Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Hello Bloggers! My little family is spending Thanksgiving in PA with the girls grandparents. Tomorrow, Nana and Uncle J are coming in and it's going to be a rather small, relaxing dinner this year! Oh, we have 3 dogs here keeping us company too! The above pic is a featured dinner from Blair Blogs. She breaks her dinner for 2 right down to the T! Check it out.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to basic cooking. Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, corn, buns and pumpkin pie for me, please!! And I think most everyone craves left-overs, so that's important. But this year, My Teen Daughter is Cooking it up with Her Gram!
Apple Pie is one of my faves too! Prepping for Thanksgiving is one of the most relaxing, stress free things in the world. If you're anxious about making everything perfect, especially if you're cooking; relax, take it easy, not supposed to be tense! Take your time. Be prepared. And enjoy.
Most importantly, take the time to embrace the little things in life and check out these blogs for ideas on dinners and more:

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Share your blog posts in the comments below and visit new friends! Xo


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