How to Be a Six Figure Blogger | Feature Post

I totally agree with The Travel Hack on the SEO and how to make money on your blogs. Today, we're featuring her Tips on How to Be a Six Figure Blogger with these simple steps.

For the Love of Blogs is all about sharing and if you want to learn, then we also need to share. The Travel Hack recommends making blogger friends so you can geek out together and chat about new things you’ve read or learned. Hello Bloggers, that's what FTLOB is all about!!!! So, get involved, gain more buddies! 

Here we mention that you should post as much as you'd like and TTH says, Post More! I've totally learned this over the years, more is better if you're trying to make money from a blog! You should be posting 2-3 posts in one day. 

Head over to The Travel Hack to see what else she says about blogging for money. Later this week, we'll share a simple, easy, fast way to gain sponsors for your blog even if you're a NEW BLOGGER. And as the travel hack shares how she makes money on her blog, we'll share our ways. 

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