How to Make Your Own Cocktails | Thirsty Thursday

One of my favorite things to do is make drinks! Mixed drinks. Last week I shared my ruby relaxer, this week I wanted to share just how freely you can prepare your own! It's fun and at least you can make it how you like and if you're not satisfied with any recipes you're following, you can just add as much or as little as you like! I don't measure. Probably my rule of thumb as an 'At Home' bartender! LOL
this is my amaretto sour....every time I'm out, I switch it up between the ruby and amaretto....also my favorite to prepare at home! I learn something new about every bartender. This one didn't stir the ingredients and i loved it! perfect and he added cherries. most the time they don' really!!! yes, i run into that a lot down south! but allowing me to stir it, made it taste different, i don't know why!

Notice how much amaretto is on the bottom? That's exactly how it should look when preparing yours at home! It equals out to be about 3 oz. Then fill your cup with sour, splash with cherries and cherry juice! Good! Delicious. This is using a 10 oz glass!

Making your own cocktails should be fun and entertaining! Practice eyeing the measurements per glass to become a pro! I usually fill each liquor about the same and then fill the remaining of the cup almost to the top with the non-alcoholic portion such as cranberry juice, sour mix, etc....I'm a fruit nut, so I ALWAYS garnish with frozen fruits! They're the best if you want to eat them after your drink is half empty!

1.) Relax. It's a playful experience. Gather your ingredients, I personally love stocking the liquor cabinet with rum, vodka, peach schnapps, lemon juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, etc....keep your liquors stocked!!!

2.) Grab a fancy glass and add ice!

3.) Pour 1 1/2 -3 oz of your first liquor ingredient. I say between 1 and 3 because some like it stronger, some like it weak; I just pour!!! You get what I think looks right!!! ha. Same with your second ingredient if it calls for more than just vodka, k!!! get the drift!
4.) Pour in your non alcoholic beverages!!! NOT all the way to the top!!! about a half inch below the rim!

5.) Add Frozen Fruits. Your choice! Mine are strawberries, cherries, limes, lemons and berries!!! { Not together }

6.) Stir.

7.) Sip.

8.) Guzzle.

Enjoy. Now seriously....this is however you decide to make your own cocktails at home. Have fun. Play with ingredients and recipes. Soon, you'll be downing those mixed drinks like a pro! No measuring necessary!!! xoxo


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