! Right?........Wow! If you're new here, WELCOME!!!! Look around and be nosy. There's a ton of blogs to stalk. Meet this fabulous fashionista and food lover from Peppermint Dolly. A blog name can't get any cuter, eh?!? Follow her on Instagram because I said so!

Megan from Lazy Thoughts is a 20's Blogger living in London. Fun, food and a lot of life going on over there! Go say ELLLLLO!

You Seriously need to do this DIY with Valentines Day Coming Up

Meet an Adorable Dog

Get to know Lexie and The Lady Writers Society

Enjoy your Frickin' Saturday Because I will! I'll tweet all the shells I find on the beach. Yesterday we had a mini tornado, so I'm anxious to see if anything washed to shore! XOXO


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